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N, M A A S A S V A S N, M A A S A S V A S A P.R.O. Presentation Spring Play ~ Ad Campaign 2013 2012-2013 School Year.

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2 N, M A A S A S V A S N, M A A S A S V A S A P.R.O. Presentation Spring Play ~ Ad Campaign 2013 2012-2013 School Year

3 Why is there an Ad Campaign? Yet, Seton has the lowest tuition of any high school in the diocese. This is possible only because of YOU ~ and your participation and support in fund raisers such as the Ad Campaign for Setons Spring Musical. Seton School is officially affiliated with the Diocese of Arlington; however, it receives no funds from it.

4 Need extra time?! … Do It Now! Although Seton School will not begin collecting the completed contracts after school starts in January, YOU may begin soliciting sponsors – tomorrow !!! Each Seton family is expected to raise a minimum of $400 during the course of the Ad Campaign. Those families who do not meet their family goal will be required to pay a fee equal to the remaining difference before they receive that year's fourth quarter report card or any transcripts.

5 Lets Do the Math … If: 208 families contribute x $400 $83,200 So, in order to reach our goal, we NEED as many people as possible to do MORE than just the minimum – or, we will still fall short of our expected goal! Then, wed only raise … What good Christian only seeks to do the minimum?! This year, there are 208 families with children enrolled at Seton. Our goal this year is to raise $85,000. (Each family is expected to raise a minimum of $400 )

6 Some Things to Remember … While you may begin soliciting now, you must hold the completed contracts until the official 6-week Ad Campaign begins January 7, 2013. * Remember – sometimes a vendor needs several weeks between the day you ask for support – and, the day you actually get a check from them --- ask NOW, this is your ONLY chance for extra time … there will be no extensions after 15 February 2013.

7 Website This year information and forms will be distributed to Seton families via E-mail – or, via the website. Ad Campaign Information is on the Parents Tab Softcopy of everything youll need will be posted in PDF form on: Youll find Ad Campaign and Cover-Art Contest information here!

8 Website Click here to find Ad Campaign Information! Click here to find Ad Campaign Information! Ad Campaign overview with link to Ad Campaign

9 Website Click HERE to access Campaign Goal information Click HERE to access Ad Campaign Contract Form Click HERE for Ad Template Forms Click HERE for Cover-Art Contest Forms Click HERE to go to the Ad Campaign page

10 Things Wed Like You to Know Ads sponsored in the Ad Campaign are published in the playbill/program book distributed at each performance of Setons Spring Play in April. Over 1,000 books are seen by all those attending and participating in the play ~ and, their family and friends are encouraged to patronize our sponsors throughout the year. Get your ad information, check, and contract forms completed A.S.A.P.– you can turn-in ALL of it on 7 January. Nothing turned-in after February 15, 2013 will be published.

11 Things Wed Like You to Know If donations are offered, be sure our patrons know that Seton School is a 501 (C) (3) educational organization, and their donations to Seton are tax deductible! The Spring Play Ad Campaign is the principal fundraiser for Seton School. Proceeds from this effort significantly contribute to upkeep/maintenance and improvements for Seton – reducing these costs keeps tuition low.

12 When Making Your own Ad … Some of our Seton families have not understood what we mean by proportional. … To make do-it-yourself ads easier – for all of us – Use these templates! Great for Class Ads [ e.g. Seniors – Class of 2013 ]

13 Things Not-To-Do … While Seton School is a 501 ( C ) ( 3 ) educational organization ~ we are not exempt from US Copyright law. We are not permitted to use any unauthorized copyrighted designs in any of our promotional material for our performances – please do NOT include copyrighted material in YOUR ads!

14 Do This instead… Use family photographs, original drawings, or generic clip art for your ads …we are not authorized to publish copyrighted images that you may have downloaded from the Internet.

15 In order for the annual Ad Campaign to be a success – we depend upon each and every family to bring-in at least $400 – or more! This is absolutely vital to a successful Ad Campaign. It is also very, very important that you properly fill-out a completed Spring Program Book Ad Contract Form found on the web site for each ad or donation collected!

16 Higginbottom ACME Products 5431 Main St, Manassas, VA 20110 800-555-1234 703-555-5678 Engineering Services x 1. Keziah Higginbottom 11 2. x x Leave the boxed area on the right to Seton Ad Campaign staff! Filling-out the first page, or front-side of the form is always necessary! Please fill-out these three areas as completely as possible! 3.

17 For the $20 text- only ads ~ you need to fill-out the appropriate parts of the back-side or second page for each Friend-of-Seton text message/ad. Go o d L u c k S e t o n V a r s i t y B a s k e t b a l l S e n i o r G i r l s ! f r o m AL L y o u r f a n s i n t h e J u n i o r & S e n i o r C l a s s !... W e LOV E Y o u !

18 Our ad prices are unchanged from last year! 5431 Main St, Manassas, VA 20110 x Keziah Higginbottom 12 Higginbottom ACME Products Engineering Services 800-555-1234 703-555-5678 x x x 2 0012 150 X 276543 1/08/2013 150 X X X JD # 1525 ( Keziah ) 150 No Cost Increase ! Full\Color-Page @ $200 Full-Page @ $150 Half-Page @ $100 Quarter-Page @ $75 Friend of Seton\Text-only @ $20

19 If the sponsor provides camera-ready art – or, an older example of an ad with new changes or instructions, provide us with the necessary instructions … Place all sponsor provided material in an envelope, and seal it. Remove Boom Town logo and replace it with the King & I drop-in!

20 American Life League Full Page Ad Jane Doe 10th Grade Amt: $150 camera-ready art With all sponsor- provided material sealed in an envelope, label and attach the envelope to the contract form! Do NOT crease, fold, staple, or paper-clip camera-ready art! Business cards should be placed in small envelopes. Bigger artwork, needs a BIG envelope! Cardinal Bank John Smith ~ 12th Grade Amt: $75

21 Planet Auto-Wash Back Cover Ad Austin Mee 10th Grade Amt: $400 Securely paper-clip the envelope that contains the artwork or source material for the ad to the ad contract! The completed ad contract with the attached artwork or instructions is ready to be turned-in to the Seton front office! P lease, P lease, P LEASE P LEASE ! ! ! Put camera-ready ad/artwork in a labeled envelope … Then, paperclip to the contract!

22 When the contract is received in the office, information is entered into the accounts receivable database so that the sellers family is credited with an ad sale – and the ad gets a Contract Number. Then, the contract form and ad materials are sent to the pre- press production team to begin to transform it into the ads you see in the Spring Play program book! Cardinal Bank John Smith ~ 12th Grade Amt: $75

23 Start NOW! While youll need to wait until January to turn-in completed contracts – you COULD have done your part and be finished by the FIRST week of the Campaign! How can YOU help conduct a successful Campaign? If you do not understand what to do, or how to do it – check the Seton School website! If you cannot find an answer there, write us an email at: If you do not use email, and prefer to speak to a live-person ~ you can call Mrs. Cyndi Higginbottom: Follow-up by turning-in properly completed contracts with the sponsors check in January – please, do NOT wait until the week of 15 February!!! 703-361-8461

24 Ad Campaign Time-line Ever year, we get questions about when can we start? … and, when is the Official Start – and, what is the LAST day? … And even, Can I get extra time? NOVDECJANFEB 20122013 6 NOV 2012 – 7 JAN 2013 ~ 14 JAN – 15 FEB Answers: Start tomorrow (if you havent already begun)! Official Start is 7 January 2013 Last day is 15 February 2013; you should be DONE before then! Your extra time is right NOW – until 7 January 2013 Your extra time to solicit ~ pre-campaign 1/07 – 2/15 Turn-in Contracts!

25 Ad Campaign Time-line Campaign starts January 7 – and ends 15 February – this means most Seton families are done with Ad Campaign 2013. By this time, the Ad Campaign teams work is ramping up into overtime! All ads – which number maybe around 600-700 submissions – are approved, reconciled, improved, developed, created, and put into the proof copy produced by the Ad Campaigns Pre-Press Production team ( Mr. & Mrs. Marter ). By March 8, the proof copy is delivered to Mrs. Carroll for proofreading and review. By March 11, digital-copy is delivered to the printer – printer has about three weeks to produce the programs so that they may be delivered to Seton on the Wednesday before Opening Night. Afterwards, Thank you letters are sent to those who requested tax receipts. * Both the Ad Campaign Committee Chair and Pre-Press Production team will retire after this campaign.

26 How to Conduct Successful Campaign (We encourage our students to solicit for the ads) Call to make an appointment, if possible (arrive on-time to any scheduled appointments)! Tell them you are soliciting patrons for the Seton School Spring Musical Program, and youd like to meet briefly to discuss the different sponsorship choices that are available. Be polite, sincere, and neatly-dressed – wed like for our students to be dressed in their Seton School uniform – as they are representing our school! Either bring Ad Campaign information from the Seton School website with you, or a Program Book from a previous year (to show examples).

27 We will wrap-up your campaign preparation with an overview of Goals & Incentives There are a number of different goals established, and various incentives offered to encourage each of you to exceed your best!

28 Spring Play Program Book Cover-Art Contest Our Spring Play program book pages are not proportional to a full-page 8-12x11 paper; pages are proportional to the Contest template depicted here. Cover art will be trimmed to the front cover @ 5-7/16 x 8-7/16 These are the Specifications! - THIS template - Black/Ink media - Full name on back - Original Work Contest ends February 15, 2013: Submit Entry to Mrs. Mee Winner will be printed as the cover & receive a $50.00 prize. (2) runner-ups will be chosen, and will included in the program. COVER-ART CONTEST W INNER gets $ 50

29 If the money collected meets, or exceeds the overall School Goal of $85,000 … And, if this is accomplished -- before -- the final week of the campaign, the entire student body will receive... a Day-Off From School! Overall school goal

30 Specific Class goals have been dis-established; however, we will still be tracking the best-of-the-best student fundraisers by class! Seniors:Boys / Girls Sophomores: Boys / Girls Juniors: Boys / Girls Freshmen: Boys / Girls 8th Grade: Boys / Girls 7th Grade: Boys / Girls Classes are divided into Boys and Girls for each grade ~ so, there are 12 classes in competition! CLASS COMPETITION

31 BEST IN CLASS FUNDRAISER For the ONE Seton class that out-performs all others in total fundraising dollars… That ONE class will be rewarded with a catered class-lunch! * Source of the catered lunch yet-to-be determined

32 * Any circumstances that may warrant an exception may be considered at the discretion of the Seton School Director. The deadline for contributions to qualify for incentives or prizes is the end of the Ad Campaign (except where explicitly stated as earlier). No Grace Period ~ any ad contract that is not documented as received before the 15 February 2013 deadline, will not be included in the program book and will not qualify towards any incentive. However, late contracts may be accepted as a donation only and counted in the ad campaign contribution totals and may still be claimed as a tax-deductible donation.

33 Teaching orthodox, traditional Catholicism since 1975 N M A A S A S V A S a Marter Family Design Production Supporting Seton School since 2005

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