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Jacobs Technology Inc. Overview

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1 Jacobs Technology Inc. Overview
Presented by: Dan Pierre, FOSC General Manager August 2012

2 Jacobs North American Office Network

3 National Government Programs
Environmental Engineering and Consulting Aerospace & Defense and Energy Top DOD and NASA contractor Engineering/technical support to: Air Force Army Navy DOE High-tech O&M for testing Weapons systems integration and test and evaluation Design/build of advanced Government test facilities and infrastructure USMC Special Operations NASA

4 Technology Services $760M $980M $180M $310M Slide 6.
Test & Evaluation Engineering, Operations, and Maintenance (T&EEO&M) Scientific, Engineering, and Technical Services (SETS) Design/Build and Operate (D/B/O) Test Facilities Enterprise Information Services (EIS) $760M $980M $180M $310M Slide 6. We serve these customers through four distinct markets. These markets include Test and Evaluation of complex systems, Engineering, Operations and Maintenance; Scientific Engineering and Technical Services (SETS), which includes SETA type services that you are familiar with, integrated logistics support activities, and acquisition engineering activities. The third submarket we support is Enterprise Information Services or IT services and under the auspices of EIS, we expand the spectrum of support going from highly complex C-4 ISR systems to day-to-day administrative services for IT LAN systems. In the fourth submarket that we have is one of our oldest markets and that is design/build complex test facilities. Wind Tunnels, Rocket and Jet Engine Testing, Test Support Systems, Range Operations, Space Vehicle Processing Operations, Laboratories, Space Chambers, Ground Vehicles, Chem-Bio Systems, Flight Testing, Environmental and Nuclear Cleanup, Research, Development, Validation Space Transportation and Habitation Systems, Smart Weapons, Systems Engineering and Data Analysis, Simulation/Modeling, Acquisition Engineering, Logistics Support Laboratories, Test Facilities and Chambers, Wind Tunnels, Ground Test Systems and Equipment, Scientific Research Facilities, Instrumentation and Data Systems Applications Development, System Support and Administration Services, Modeling and Simulation, Networks, C4ISR Automotive, Air Force, Army, Army COE, DOE, Univ. of Chicago, Univ. of California, NASA, Aerospace, AFCEE Army, Special Operations, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, NASA, Other Government, Commercial Automotive NASA, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, DOE, Special Operations, Army Air Force, Army, NASA, DOE

5 FOSC – Facility Operating Services Contract Stennis Space Center, MS
EXCELLENCE - ON TIME, WITHIN SCOPE AND WITHIN BUDGET Technical services Life support Engineering Institutional Facility maintenance and operations Logistics and transportation Emergency management Configuration management of facilities and central engineering files Food and custodial services Logistical services Mail Shipping/receiving Transportation Equipment/Inventory management General resources management Special engineering support for high pressure fluid and cryogenic handling systems Logistics and Transportation Stennis Space Center Life Support Activities Barge at Stennis Space Center Space Shuttle Main Engine

6 Jacobs Performance Meeting Subcontracting Goals
Year SB% Target Record Type of Work 1 ESC at JSC 2011 36% 37 % Through our ITMA, subcontracted work on all five contracts is distributed across all areas of the Statement of Work. 2010 2009 35% 36 % 2 ESTS at MSFC* 40% 47.7 % 47.6 % 47 % 3 TEC at WSTF 31% 36.6 % 35.7 % 32.4 % 4 FOSC at SSC 38% 53.5 % 54.6 % 61.7 % 5 MSFOC at MAF Partial number for 2009 – contract start 35.5% 55.4 % 47.2 % 42.5 % Note: Subcontracting targets and records shown are for actual Contract Year Contract Value awarded rather than Total Contract Value Does not include NASA directed funds to Lockheed Martin and Charles Draper Laboratory

7 Jacobs FOSC Proposed Small Business Subcontracting Goals Category
Current Actual Proposed Dollar Value Current Actual Dollar Value Exceeds Goal SB 38.0% 53.5% $22.4M $26.2M SDB 10.0% 18.2% $5.8M $8.9M WOSB 5.0% 20.2% $2.9M $9.9M HUBZone 1.0% 14.3% $580K $7.0M VOSB 5.9% $5.9M SDVOSB 1.3% $661K

8 Awards for Small Business Efforts
Description 2011, Agency-Level Large Business Prime Contractor of the Year Presented by NASA’s Office of Small Business Programs for the Jacobs Facility Operating Services Contract Group at SSC, recognizing successful and innovative practices that promote Small Business . 2011, SBIA Prime Contractor of the Year Presented to the Jacobs Engineering and Science Contract Group at JSC for outstanding performance in the Small Business Program 2011, SBIA Center-Level Large Business Prime Contractor of the Year Presented to Jacobs TYBRIN for support to NASA’s Dryden Flight Research Center in the Small Business Program 2010, SBIA Center-Level Large Business Prime Contractor of the Year Presented to the Jacobs Facility Operating Services Contract at SSC for exemplary services and support of the Small Business Program Presented to Jacobs Research Operations, Maintenance, and Engineering Contract at LRC for exemplary services and support in the Small Business Program 2009, SBIA Prime Contractor of the Year Presented to the Jacobs Aerospace Testing and Facilities Operations and Maintenance Contract for exemplary services and support of the Small Business Program 2009, Dwight D. Eisenhower Award of Excellence Presented by the Small Business Administration to recognize Jacobs as the national winner in the Service Category

9 FOSC – Facility Operating Services Contract Stennis Space Center, MS
We use our teammates across our entire contract, including high-technology areas. SB teammate capabilities relevant to our contract include: Comprehensive Occupational Resources, LLC (CORE) – SB; provides our Emergency Operations Center support through our on-site clinic, rescue unit, and fire department. Erica Lane Enterprises, Inc. (eLe) – SB, WOSB, Native American, 8(a), HubZone, Certified SDB; provides multi-media support, marketing, training, information systems management, facilities M&O and energy management support. SRC Inc. – SB, Minority Owed 8(a), SDB, VOSB, HubZone; provides expertise in architectural and engineering services and management support services.

10 FOSC – Facility Operating Services Contract Stennis Space Center, MS
Our SB Partners and Subcontractors quality include: Strong Technical Services Passion for Safety Provide Competitive Pricing Have Proven Performance Regionally located Strong Customer Focus Multiple capabilities Commitment to Professional Integrity Emphasis on Operational Excellence

11 Small Business Outreach Opportunities
Small Business Vendor Sessions – Joint effort with NASA-SSC, occurs the 3rd Thursday of each month. Schedule through: Jacobs-FOSC Small Business Liasion Officer, Deborah K. Case or NASA Small Business Officer, Michelle Stracener Stennis Business Consortium Quarterly Meetings (SBC) – invite from MSET Annual Stennis Industry Day sponsored by SBC

12 Small Business Outreach Opportunities
Be sure to be registered on the NASA Vendor Database Small Business Administration (SBA) Jacobs Knowledge Management System (KMS) used to locate, track and evaluate supplier and/or contractors – network of 600 Small Business’s. Jacobs-FOSC Company Profile Form Request a copy from: Deborah Case or Donna Grimsley

13 Architectural & Engineering Support Services Opportunities
Includes: Architectural Geotechnical Civil Hydrological Chemical Mechanical Design / Build Structural Electrical Surveying Environmental

14 Subcontracting Opportunities
Construction/General Contracting Building Modifications Electrical HVAC Roofing Storm Drains/Culverts Welding Asbestos Abatement Crane Services Architectural & Engineering Tank Cleaning Potable Water System Repairs Clearing & Grubbing Fencing Site Development Underwater Services/Inspection Consulting Tug Boat Support Services Elevator Maintenance Misc. Service/Maintenance Requirements

15 Purchasing Opportunities
Automotive Parts Industrial Supplies Chemicals Insulation Computers and Peripherals Janitorial Services Supplies Fire Dept. Supplies & Equipment Lumber Food Service Supplies Office Supplies Consulting Services Paper Supplies Diesel Fuel Pipes/Valves/Fittings Electronic Components Refractory Materials Electrical Supplies Steel Angle Iron HVAC equipment Stainless Steel Tubing

16 Small Business Opportunities
Current Multi-Year Contracts with Small Businesses include: Boilers Maintenance – CCS Industrial Inc. HVAC Maintenance – CCS Industrial Inc. & Chillco Chiller Maintenance – Chillco HVAC Commissioning – Doyle Associates Inc. Crane Support Services – Glenn Crane & Rigging UPS System Support – High Performance Solutions Tug Boat Support Services – Perry & Son Herbicide & Pest Control – Redd Pest Solutions Roofing Maintenance – ReflecTech Painting Maintenance – Shoemake Painting

17 Jacobs Technology Inc. Safety Requirements
Required for all Services and Construction Companies working at Stennis: Approved Company Health & Safety Plan; Gulf Coast Safety Council – Stennis Space Center – On-Site Specific Training ( Submission and Approval of an Activity Hazard Analysis (AHA) prior to starting each project; Completion of daily and/or task specific Safe Plan of Actions (SPA);

18 Jacobs Technology Inc. – See Who We Are!
Operational Excellence NASA/SSC Large Business Prime Contractor of the Year (2010 & 2011) NASA Agency Large Business Prime Contractor of the Year (2011) VPP STAR site ISO 9001 Certified Jacobs Technology Regional Performance Excellence Award Vendor Appreciation Award from Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne to FOSC Machine Shop Deborah Case Donna Grimsley - –

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