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The Honors Program CONTRACTS. Guidelines & Proposal Submission.

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1 The Honors Program CONTRACTS

2 Guidelines & Proposal Submission

3 What Is A Contract? The way to get upper level Honors Coursework An agreement between the student, professor, and honors program. –An opportunity for undergraduate research –A chance to delve deeper into the your area of interest –A chance to do in-depth learning with a mentor –A way to extend the student-professor relationship –Preparation for graduate-level work Consultation and Collaboration with a Professor

4 Contract Guidelines Agreement between student and professor Proposal must be submitted online through CougarNet –For ideas and brainstorming sessions see the Honors Director or Advisor –Submitted Prior to Mid-Term Contract Proposal must be approved by Honors Program Director Completed and Submitted by FIRST DAY OF FINALS –Faculty will complete Honors Contract Completion form and Honors Contract Evaluation Form Student will complete Student Contract Evaluation Form and turn in a copy of the project and any artifacts to the Honors Office


6 Contract Proposal Submission Step 1 CSU Homepage Click on CougarNet

7 Contract Proposal Submission Step 2 Login to CougarNet

8 Contract Proposal Submission Step 3 Enrollment Services Personal Information

9 Contract Proposal Submission Step 4 View Student Information

10 Contract Proposal Submission Step 5 Honors Contract Application

11 Contract Proposal Submission Step 6 Create New Honors Contract

12 Contract Proposal Submission Step 7 Complete Contract Proposal Form Tip: Type the proposal description in word and then copy and paste so you can proofread prior to submission

13 Contract Proposal Submission Step 8 Select the Term The term you are in the class and will complete the contract Submit Proposal must be submitted prior to Mid-Term

14 Contract Proposal Submission Step 9 The submitted contract proposal will show on this screen once it has been submitted properly.

15 Tips and Other Info Start thinking about your contracts early, and contact your professor within the first few (1 st – 3 rd ) weeks of the semester. Submit your proposal as soon as possible to allow time for revision in case it is not approved. Start working on your contract as soon as it is approved so its complete before the deadline. If you are not able to complete your contract, it will not affect your grade in the class. However, you will not earn an Honors designation for the course.

16 Honors Contracts For more information and assistance with contracts, contact the Honors Office or schedule and advising appointment with the Honors Advisor through AdvisorTrac.

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