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Challenges in Randolph Sheppard Military Contracting SOUTH CAROLINA COMMISSION FOR THE BLIND.

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1 Challenges in Randolph Sheppard Military Contracting SOUTH CAROLINA COMMISSION FOR THE BLIND

2 Presentation Overview A. Types of bundled military solicitations-past 10 years B. Major areas of challenge in the process of proposal submission - Example Current Army Nutrition Care Contract W81K04-13-R-0010 1. Agreement and consensus of states involved 2. Meeting requirements of the solicitation

3 Presentation Overview Cont. a. Randolph Sheppard Priority given? b. Legal assistance needed? c. Meeting time requirements for proposal submission d. Selection of BLV(s) e. Selection of Qualified Teaming Partner f. Existing NISH and Ability One Contracts

4 Presentation Overview Cont. C. Types of Agreements D. Working with military procurement officers E. Monitoring contract amendments prior to award and activities after submission of proposal

5 Types of Solicitations Regional and Multi-State Regional contracts-several states in one region of the country, example was East Coast/West Coast Marine (Full Service) solicitation in 2010. West CA and AZ. East Coast was SC,NC, DC, VA.

6 Multi-State Contracts Involving multiple states in two or more regions, example is our active Nutrition Care Solicitation involving Hospitals on military bases in eight (8) states. 10M(year) 1yr with 4 option

7 Nutrition Care Contract W81K04-13-R-0010 West Point, New York (Keller Army Community Hospital) 2. Fort Stewart, Georgia (Winn Army Community Hospital) 3. Fort Knox, Kentucky (Ireland Army Community Hospital) 4. Fort Jackson, South Carolina (Moncrief Army Community Hospital) 5. Riley, Kansas ((Irwin Army Community Hospital)

8 Nutrition Care Contract W81K04-13-R-0010 6. Leonard Wood, Missouri (General Leonard Wood Army Community Hospital) 7. Fort Sill, Oklahoma (Reynolds Army Community Hospital) 8. Fort Irwin, California (Weed Army Community Hospital) 9. Management Services at Fort Sam Huston, Texas

9 Selecting a lead state Agreement - Consensus of states involved May 22 rd –July 3 rd. (6 weeks) Super Blast Conference Indianapolis Since only one proposal can be submitted considerations include : 1. What state has the best laws suited to allow for this type of contract ? a. What states allow multi-state agreements, do they need legislative approval, policy selection of BLVs, teaming partners, Any state procurement involvement and other. Considerations to other states. Check for RS priority? Support from your state agency. b. What is the policy regarding BLVs from other states working facilities in your state? Input from Vendor Committee lacking. Basically: All other states need to allow lead state to bid-cooperation.

10 Timing Considerations 1. Selection of BLV and specialized training needed. 2. Selection of Qualified Teaming Partner(we selected Teaming partner first due to short response time to prepare solicitation. 3. Legal assistance need if possible RS violations determined. 4. Attend pre-proposal conference. (Site Visits) Evaluate chance of a successful out come. We only visited one site. (Ft Knox KY Ireland) Q & A process. Respond to any amendments 5. Evaluation of proposal specifics, existing current NISH, and Ability one contracts. 6. Coordination of the proposal submission with teaming partner.

11 Interface with Military Procurement 1. Working through amendments after proposal. July 3 rd proposal submission and December contract award? 2. Completing requested inquires after proposal submission. We had one conference call to clarify proposal items. While trying work through initial arbitration notification. ( 11/14/13 meeting)

12 After proposal & Award if Successful A. Complete Contract Details: Types of Agreements 1. Assignment of Contract to BLV(s) from SCCB 2. Between BLV(s) and Qualified Teaming Partner 3. Performance agreement between, SCCB, BLV and Teaming Partner. 4. Any other 3 rd party agreements, subcontractors (40%) B. All other transition duties, staff conversion, training BLVs. 60 day phase in period. Contract starts April 4 th 2014. Any follow up with other states. Q & A

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