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Procurement Forum February 20, 2014. Managing Telecom Assets & Services.

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1 Procurement Forum February 20, 2014

2 Managing Telecom Assets & Services

3 iSYS - WSCA/NASPO cooperative contract Telecom Expense Management Cyber Security / Secure Data Management Auditing Consulting Delivered more than $150 million in savings to their clients to date

4 Wireless Device & Plan Management iSYS has worked with a few other states and many Federal agencies Savings of 25% - 55% of cell phone and land line cost Monitor and optimize rate plans and provide streamlined ordering and reporting Highest level of security of data- developed by Dept of Defense

5 Modular Services Online store where approved state employees can log in to order phones, get upgrades, plan information, etc. iSYS monitors invoices and makes sure you arent being charged incorrectly Cell phone upgrading Mobile Device Management for secure devices

6 Auditing & Consulting Looking for an agency to participate in the first round of audit programs The audit is free and takes between 1-3 months iSYS will analyze your cell phone invoices and present ways they can save money For the management services, iSYS charges a small fee per device that comes out of the money saved (not mandatory)

7 Who is interested? We are looking for Agencies that are proactive and progressive to proceed with the free audit. This is your Agencys chance to shine! We spend millions of dollars per year with wireless companies with barely any monitoring and control. Contact Jennifer Shelton, 371-6055


9 Shredding Services SP-14-0039 Two vendors awarded Identified regions On-site and Off-site Services available Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly, Additional / Non- Scheduled, and Emergency services available Purge Services available Paper and Media destruction

10 Shredding Services SP-14-0039 Reporting available Container sizes are: 32 Gallon Console and 96 Gallon Rolling Bin Equipment Security (i.e. locks, keys, etc.) State Contract (Term) with options to extend This contract may be used full time or part-time. Your schedule is the vendors schedule. Contact: Judy Shirley, CPPB (501) 324-9316 or

11 Commercial Lawn Care Equipment

12 New Statewide Contract: non-mandatory Contract is with Manufacturers Authorized Dealer list 3 types of Commercial Mowers Front Mount Zero Turn Mid Mount Zero Turn Stand on Discounts on parts and accessories

13 Manufacturers

14 Ready to order??

15 Click on Order Information and Price Discount

16 Mower and Order Information

17 Authorized Dealer List You can choose the dealer or the manufacturer can find the one closest to you.

18 Contact: Anna Hawthorne (501) 324-9316 or

19 Office Supplies

20 Implementation E-News went out last week with information on implementing the new Office Supplies web-site. The implementation will be done in six (6) phases. Phases 1 agencies will be start purchasing from the new web-site and Goddess Products contract on March 3, 2014. There will be a contract added for Goddess Products on the State Contract web-page. (to only be used once each phase is completed)

21 Office Depot will contact agencies as their phase approaches. Once a phase is complete, an E-News will be sent out with information and a date stating when the next phase will be complete. This process will continue until all phases are complete. Until your phase is complete, please continue to use Office Depot OA#4600022475 and the current Office Depot Website.

22 Optional Certified Minority Vendors: GSS (Government Supply Services) For all of your office supply needs Integrity Office Solutions For toner and printer supplies/service For Office Supply contract questions: Anna Hawthorne 501-324-9316 or e-mail

23 AR NIGP Conference March 30 – April 1 Holiday Inn Airport Register today - $125 until March 3 Great program Vendor Exhibit – March 31, 12:30 – 3:30 – all procurement professionals invited, you do not have to be registered for the conference to attend!

24 Next Forum March 20, 10 – 11:30 UA Cooperative Extension Auditorium – 2301 S. University Ave, Little Rock Special Speaker - Todd Newton with Mitchell Williams Law Firm on Cyber Security Invite your agencys IT people to join us

25 Todd Newton Mr. Newton joined Mitchell Williams in November 2006 and started the Firms Information Management and Security practice team. The practice team places an emphasis on data security and electronic discovery issues, including advising clients on security policies and procedures, record retention policies, Identity Theft Red Flag Rule compliance, HIPAA compliance, and planning for and responding to data breaches.

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