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Contract Negotiations 2012. A Change in Process We started a new process called Interest Based Bargaining. More open format and exchange of information.

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1 Contract Negotiations 2012

2 A Change in Process We started a new process called Interest Based Bargaining. More open format and exchange of information. Interest -vs- Positions. IBB process takes much more time. Switched to Traditional Bargaining at end due to time and bargaining issues.

3 A Change in Process Continued… City Charter only allows a 30 day window to negotiate. Need to hold informal talks throughout year to maximize negotiations time period. For basic Salary and Benefits, probably need to stay with traditional bargaining at this time.

4 Section 1 Local 1290 Contract Articles. – This section describes our Contract Articles that were discussed with the City Negotiations team. – If an Article is not listed here, there is no change to past years. – Language added for specific time period buy out provisions was removed.

5 Package Deal All of Local 1290s proposals were presented as a Package Deal. There were some discussions that Furlough Language would be added by Local 1290 if the Citys proposal tried to Limit any of the Buyout provisions…ie..give us the buyout…then furlough us…… removing the benefit.

6 Article 6 Sick Leave Local 1290 100% Buyout City 50% Buyout Cap Annual Buyout 1 st year at 180 hours Cap Annual Buyout 2 nd year at 240 hours Interested in talking about alternative plans and processes of types of leave, e.g. PTO

7 Article 18 Health Insurance Local 1290 Filed Injunction against City for Bad Faith Negotiations due to Citys refusal to provide our health care information. City goes against 2011 Arbitrators ruling! Article 18, Section 3 of our contract states: Any future changes in health care SHALL be negotiated. City Same plan we have now Bring City contributions current with other employees…then add 5% for 2013 5% additional for 2014 Committee to discuss other options.

8 Article 21 Wages Local 1290 1% January 1, 2013 with additional 1% July 1, 2013 1% January 1, 2014 with additional 1% July 1, 2014 Move Assignment Pay into Contract…..Hazmat, Tech Rescue, Paramedic F.I., Paramedic Duties, Decon Team, Wildland Team, etc. City 500.00 bonus paid sometime in December 2013 1% Pay Raise based on City Sales Tax Revenue increase of 1.5% or higher for 2013.

9 Other Articles of the Contract Local 1290 and City had basically same proposals on Articles 7,8,12,20,31, and 35.

10 Section 2 Comparison Information – City and Local 1290 use local comparisons…. and have used these for years. – Local 1290 uses multiple sources of information. Regional National Industry Experts

11 Comparison Information Comparisons were made using 8 Departments with collective bargaining contracts. Denver comparison includes their July 2012 pay raise but does NOT adjust for their 48 hour shifts when figuring pay. Their hourly rate is much higher! All information used in comparisons were taken from actual City, Department, or Fire District contracts and reports.

12 2011 Response Breakdown by Department Dept.PopulationSq. Miles StationsFire Fighters Total Responses Responses per Fire Fighter Aurora335,1051541528246,991167 Colorado Springs 416,4271862041353,138129 Englewood35,00073514,90096 Boulder103,00024711210,11190 North Metro 10,4006371028,80086 Littleton42,00092815412,88484 West Metro247,5851101530325,01283 Denver619,9681553690060,00067 South Metro 198,0001761728413,88449

13 2012 Annual Pay by Department Top Grade Fire Fighter DepartmentPayPercentage Above Aurora West Metro74,777+ 9.19 Denver *74,018+ 8.08 Boulder72,839+ 6.36 South Metro69,910+ 2.09 Englewood69,204+ 1.05 Littleton68,846+.53 Aurora68,4820.00 North Metro63,804-6.83 Colorado Springs61,152-10.70

14 Aurora Pay / Response Comparison PayResponses Aurora68,48446,991 Mean-1.21%+195.2% Median-1.55%+196.1%

15 The Bottom Line Aurora Fire Fighters are number 7 out of the 9 compatibles in pay. The City agrees with this number but seems unwilling to do anything about it. Aurora Fire Department is the busiest department of all comparables..…by Station and by Fire Fighter! We have the worst medical plan of all!!! No others offer a DHMO Most have much better TOTAL benefit plans.

16 The Bottom Line Continued… At no time during bargaining did the City admit or acknowledge … we are currently saving them 2.5% of salary of new hired employees (28 FTEs). Using the Cities cost for an FTE ($95,700), thats a savings of over 67,000.00 just this year…..not to mention DROP (10.5% of salary) and retirees. We continue to pay more for Health Insurance than ANY OTHER EMPLOYEE GROUP in the city. (Yes…we negotiated this in the 2 year contract)

17 The Bottom Line Continued… 32% increase in responses over past 5 years No additional Budget, Personnel, Equipment, or Stations to deal with increase. We are the only Fire Department to get Furloughed!!!!

18 So….What Now????? We are at impasse as of May 23. The Injunction lawsuit is scheduled to be heard on May 30 in Arapahoe County. We requested the American Arbitration Association to supply us with a list of Arbitrators. We hope the City negotiations team will be given more authority to put an actual pay package on the table and also release our health care information.

19 More information as it comes available Thanks

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