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UTD Summer Steward Training. Union Solidarity Contract Rights Leadership.

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1 UTD Summer Steward Training

2 Union Solidarity Contract Rights Leadership

3 Leader Negotiator/Mediator/Contract Enforcer Educator Communicator Organizer Recruiter Political Activist Welcome Committee

4 In groups: Rank the roles in order of relative importance. Add any roles that you think are missing. Discuss how you approach each role as a steward. Report out by group.

5 What you do:What you need to know: Work for the group welfareLong-range aims of the UNION Fight for what is rightThe consequences of your actions Act promptly and decisivelyActions speak louder than words Establish cordial relationsThe other person also has a point Hold no grudgesYou can't win them all Discourage factional bickeringWhy people disagree Lead instead of driveAdults respond to sound reasoning

6 What you do:What you need to know: Settle contractual issuesProper handling of contractual issues Screen gripes from contractual issuesHow to analyze contractual issues Police the contractMeaning of contract clauses Check working conditionsHealth and safety, contractual rights Enforce contract/labor lawContract/State and Federal labor law Keep written records

7 What you do:What you need to know: Keep members fully informedInformed members are loyal members Discuss and explain policiesWhat the current union initiatives are Clarify union objectivesUnion history and current objectives Explain legislative issuesCurrent and prospective legislation Stress registering and votingLegislators and voting records Explain economic impact of legislationHow to connect to member's economic reality

8 What you do:What you need to know: Keep members fully informedUnion policies and activities Detect and stop rumorsWhere the rumor started and why Direct problems through proper depts.Members should look to you as their first source Use a variety of methods to communicate Union rights to Bulletin Brds, PA, mailboxes, email Encourage members to make their voices heard How to contribute to The Activist, Website, surveys Urge attendance at union meetings

9 What you do:What you need to know: Organize the unorganized-Goal 100%Real objections of non-members Greet new employeesWho is new to the worksite Urge attendance at meetings Develop membership participationVarious organizing needs Combat anti-union activitiesWho is dissatisfied with the union Make daily contact with membersThe union must be visible Know who is a non-member

10 What you do:What you need to know: Keep members informed on political issues Current and prospective legislation Register and vote in all electionsIssues affecting members and educational policy Encourage all members to vote Who is not registered and who is registered but not voting Encourage members to contact legislators regularly How access contact legislators contact information Get involved in political campaignsWho has been endorsed and why

11 Know your Contract Conduct Unit Meetings BOTY Meeting Hold Steward Elections Represent the Contract/Grievances Weingarten Meetings IPEGS Meetings EESAC Meetings Faculty Meetings Bulletin Board

12 Review the Contract Create a listing of articles and clauses that are most important for a steward to know Share out

13 The Equality Rule Limits No Retaliation Rule Same Standards Rule Activity

14 Weingarten rights apply only during investigatory interviews An investigatory interview occurs when Administration questions a member to obtain information And the member has a reasonable belief that discipline or other adverse consequences may result.

15 Support Dialogue 90-Calendar Day Improvement Plan

16 Surplus/Involuntary Transfer Uni0n Activities Union Meetings Union Activities at Work Locations Time for Union Representatives Bulletin Boards

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