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GSA Expo 2009 Acquisition Teaming – The Right Mix to Meet Agency Needs Edward Bridges Director of Technical Operations, DCMA Ground Systems and Munitions.

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1 GSA Expo 2009 Acquisition Teaming – The Right Mix to Meet Agency Needs Edward Bridges Director of Technical Operations, DCMA Ground Systems and Munitions Division

2 2 Agenda About the Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) About the Ground Systems and Munitions Division (GS&M) About DCMA Tactical Wheeled Vehicles Chicago About the Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) Program

3 3 DCMA Product Aligned Agency DCMA Aeronautical Systems Division DCMA Aeronautical Systems DivisionDCMA Naval Sea SystemsDivisionDCMA SystemsDivisionDCMAGroundSystems & Munitions DivisionDCMAGroundSystems DivisionDCMA Space & MissileSystemsDivisionDCMA MissileSystemsDivisionDCMAInternationalDivisionDCMAInternationalDivisionDCMASpecialProjectsDivisionDCMASpecialProjectsDivision DCMAOperationalCentersDCMAOperationalCentersDCMASupportCentersDCMASupportCenters DCMAHQDCMAHQ

4 About DCMA The Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) is the Department of Defense (DoD) component that works directly with Defense suppliers to help ensure that DoD, Federal, and allied government supplies and services are delivered on time, at projected cost, and meet all performance requirements. DCMA directly contributes to the military readiness of the United States and its allies, and helps preserve the nation's freedom. DCMA professionals serve as "information brokers" and in-plant representatives for military, Federal, and allied government buying agencies -- both during the initial stages of the acquisition cycle and throughout the life of the resulting contracts. 4

5 About DCMA Before contract award, DCMA provides advice and services to help construct effective solicitations, identify potential risks, select the most capable contractors, and write contracts that meet the needs of our customers in DoD, Federal and allied government agencies. After contract award, DCMA monitors contractors' performance and management systems to ensure that cost, product performance, and delivery schedules are in compliance with the terms and conditions of the contracts. 5

6 6 DCMA Mission and Vision Mission We provide Contract Administration Services to the Department of Defense Acquisition Enterprise and its partners to ensure delivery of quality products and services to the Warfighter; on time and on cost. Vision DoDs leading experts in Quality Assurance; Cost, Schedule, and Supply Chain Predictability; and Contract Administration; enabling our partners to achieve contract objectives.

7 Current Agency Information Number of Civilians9,563 Number of Military (Active: 411 / Reserve: 128) 539 Number of Divisions6 Number of Field Offices47 Number of Subordinate Commands80 Number of Global Sub-Offices900+ Number of Contractors18,697 Number of Active Contracts324,296 Obligated Value of Active Contracts$1,285B Unliquidated Value of Active Contracts $221B as of March 31, 2009 Contracts data based on Parts A & B / Sections 1 -4

8 8 8 About the GS&M Division GS&M Headquarters and CMO Locations Soldier Systems & CAP - Phoenix Tactical Wheeled Vehicles - Chicago Future Combat Systems - Saint Louis Surface Commo & Spt Systems - Philadelphia Munitions and Support Systems - Springfield Combat Vehicles - Detroit Headquarters GSM Division - Chicago

9 9 BDUs – Propper Intl., - P.R. Combat Boots – Mo-Ka Shoe Corp – P.R. MRAP FPI – Ladson, SC Gyrocam – Gyrocam Systems - Sarasota, FL Kevlar Helmet Specialty Defense Maryville, TN Body Armor Point Blank Pompano Bch, FL Sidearm FN Manufacturing Columbia, SC Michelin Tires, Michelin North America – Greenville, SC SINCGARS Radio -Tallahassee Tech - Tallahassee, FL Chameleon Jammer- AMTI – Charleston, SC GS&M Division - Direct Warfighter Support

10 10 About DCMA TWV-Chicago Product Locations FHTV / MTVR HMMWV FMTV RESET FMTV / MRAP ASV Ammo Primary Product Secondary Product CMO HQ CMO TWV MRAP DCMA Atlanta DCMA Huntsville

11 11 HET HMMWV PLS MaxxPro Caiman FMTV ASV Primary Product (Tactical Wheeled Vehicles) Management Efforts DCMA TWV-Chicago HEMTT – 20,000 delivered! MRAPs – over 10,000 delivered! MTVR – 10,000 delivered!

12 A full and open competition was conducted which resulted in IDIQ contracts on 26 Jan to 9 contractors to procure CAT I and CAT II vehicles Armor Holdings 1,170 Procured BAE 531 Procured Force Protection 1,963 Procured General Dynamics Land Systems 620 Procured Oshkosh Truck Co 100 Procured Protected Vehicles Inc. 60 CAT I Procured International Military and Government 1,971 CAT I Procured General Purpose Vehicles Textron Oshkosh Truck Co A Sole Source contract was awarded to Force Protection Industries, Inc (FPII) on 9 Nov 06 to bridge requirements until full production. TAHRACH-NABIFAMP VCAT I ? About MRAP

13 Communication and Structure were the Keys to Success Communication Priority set by Secretary of Defense (#1 Priority Program) DX Rating DCMA Sponsored Orientation Conference (MRAP Conference #1) Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with the customer Weekly Telecoms/Reports DCMA Sponsored Strategy Session (MRAP Conference #2) Structure (Product Focus) GS&M Division was focal point for the Agency DCMA TWV Chicago was focal point for the GS&M Division Established Product Readiness Integrator (PRI) Position for MRAP (Catalyst) 13

14 14 Why MRAP Contact Administration Has Been Successful Solutions Oriented Robust Communication Critical Teaming Concept Innovative Management Clear & Concise Guidance Mission Focused Some of the critical pieces

15 15 DCMA Support Strategy Single Belly Button Approach - PEO Centralized (Ground Systems and Munitions (GSM) Div Level) Strategic planning and resource allocation Integration and application of all Agency assets Establishment of performance commitments with MARSYSCOM & JPO Bi-monthly meetings with MARSYSCOM & JPO For all DCMA MRAP related items: BG Mike Brogan (MARSYSCOM) - Mitch Howell, SES (GSM Div) Program priorities Program requirements Production projections Problems, issues, or concerns Areas of interest Etc. Resources and other required DCMA support

16 16 DCMA Support Strategy Single Belly Button Approach – JPO & SPAWAR Decentralized (Contract Management Office (CMO) Level) Tactical execution Contractor Influence Accountability and enforcement of contract specifications Frequent meetings with JPO, SPAWAR, and OEMs for issue resolution Mr. Paul Mann (JPO) CAPT Red Hoover (SPAWAR) DCMA Customer Liaison Representative - on site at JPO DCMA Quality Assurance Representatives - on site at SPAWAR Critical DCMA MRAP Integrated Management Team Leadership CAPT Joe Manna - Atlanta Mr. Ed Bridges - Chicago Col Warren Anderson – Dayton COL Dion King - Detroit COL Dan Gallagher - Huntsville CAPT Brian Wenger – Americas (Canada) COL Tim Dixon – Southern Europe (Germany) Ms. Mary Grace Switlik – Industrial Analysis Center (IAC) VFR Direct to DCMA OEM Source

17 17 Proactive Issue Resolution Teaming with JPO, OEMs, SPAWAR, & Warriors Daily & Weekly Status Meetings w/ OEMs Production Status, Field Feedback & Corrective Action Telecoms, IPRs and Ad Hoc Meetings w/ JPO Production status; field interchange issues Lean Six Sigma initiatives; inspection & acceptance issues On-site, hands-on DCMA quality staff at SPAWAR – Conducts joint inspections, documents arrival condition, and coordinates with OEM Field Support Representative (FSR) for issue resolution OEM FSRs on site at SPAWAR for timely liaison and issue resolution SPAWAR - DCMA discrepancy feedback loop - A DCMA Deficiency Assessment HOTLINE for SPAWAR Weekly MRAP production status reports Real time delay notification Provided and coordinated training on Wide-Area Work Flow (WAWF) and Multi-user ECP Automated Review System (MEARS) MRAP vehicle condition reporting system (Ties it all together – from OEM to Theater – Currently a work in progress) A good news story!

18 18 The Bottom Line DCMA supports the MRAP Enterprise by ensuring Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) compliance with contractual requirements DCMA operates on a 24/7 basis, when required, to ensure quality products are accepted and shipped on time No MRAPs have missed shipment into Theater due to OEM QA issues DCMA has established teaming relationships and procedures to ensure faster delivery of more mission capable, survivable vehicles Early issue identification, resolution & elimination DCMA GSM Division – We manage contracts with a war fighting spirit!

19 MRAPs Impact on Combat Operations Lt. Lee J. Stuckey – MRAP Survivor What impact is the MRAP having on the following? What impact is the MRAP having on the following? War fighters War fighters Families Families Units Units The war in general The war in general

20 20 Failure is not an option! Direct Warfighter Impact All 6 MRAP occupants survived this IED event!!

21 MRAP has Changed Expectations Senior officials across the acquisition spectrum are starting to use MRAP as a benchmark Strong interest in academic institutions to bottle the MRAP magic Warfighters are even less tolerant of lengthy development cycle times Army has announced acceleration of JLTV by 2 years Is that fast enough? MRAP II as bridge or replacement?

22 Teaming for Success Over 200 DCMA employees worked on the MRAP Program at one time or another. At least that many were involved at the customers organization (Joint Program Office) and many more throughout DoD. Every one of them were crucial in making this program a success. Structure – Communication – Catalyst - Success! 22

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