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New ACGME requirements for contracts

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1 New ACGME requirements for contracts

2 Awaiting approval by GMEC next week
UNIVERSITY OF UTAH SCHOOL OF MEDICINE RESIDENT AGREEMENT This agreement between the UNIVERSITY OF UTAH, on behalf of the SCHOOL OF MEDICINE (“University”), and ______________________________________,(degree)____(“Resident”), is entered into for one year beginning ______________________ and ending ___________________________. The term resident includes interns, residents and fellows. Awaiting approval by GMEC next week Changes/additions due to new ACGME requirements

3 4.g. ABMS specialty board requirements vary by specialty. The Program Director or other department personnel will provide information, or assist in obtaining information, related to eligibility for specialty board examinations upon request. You must become familiar with how/where to search for board eligibility and exam information in order to respond to resident questions.

4 4.h. The department will provide each Resident with a copy of the Standards of Performance policy for the training program, which will describe conditions for reappointment and promotion to a subsequent PGY level. Check your Standards of Performance policies. They must contain language that describes the criteria for reappointment and promotion to next PGY levels. If this is not in your Standards of Performance policy, it needs to be updated and a copy sent to the GME Office for our archives.

5 5.h. Timely notice of the effect of leave(s) on the ability to satisfy board requirements or program completion will be provided by the program at the time a leave is approved. GME has tried to address this with our new FMLA request form All leaves are not FMLA GME always tries to determine makeup time Coordinator (or other) must ALWAYS calculate makeup time and advise resident when approving leaves—must be “timely”

6 Other Stuff . . . Eligibility Requirements – Residency Programs
All prerequisite post-graduate clinical education required for initial entry or transfer into ACGME-accredited residency programs must be completed in ACGME-accredited residency programs, or in Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (RCPSC)-accredited or College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC)-accredited residency programs located in Canada. Verifications of prior training must use ACGME or CanMEDS Milestones assessments from prior training program Have not met above requirement? Program does not require prelim clincal yr—enter as PGY1 Program has prerequisite requirement—need RRC approval Same for ACGME-accredited fellowships Only exceptions for “exceptionally qualified applicants” by RRC

7 2014 ACGME Annual Education Conference!
February 27th National Harbor, Maryland Coordinator Forum – Program handout Register online –

8 Do we need to say more about
Visiting House Staff?

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