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BSNL/VMC WiMAX Rural Project in India

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1 BSNL/VMC WiMAX Rural Project in India

2 BSNL: Company Overview
Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL) was established in October 2000 World’s 7th Largest Integrated telecoms operator offering fixed-line (local and DLD/ ILD), fixed-wireless, mobile and broadband services. BSNL has network operations 21 of India's 23 regional circles outside of Delhi and Mumbai. India's fifth largest GSM operator. India’s largest fixed-line subscriber base. BSNL is also India's largest ISP, representing 57.5% of the total.

3 Our Partner: VMC Systems Limited
Year of Establishment : 2002 Headquarter : Hyderabad, India Line of Business : Design, Develop and Manufacture Power Conversion Products, Telecom Equipment, CPEs, Turnkey Telecom Infrastructure Solutions & Services, Telecom Software Solns & IT Services Telecom Products : DWDM, STM-1, STM-4, STM-16 and STM-64, DXC, G-PON / GE-PON OLT, NGN Equipment, WiMAX Base Stations, Carrier Ethernet Networks (MPLS), Microwave Radio Equipment and Media Converters Power Conversion Products : AC/DC Adapters and Computer Power Supplies, 12V SMPS Units, SMPS Rectifier Modules and Power Systems CPEs : ADSL2+ CPEs, CLIP Phones, GE-PON /G- PON ONU / ONTs, CDMA IFWT / FWT and NIC (USB Type) & WiMAX CPEs.

4 BSNL’s WiMAX Projects 1st phase rural project BST ( Gemini, Huawei) First Urban WiMAX project for Kerala and Punjab BST (Huawei,Telsima) 2nd phase rural tender – 7000 BST (total estimated for WiMax BST only over USD100M All projects are E2E full turn key , including technical support for 5 years after warranty Rural project intends to provide broadband connectivity to Rural India Locations with poor infrastructure and in many cases geographically remote Local Partner is a must!

5 How did we select our Partner?
Current activity in BSNL and success rate in BSNL tenders Presence in Delhi Ability to execute complicated projects Financially stable company Agreed MOU to be signed before tender, includes: Financials terms Responsibilities of each Party during the tender process, project implementation, support during the project life cycle Final contract will be based on MOU agreed terms

6 Tendering Process (1) Alvarion lost earlier BSNL WiMAX tender due to Indoor BST price (2008 tender) Discussion with BSNL to modify the spec so it can suit our Outdoor BST Tender release, vendors meeting and tender clarifications, submission ( ) Tender technical evaluation by BSNL ( technical compliance) Bid price opening and bid price evaluation

7 Tendering Process (2) Bid price results:
Aster, India & Runcom – Israel rejected due to no Wave-2 certificate In order to get the PO from BSNL , the price of L2,3,4 should be reduced to L1 price S.No. FRONT BIDDER TECHNOLOGY - BTS TECHNOLOGY - CPE TOTAL BID VALUE Project portion 1 Gemini, India Point Red Telecom, India Point Red USD204,789,503 40% BST 2 ZTE, China ZTE USD222,061,389 25% BST 3 ICOMM, India Telsima, USA Icomm USD227,975,862 20% BST 4 VMC, India Alvarion Ltd., Israel Gemtek USD229,519,810 15% BST 5 Spanco, India Samsung, Korea Modacom, Informats USD249,935,498 6 TCIL, India Motorola, USA Motorola USD312,552,207 7 Huawei, China Huawei USD344,785,058

8 Tender Award LOI was issued by BSNL on late In order to get the PO, bidder should open the PBG. Gemini- got the LOI ZTE – got the LOI ICOMM – got the LOI VMC – no LOI was issued Some legal issues related to custom declaration in other projects were raised against VMC. This put our project on hold . BSNL can’t issue the LOI as long as there is an open investigation. L5 (Spanco) did its outmost to get the LOI instead of VMC. Issue was resolved at 2010 year end and LOI was issued to VMC.

9 BSNL: Mobile WiMAX - Rural Deployment: 959 BS Sites - Spectrum: 2.5GHz
- CPEs: 110K Outdoor CPE Self Install CPE Macro Outdoor Base Station BSNL WiMAX Network (Rural Areas) USB/PC Card Alvarion End-to-End Solution Tech Support ASN Gateway Home Agent Installation Services AAA Server Network Design Star Suite

10 Contract and Execution
Contract based on MOU terms was signed with VMC Final LC terms agreed VMC issued the PO during Q1 / LC was opened. Delivery of equipment during Q2/3 of 2011 Training and initial joint implementation by VMC and Alvarion’s technical team Alvarion and VMC teams are jointly participating in technical meetings with BSNL VMC technical team is gaining experience, however still require close assistance from Alvarion’s technical team BST failure. Logistical issues.

11 BSNL’s Rural Project II Deployment
RAJ HP UP(W) BH OR KAR TN HR MP WB AS CHN KOL GUJ UP(E) KL MUM PB DL MH AP NE Alvarion J&K Circle Base Station Jammu & Kashmir 108 Himachal Pradesh 128 Chennai 15 Orissa 538 North East I 82 North East II 78 Source: Census 2001 (in million)

12 Alvarion’s WiMAX Solution for BSNL

13 Alvarion’s Star Management Suite for BSNL
The first large scale implementation of Alvarion’s Star Management Suite with high availability and geo-redundancy

14 Next Plans Possibly more orders as Gemini did not supply all quantity
Spectrum issues TD LTE Good bond with VMC Further business with VMC. Wi-Fi projects, Video Surveillance projects VMC can be a good partner for DAS.

15 Lessons Learned Know the customer, their roll, requirements, people
Know your Partner Do not rely only on your Partner- have direct channels to the customer Conflict of interest with the Partner (bid control) Define responsibilities properly. Commit to what we can deliver (contract) Do not leave the Partner by himself – do more than what is committed As a supplier of major project components, make sure that the project is successful

16 Name:Moshe Faran Phone:0544228451
Thank You Name:Moshe Faran Phone:

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