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Texas Association of Community College Business Officers Presented by: Janet Hasty, CPPO, CTPM Government Procurement Services.

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1 Texas Association of Community College Business Officers Presented by: Janet Hasty, CPPO, CTPM Government Procurement Services

2 Began January 8, 2013 Ended May 27, 2013 June 16, 2013 – Enrolled bills will become law unless vetoed by the Governor No significant purchasing changes

3 TGC 2161 – Disabled Veterans HUB Designee Amends current law relating to the consideration of ownership interests of disabled veterans in determining whether a business is a historically underutilized business (HUB) for purposes of state contracting. Defined as a 20% service-connected disability.

4 Title Five, Civil Practice and Remedies Code, Chapter 114 – Sovereign Immunity Amends current law relating to the waiver of sovereign immunity for certain design and construction claims arising under written contracts with state agencies.

5 TGC 2267 – Infrastructure Contracting Current laws allows public-private partnerships in the creation of projects for which there is a public need. Adds technology facility to allow such partnerships to create projects such as technology incubators and cloud computing facilities.

6 TGC 791 & 2267 – Construction Contracting §791 limits the use of purchasing cooperatives for roofing materials or services to <50K unless plans and specs are prepared or certified as not required. §2267 adds requirements for alternative delivery methods.

7 TGC 403 – Posting State Grant Information on the Internet Adds state grant expenditures to information required on the State of Texas searchable online database. Grants >$25K must post on agency website the reason the grant was awarded.

8 TGC 2172 – Shipping Logistics & Coordination Services Authorizes the CPA to contract with a vendor to oversee shipping logistics & coordination services for all state agencies and requires the CPA to pay the contract from the anticipated cost savings. Does not include items of extraordinary value such as museum exhibits and antiquities, fine arts or specialized materials.

9 LGC 501 – Housing Facilities for Public State Colleges Authorizes the use of tax revenue for student and faculty housing for public state colleges.

10 TGC 551 – Meetings of Governing Boards of certain Junior College Districts Requires Internet posting of meeting materials and broadcast of open meeting for junior college districts with >20K student enrollment. Record broadcast and archive on districts website.

11 TGC 2262 – Low Risk Contracts Requires Comptroller of Pubic Accounts (CPA) to develop a model contract management process for low risk contracts. Not required for community colleges – but could be a good resource once developed.

12 TGC 2252 – Nonresident Bidders Prohibits a governmental entity from awarding to a nonresident bidder unless the nonresident underbids the lowest bid submitted by an amount not less than the greater of: The amount by which a resident bidder would be required to underbid the nonresident bidder to obtain a comparable contract in the state in which 1) the nonresidents principal place of business is located or 2) the majority of the manufacturing related to the contract will be performed.

13 TGC 2254 – Distribution of Consultant Reports Consultant contracts must include provisions in the contract that allow the agency to distribute the report at the agencys discretion or post on the agencys website.

14 TGC 651 – Entrepreneur-in-Residence Agencies may hire an entrepreneur-in-residence to: Improve outreach to the public, including HUB businesses. Strengthen coordination and interaction between state government and the private sector. Facilitate the understanding and use of technological advances to make state government more transparent and interactive. Implement private sector practices to make government more simpler, easier to access, more efficient, and more responsive to user.

15 Education Code 51.927 – Energy Savings Performance Contracts Requires that the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board measure and verify cost savings to an institution of higher education under an energy savings performance contract.

16 TGC 2267 & 2269 – Public Works Projects Construction methods for public works projects will be re-designated as Chapter 2269. The public-private partnerships chapter will remain Chapter 2267.

17 TGC 552 & 2252 – Public Information Updated language to include e-mail, Internet posting, text message, instant message and other electronic communications. Requires that contracts with vendors be written so they comply with Public Information Act.

18 Education Code 73 – Contracts A provision required by applicable law to be included in the contract is considered to be part of the contract without regard to whether the provision appears on the face of the contract or whether the contract includes provisions to the contrary. Education Code 64 – Asset Management Addresses certain asset management, asset acquisition, and institution administration and management issues.

19 TGC 2262 – Contract Management Training Comptroller shall certify contract managers who have completed the contract manager training. Comptroller shall provide abbreviated training for members of the governing bodies of state agencies. Not required for community colleges but may be of interest.

20 Review new statutes with your Legal Department to discuss: Understanding and Interpretation Application and Impact Implementation Develop new policies or procedures to comply with new statutes. Disseminate information to the appropriate parties.

21 Texas Legislature Online Government Procurement Services - Legislative Watch Procurement Related Bills ment__training_services_news.php ment__training_services_news.php

22 Questions? Thank You! Janet Hasty, CPPO, CTPM Government Procurement Services E-mail: Phone: 888-254-7715 Website:

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