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Definition -- multi-step process for obtaining the most responsive goods and services at the lowest possible price.

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2 Definition -- multi-step process for obtaining the most responsive goods and services at the lowest possible price.

3 1. Planning 2. Writing Specs 3. Advertising 4. Awarding The Contract 5. Managing The Contract


5 Program Regulations for Procurement: NSLP: 7 CFR 210.21 SBP: 7 CFR 220.16 Special Milk Program: 7 CFR Part 215 Food Distribution: 7 CFR Part 250 Uniform Administrative Requirements for Procurement: State/local governments: 7 CFR 3016 Non-profits: 7 CFR 3019

6 Government Wide Federal Regulations OMB Circulars A-102, A-110, A-87 A-122 State and Local Laws, Regulations, and Policies that are not in conflict with Federal Requirements.

7 Public School Food Authorities (SFAs) may use their own procurement procedures which reflect applicable state and local laws and regulations, provided that the procurements conform to applicable federal laws and standards identified in 7 CFR Part 3016.36 and Part 3016.60. SFAs must compare their state and local requirements against the federal requirements and follow the more restrictive! Non Profits are directed to use your normal procurement procedures if they are at least as stringent as the Federal requirements. If your own are not as stringent as Federal, you must follow the Federal requirements. Please refer to 7 CFR Part 3019 for more guidance on what is allowable.

8 Requirement 7 CFR Part 3016 – (Public) 7 CFR Part 3019 – (Non- Profit) Competition in all procurements3016.36(c)3019.43 Award only to responsible & responsive vendors 3016.36 (b) (8)3019.44(d) Written selection procedures3016.36(c)(3)3019.44(a)(3) Code of Conduct3016.36(b)(3)3019.42 Recordkeeping3016.36(b)(9)3019.46 Contract Administration System3016.36(b)(2)3019.41 Prohibition on geographic preference, unless specifically permitted by Federal law (such as 2008 Farm Bill) 3016.60 and 3016.36(c)(2) Not addressed

9 *Federal Requirements – Define the minimum requirements. *State Requirements -- KRS 45A.100 *Local Requirements – KRS 45A.385 *Program Specific Requirements National School Lunch Program – 7 CFR Part 210 – Includes Buy American Provision Special Milk Program – 7 CFR Part 215 School Breakfast Program – 7 CFR Part 220 Food Distribution – 7 CFR Part 250

10 7 CFR Part 210 and 220 ALL funds received by the non profit school food account must be used to obtain food and other goods and services for use in the Child Nutrition Program (CNP). --Purchase food, supplies, equipment required for meal prep and service; --Purchase prepared meals from vendors; --Pay FSMC to operate their food service; --Pay for labor and operational costs; --Pay indirect costs


12 The goal of ALL Federal procurements because it leads to higher quality goods at a lower cost!

13 Full and open competition means that all suppliers are on a level playing field and have the same opportunity to compete. Procurement procedures must not unduly restrict or eliminate competition.

14 Cost of products and services!

15 Quality of products and services!

16 The procurement process cannot be both self serving AND effective!

17 SFAs must make awards only to those contractors: who are "responsive" because their product or service meets the SFA's specifications, and who are "responsible" because they can and will successfully fulfill the terms and conditions of the proposed procurement.

18 Transparency" means that everything done by the SFA must be: Clear, Above-board, and Out in the open

19 Understand and communicate, Seek as many respondents as you can, Ensure purchases are necessary, Use the procurement process, Write clear evaluation criteria, Develop a good solicitation, Publicize the solicitation, Allow time for vendors to respond, Ensure transparency, and Document the process.

20 Policies Foster Competition Require Rationale Establish Written Selection Procedures Award to Responsive and Responsible vendors Fully document actions Maintain Documentation Contract Admin System Bid Protest Procedures Procedures Follow Program Regs & Requirements Consistently Followed Procedures Fairly Conducted Procurement Procured Items Meet the Needs Code of Conduct

21 Unreasonable Requirements Incorrect application of Geographic Preference Limiting the response time of a solicitation Split purchasing. Awarding a contract without advertising Awarding a contract on the basis of only one of the evaluation criteria Getting a cost quote from only one vendor

22 Not providing the same information to all vendors Failing to comply with applicable state or local rules Releasing the contents of a bid before the public opening Using outdated pre-qualified vendor lists. Using vendor listings that do not include all potential vendors Allowing changes AFTER a bid is awarded that could have affected the outcome of the award had the other vendors had the opportunity to respond to the modified provision.

23 Allowing a potential vendor to draft upcoming procurement specifications and bid on the solicitation. Using the school food service account to pay for expenses that result from improper planning and procurement process.

24 Get Ready, Solicit, Award and Manage

25 1. Plan – know whats needed and when. Know approximately how much its going to cost. 2. Solicit – Provide detailed specifications and use the appropriate procurement method. Clearly describe the vendor delivery expectations and be sure to incorporate a little flexibility. 3. Award – All awards must go to a vendor that is both responsive and responsible. 4. Manage – Contract Administration -- Right quantity, on time, to the right location, meets quality specs, meets substitution policy, etc.

26 1. Small Purchase 2. Competitive Sealed Bid 3. Competitive Negotiation 4. Non Competitive Negotiation

27 Develop your specs in writing Identify sources eligible, able, and willing to provide products Contact at least three s ources Evaluate bidders response to your specs Determine most responsive and responsible bidder at lowest price

28 Develop solicitation Publicly announce the IFB/RFP Evaluate bidders using established criteria Determine most responsive and responsible bidder at lowest price and/or highest scoring proposal Award and Manage Contract

29 Federal regulations set forth that a procurement contract under $100,000 in value may be awarded using informal methods. States or localities may set a lower small purchase threshold, thereby imposing more formal procedures. Kentucky Small Purchase Threshold is $20,000 – Must be used at a minimum!

30 Informal procurements must maximize full and open competition. SFAs should prepare a solicitation document/Request for Quote that contains a complete description of whats required, date to be provided, other pertinent conditions. Recommend at least three sources be contacted who are eligible, able, and willing to provide product or service. The solicitation document and award information must be documented whether written or verbal.

31 SFAs may not intentionally split purchases to fall below the small purchase threshold and avoid formal procurement methods!

32 Used when the value of purchase exceeds applicable Federal, State, or local threshold for small purchases. More rigorous and prescriptive. Methods Are: Competitive Sealed Bidding Competitive Negotiation Non Competitive Negotiation

33 Develop a realistic purchase description. Identify vendors willing and able to compete. Results in a firm-fixed contract. The selection of the vendor must be based on the response to the specifications and price.

34 1. 1.Develop bid specifications 2. MUST be advertised publically 3. 2.Bids MUST be solicited from adequate number of vendors 4. 3.Invitation for Bid MUST clearly define items or services required along with purchasing conditions. 5. 4.Bids MUST be opened publically as stated in IFB. 6. 5.Firm-Fixed contract award MUST be made by written notice to responsible bidder. 7. 6.Method and factors of award MUST be clearly described and documented, i.e., lowest bid.

35 Cannot provide a specific description up front. Advertise to find vendors willing and able to compete. Identify evaluation criteria and how it is weighted. Evaluation Team Contract awarded to highest scoring proposal. Should have process approved by SA.

36 Used ONLY after all other procurement methods are determined to be unsuccessful and approved by the SA. 1. Only 1 Vendor Capable of Providing Item or service. 2.Public Emergency Doesnt Permit Timely Competition 3.Competition Lacking MUST BE JUSTIFIED IN WRITING!

37 USDA/FNS Reviews KDE through Management Evaluations -- 7 CFR Part 210.29 KDE reviews SFAs through CREs – 7 CFR 210.18 and 7 CFR 210.19


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