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TOP-NOTCH INTERNET MARKETING SERVICES 171, Madison Avenue, Suite 1006, New York, NY 10016 START.

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1 TOP-NOTCH INTERNET MARKETING SERVICES 171, Madison Avenue, Suite 1006, New York, NY 10016 START

2 Brief History SEPTEMBER 9, 2003 Milind Mody started eBrandz Inc. MISSION STATEMENT To use proven strategies which give distinct advantage to our clients Vs competition. Help our clients increase their web traffic and sales which will help them grow their business. OUR VALUES Always treat clients with RESPECT - Just as we would like others to treat us. Not to use sales gimmicks even if it means losing important projects. Understand our client problems and provide them with a solution that suits their needs.

3 Key Stats Currently being managed across 3000 SEO campaigns. Rank on either 1 st or 2 nd page of google. Being managed in Paid Ad campaigns. Use our White Label Solutions to power their client campaigns. These agencies trust us with their professional reputations - because our services are good enough for them to charge more from their clients. Successfully executed over last 8 years.

4 Your Marketing Dashboard

5 Your Dashboard

6 Top 5 Reasons To Select Us See real progress and Return on Investment (ROI) well-within their first few weeks of engagement with us. Renew after first 6 months. eBrandz is considered among the best Search Marketing companies in the world by Digit Magazine, Benefit Magazine and B2B Magazine and has received awards for its consistent performance. Case studies & client testimonials. Which is highest in this industry. 30 Days Money Back Guarantee: Not happy with our SEO service? Get a full refund within 30 days. No questions asked!

7 Our Services We offer comprehensive SEO solutions that start at $299 and at this time have 6 pre-defined SEO packages. Having said that, we can even formulate a custom SEO package, if you have very specific needs. ValueBronzeSilverGoldPlatinumTitanium Total Cost $329/month$539/month$899/month$1349/month$1999/month$3999/month On-page Optimization Creating Web 2.0 VideoTo see sample video, CLICK HERECLICK HERETo see sample video, CLICK HERECLICK HERETo see sample video, CLICK HERECLICK HERE Local Search Optimization Usability & Conversion Content Optimization Link Strategy Facebook & Twitter Marketing CLICK HERE CLICK HERE to view the complete deliverables. SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) 30 DAYS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE Not happy with our SEO service? Get a full refund within 30 days. No questions asked!!! Not happy with our SEO service? Get a full refund within 30 days. No questions asked!!!

8 Our Services Our Pay Per Click campaign management services are monthly based and our pricing is quite affordable. All campaigns are driven with ROI as the performance benchmark. Apart from the following 4 standard packages, we even offer custom solutions. PAY PER CLICK CAMPAIGN MANAGEMENT (PPC) SilverGoldPlatinumTitanium Total Cost Per Month $236$473$749$1594 Set-up Fees Campaign Optimization (keyword research, negative keywords, bid management, ad copy testing, geo targeting, conversion tracking, etc.) Image Ad Creation Landing Page Consultation Website Optimizer (if applicable) Mobile Campaign Setup Google AdWords / Analytics Tracking & Analysis Google Analytics Goal & Funnel Visualization CLICK HERE CLICK HERE to view the complete deliverables. Note:- Fees paid to eBrandz do not include monthly click charges that will be billed directly to you by Google AdWords or MSN adCenter or any other Pay Per Click Engine selected.

9 Our Services Our conversion experts can provide you with the much-needed assistance from conversion perspective that would help you in improving the overall performance of your webpage(s). We have proven track record of increasing our client's conversion rates. CONVERSION RATE OPTIMIZATION (CRO) 100% GUARANTEE ValueBronzeGoldPlatinum Total Cost Per Month $500$750$1000 Landing Page Design & Implementation 1 page2 page4 page A/B Testing, Google Website Optimizer, Persona (Visitors) Analysis, Information Architecture, Page Layout & Design, Call To Action, Credibility & Trust Symbol User Testing (Videos) 1 Video2 Video3 Video Click Heatmaps Conversion Expert Analysis Video Sales Funnel Optimization Website Conversion Optimization Persuasive Content Writing (Additional Charge @ $100/Page) 1 page CLICK HERE CLICK HERE to view the complete deliverables. We are so confident about our service that if we do not improve your conversion rate in 3 months, we will issue you a 100% refund.

10 Our Services There is a huge audience on Facebook, Twitter and Google+'s new brand pages who are waiting to hear about the products/ services that you have to offer and the right traffic from these sites can help in turning your website into a destination. Once your site becomes popular on these social circuits, chances are that people would start visiting your site frequently and recommend others as well to check out your site. This can ultimately help to increase your sales leads and build your brand! FACEBOOK, TWITTER, LINKEDIN/GOOGLE+ ValueBronzeSilver Price Per Month* $310$417$539 Manage Social Accounts 3 days5 daysEveryday Content for Info & Bio (About Us) Create & Publish interesting posts/tweets 8/month12/month20/month Monitor social mentions & interact Respond to fans/followers Discussions, Questions, Polls Integrate Facebook Applications Social Reputation Monitoring Monthly Reporting Google Plus Brand Page set-up Integration of +1 button on website CLICK HERECLICK HERE to view the complete deliverables. *Minimum 3 Months Contract **Basic Facebook/Twitter setup is included in monthly price. Custom backgrounds or Facebook tabs will be quoted separately.

11 Our Services We strongly believe that "SEO friendly design" does not have to mean "dull" websites. Hence, many of our sites use flash animations but are also SEO friendly. WEBSITE DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT Price Installation - Including 10 SEO And Social Media Friendly Plug-ins $50 Joomla Installation $50 Premium Theme + Installation (Upto 10 Pages) $125 Joomla Premium Template + Installation $90 Custom WordPress Theme (3 Mockup Options) $250 Joomla Custom Theme (3 Mockup Options) $250 Custom WordPress Theme + Installation (Upto 10 Pages) $300 Joomla Custom Theme + Installation $400 Custom Design/Development WorkPrice Other Services Price 5-page Website $400 Logo Development $77 Onwards 10-page Website $500 Flash Banners $30 Onwards 15-page Website $600 Flash Intros $66 Onwards 20-page Website $700 Custom Programming And Development $20 Per Hour 25-page Website $750 Content Management System – 5 To 10 Page With Design Themes $1000 Onwards Additional Webpage Will Be Charged @ $15 Per Page Ecommerce Solutions Magento / Os Commerce/ Zen Cart / SSECOM Solutions $2000 Onwards

12 Testimonials Within 2 months of our business association with eBrandz our business has doubled, and now years later our business has increased tenfold! They have excellent communication and keep up with latest trends in SEO services. I've been associated with eBrandz since over 3 years and would not consider any other SEO service eBrandz helped us generate increased online traffic to our site & raised company revenues. They are not only professional & knowledgeable but also have great customer service. We'd recommend eBrandz to anyone who's loking for affordable, knowledgeable, hardworking and customer-oriented SEO company We've been associated with eBrandz for over 5 years and are extremely pleased with the level of support as well as the rankings that we've recieved. We'd ask the other customers to definitely give eBrandz a try! eBrandz was able to achieve top search engine rankings with less pay in PPCadvertising. Dollar to dollar, I consider eBrandz service a value and an accessory to our business. If you want a reputable top producer, I highly recommend eBrandz SEO services. MAXIMUM CLIENT TESTIMONIALS IN WEB MARKETING INDUSTRY

13 Testimonials We have been using eBrandz Pay Per Click Management for a little more than 7 years now. We're very happy with the services and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anybody else... At eBrandz the customer service is very helpful – there is no problem that they couldn't help us solve! We started showing up in number 1, 2 & 3 positions on all search engines. I highly recommend eBrandz to new businesses who'd like to get their word out there. eBrandz offered us a fantastic level of support, superb value. They're a cutting edge company using current technolgies and deliver on every level, stay on top of the game and always stay ahead of the curve. We highly recommend eBrandz for great business. I needed an SEO marketing company that'll take my company to the next level. eBrandz was absolutely spot-on! Within 48 hours of signing up with them, I could tell that they're really doing something substantial as our phones started ringing for enquiries. I'm pleased with their customer service and look forward to having a long-standing relationship with eBrandz. MAXIMUM CLIENT TESTIMONIALS IN WEB MARKETING INDUSTRY

14 Case Studies SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION CLIENT CASE STUDIES Well, I would say if you want to save about 65% on professional SEO, then you would go with eBrandz. I have experience with other SEO companies that have charged us 100K for a fraction of the work that eBrandz has done. Not to mention that eBrandz is much more professional and thorough. They respond quickly, and the SEO campaign is right on schedule. CLIENT: Steroid Sources ( offers largest selection of the latest factory sealed baseball trading cards, baseball hobby boxes, baseball card sets and signed sports memorabilia from the topmost brand manufacturers like Bowman, Topps, Tristar, Upper Deck and more. CLIENT: Shortporch ( Result: After four months, increase in traffic was about 200-300% and sales shot up by 80%. Our ROI so far is about 300% and growing. Result: In Jeffs own words It took a couple of months. However, the improvements were considerable and seemed to increase exponentially. Honestly, very effective! Jeff continues We initially focused our resources on Paid advertising, but have since shifted to almost purely to search engine optimization. If you are able to do this, you know you have found the right resource. Our current calculation shows that traffic increased by about 390%.

15 Case Studies SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION CLIENT CASE STUDIES IQ BackOffice is a division of R.C. Baral & Co., one of the innovators in the outsourced accounting field, with almost a quarter of a century of service to widely recognized clients such as Walt Disney, Time Warner, Universal, Fox, as well as many other mid-sized firms. With over 60 clients and a large staff with deep expertise in all facets of back office operations, IQ BackOffice can serve the needs of clients of any size. IQ BackOffice is based in California. CLIENT: I.Q.BackOffice ( PrintPapa was formed in 2004 by Paul & Shawn Nag. With hi degree of customer service and fast turnaround, they grew out of copy shop and moved to commercial printing. The print shop provides the best quality output at the best price. CLIENT: PrintPapa ( Result: Our Return on Investment (ROI) in terms of revenue vs. what we pay eBrandz has been 1800%! I calculated it. Result: The support from the client in the form of quick implementation of our suggestions which is of the essence for the campaign, and our SEO techniques ethically deployed on the website gave it a good traction in search engines. The tangible results appeared roughly in three to four months and traffic shot up significantly. The ROI showed over 100% increase.

16 Partial Client List

17 Press Coverage eBrandz Inc featured in B2B 2009 Marketers Resource Guide for second consecutive year. eBrandz Inc repeats its previous feat of being featured in the b2b 2009 marketers resource guide. The New York based search engine optimization company has earned the much coveted place in b2bs shortlist for the second consecutive year. B2B Magazine - Published by B2B Magazine eBrandz Inc short listed by B2B Magazine for 2008 Marketers Resource Guide B2B Magazine has come up with a special edition of 2008 Marketers Resource Guide and New York based Search Engine Optimization company eBrandz has been included in the SEM Vendor shortlist. B2B Magazine - Published by B2B Magazine

18 Press Coverage eBrandz is a Mumbai - based company that is one of the world leaders in SEO - an Indian company winning on the global playing field. BenefIT Magazine (May 2006) - Published by BenefIT Magazine (May 2006) is an example of an Indian SEO company that rivals the best in the world. Digit Magazine - Published Digit Magazine SEO STRATEGIES FOR START-UPS These are few basic strategies which will ensure that your SEO campaign has a very strong foundation. You can then use this strong foundation to build a great SEO campaign which gets you visibility, traffic and helps you create an online brand for your start-up. WHY CUSTOMER SUPPORT IS AS IMPORTANT AS SALES Next time if you are hiring customer support staff, think how these people will represent your company. And make sure you do not compromise on the quality of people who will do your customer support. Read Full Article

19 Awards & Recognition eBrandz is one of the very few companies in the world to be certified as Google AdWords Qualified Company, Yahoo! Search Marketing Ambassador and Microsoft adExcellence Member. eBrandz CEO, Milind Mody, is also on SEMPO Examination Committee which decides on SEMPO certification program structure. SEMPO is the industry body for Search and Social Media marketing professionals the world over.

20 Get a Free Audit Report

21 Contact Us 212-685-6060 / 646-688-4885 1-866-625-5717 (Toll Free) 171, Madison Avenue, Suite 1006, New York, NY 10016. Thank You! Follow us on

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