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Land Access for the poor Society for Elimination of Rural Poverty Department of RD, Govt of AP.

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1 Land Access for the poor Society for Elimination of Rural Poverty Department of RD, Govt of AP

2 Outline of the Presentation Land Access to the poor – a component in IKP Overview of Land Access activities Action Plan 2009-10 Support requested from Revenue Department

3 Land Access to the poor – a component in IKP An exclusive facilitation unit established in SERP at State, district and sub district levels

4 Facilitation unit- District District Land Centers Land Manager (Retired Revenue Officer) Legal Coordinator (Fresh Law Graduate) Zilla Samakhya (District Federation of SHGs ) Lawyers Panel

5 Facilitation unit- Mandal Mandal Samakhya (Mandal Federation of SHGs) Community Surveyors Paralegals Graduates trained in land laws Technically qualified youth trained in survey

6 Status District Land Centers established 21 districts Legal Coordinators26 Land Managers19 Paralegals379 (367 mandals) Community Surveyors461

7 Trainings Legal Coordinators and Land Managers trained by NALSAR and APARD Paralegals recruited and trained 3 phases of training in the district, at AMR- APARD and NALSAR University of Law NALSAR conducted Paralegal Certification Course

8 Trainings Community Surveyors trained and positioned 2 months training in AP Survey Training Academy 12 months apprenticeship with departmental mandal surveyors 2 years contract with Zilla Samakhyas

9 Bhoomi Chaitanya Deepikalu Process guidelines developed to guide the paralegals and the community in how to proceed in different kinds of land issues Bhoomi Chaithanya Deepika-1: Assignment in Andhra Area Bhoomi Chaithanya Deepika-2: Assignment in Telangana Area Bhoomi Chaithanya Deepika-4: Ceiling Surplus Lands

10 Bhoomi Chaitanya Deepikalu Bhoomi Chaithanya Deepika-5: Record of Rights Bhoomi Chaithanya Deepika-6: Inam Lands (Telangana Area) Bhoomi Chaithanya Deepika-7: Sada Bainamas Bhoomi Chaithanya Deepika-8: Survey Process (Book 3 planned on Act 9 of 77 could not be brought out)

11 Implementation strategy Identification of land issues of the poor Collection of required material/evidence etc. Submission to revenue officers Follow up resolution Handling court cases through lawyers panels Law students support in LTR cases Training the community on their land rights- Land sub-committees in the CBOs

12 Initiative supported by Revenue Department G.O.Ms.No.1148 CCLA issued series of circulars in December, 2006 on Convergence committees/meetings Providing required land records to IKP staff JCs are holding convergence meetings with Tahsildars and Paralegals 330 Community Surveyors received licenses from Department of Survey. License fee exempted by the Govt.

13 Progress No. of Poor involved Extent (in acres) Land Issues identified 5,09,697 6,81,340.09 Land Issues got resolved 3,24,5374,05,798.02

14 INDIRA KRANTHI PATHAM LAND ACCESS PROGRESS UP TO MARCH,2010 Sl. No. District Identified Issues Resolved % No of Poor Extent Acr.Cents) No of Poor Extent (Acr.Cents) 1234567 1Medak21740251611306420879 83 2West Godavari1554373148717159198 81 3East Godavari2980027241.7332596020029.378 74 4Nizamabad2761919950.322267214252.83 71 5Vizinagaram1587111240.7690807953.35 71 9Guntur2688725254.621812014852.74 59

15 10Prakasam850712036.9653806981.65 58 11Ananthapur1875917511161549909 57 12Nalgonda1533626378.48905514442.69 55 13Srikakulam2218519248.921017810376.98 54 14Nellore1488617211.3977049211.81 54 15Krishna2914030723.371651116375.15 53 16Adilabad3266179284.8351902239229.75 49 17Visakhapatnam2990450423.181403324909.97 49 18Mahaboobnagar9006944937503457 37 19Khammam25632330301193710540 32 20Warangal178553097259949462 31 21Karimnagar1018512078.69524782822.2 23 Total509697681340.09324536405798.02 60

16 Action Plan 09-10 Database of SC/ST Lands Inventory of both assigned and patta lands Listing out issues Follow up for resolution 9,375 revenue villages will be covered by December, 09

17 Action Plan 09-10 Resolution of land issues of the poor Targets fixed to each land functionary 1000 acres in exclusive land mandals and 750 acres in land+egs mandals 3,00,000 acres to be accessed to the poor this year with secured title and possession

18 Action Plan 09-10 Forming and strengthening of VO Sub- Committees 7900 VO Land sub-committee members will be identified and trained Training is planned between July to September,09 in 3 phases Training is on land rights, maintaining database of lands of the poor, converging with EGS, NPM etc.

19 Action Plan 09-10 Forest Rights IKP assisted in facilitating title to 1.71 lakh acres- Individual Rights 3,692 acres- Community Rights Presently involved in preparation and distribution of pattas

20 Action Plan 09-10 Dynamic Land Centers Empanelling lawyers Making available important records FMBs available Adangals/Pahanis/village maps available for few villages

21 Land MIS Information is being captured on 44 issues in 12 categories Assigned Land Ceiling Surplus Lands Patta Lands Inam Lands Record of Rights Sada Bainamas Forest Rights House Sites Tribal Lands in Scheduled Areas Survey specific Court Cases Others TCS is developing Software

22 Support from Rev Dept requested Reiteration of instructions to the Revenue Officers on Conducting convergence meetings at District/Divisional/Mandal level regularly Provision of land records and other registers Giving priority to resolution of land issues of the poor Review the progress in monthly RoCs Recognizing the work of licensed community surveyors Providing the services of Deputy Collectors/ Tahsildars on deputation

23 Thank You

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