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Back to the Future? Electrical/Lighting Contracts Ted Swansegar.

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1 Back to the Future? Electrical/Lighting Contracts Ted Swansegar

2 Survey Results

3 Survey results

4 Hourly Why? D7 and Central Office ITS were the only ones that wanted to change to hourly!!!! Reasons- – Contract easier to manage because there are less items to worry about. Quote: If we went hourly, it would make it easier for OMS. John (Contract manager) came up with about 17 line items of what he thinks it should look like. D7 – We can supply most of all the contractor supplied items with a Procard/master contract. Quote: We already have a Master Agreement for concrete. D7 – ITS does not use alot of the bid items right now and usually uses Hourly

5 Bid items Why? Quote: I would keep the contracts the same. I do not want to go to strictly hourly work. I do not want to have to provide the incidental items. It is just something else that I have to purchase and inventory. Dont screw the contracts up. D2 Should be no Procard purchases because contractor supplies most of the incidentals. LESS Inventory- Do not have to inventory the items that the contractor supplies The contractor usually gets the work done sooner if it is built per the bid item not hourly. CON- too many bid items and confusing because the contract managers have never been taught how each item works. CON- bid items that do not cover some installation and when hourly should be used

6 How should mileage be paid? QUESTIONS Do we pay for the mileage to and from worksite? Do we pay for all trips to the worksite? Do we pay for all vehicles that the contractor is using? Where do we pay the mileage from? (maintenance garage)

7 How do we pay for Traffic Control? QUESTIONS Do we pay the contractor every time that he moves his vehicle? Do we pay for each vehicle that is moved in the work zone? How do we pay for the lane closure if is on interstate? Who has the final say on what type of lane closure that is needed?

8 If the contracts stay the same? Changes Contractor- Shall be licensed by Department of Housing, Building, & Construction All electrical work shall be conducted or supervised by a licensed electrician. Incidental to bid items. Mileage and traffic control incidental (may be changed) How do we pay for the transportation of some of the hourly vehicle items. Equipment, labor, supervision is included in all bid items. Bid items for the installation of in-pavement sensor. Rubber grommets for any hole that has wires passing through them All hours to meet utility personnel is included in the electrical service bid item. Bid Items include the restoration of disturbed areas to original conditions. The removal of existing equipment- salvage policy!!!!!

9 Things that have not changed One IMSA II certified personnel per crew. The Contract Manager may require the replacement of an individual who is not performing satisfactorily. 3 person crew for loop installation. Contractor has to follow standard drawings on our website. Districts- please download all standards so that you know the changes that have been done in construction projects. Liquidated Damages

10 Possible changes Do we have separate bid items for the different wires on the Multi-conductor bid item? Or add all wires to one bid item? Bid item for the replacement of a bulb in luminaire. Bid items for reinstall/installation of sidewalks/accessible ramps. Do we need separate bid items for different sizes of conduit? Crew size- should be set for all activities!!

11 Hourly - when should it be used?

12 We need training of how to manage these contracts

13 These contracts will be audited!!!! WHO WILL BE AUDITED? The contract manager will be audited! The contractor will be audited! THINGS THAT CONTRACT MANAGER NEEDS TO DO Need records of what hourly and bid items that are done each day Hourly should only be used if a bid item does not cover it. No hourly vehicle should be charged if it is being used for a bid item.

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