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St. Croix River Crossing S. P

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1 St. Croix River Crossing S. P
St. Croix River Crossing S.P Contractor Informational Meeting May 15, 2013 5/15/2013 Contact: Paul Kivisto, P.E. St. Croix Crossing Bridge Construction Engineer

2 The contract will be the governing document and anything we say here is to help contractors understand the draft plans and clarify items that may be in the contract. If there is a conflict between what is presented and the final plans and specifications the plans and specifications will prevail.

3 Bridge Plan and Elevation

4 Bridge 82045 – River Spans Extradosed with 5 towers
3360 feet in length Precast segments 18’ deep Twin three cell boxes with longitudinal closure Piers constructed to 15’ above normal pool as part of early foundation contract

5 Br. 82045 Major Components Concrete box segments Five towers
Approximately 600 segments (twin segments) Max weight about 150 to 180 tons Five towers Variable height to 230 feet above water Towers 67’ above deck Wisconsin slope pier – 100 ft tall Drilled Shafts, Footings, Pier Starters already constructed

6 Typical River Span 600’

7 Main Span Cross Section
Varies 102’-5” to 98’-6” out to out 100’ +/-’ +/- Closure Pour Closure Pour 18’-0” 18’

8 82045 – Approach Spans Precast concrete box superstructure
Alignment separated 1600 feet in length Vary in depth from 18 to 10 feet Gore area is complex, cast-in-place on falsework H-pile foundations

9 Ramps 82047 and 82048 Concrete box superstructure
On ramp will be cast in place on falsework Off ramp designed as precast segmental Vary in depth from 14 to 10 feet H-pile foundations

10 Environmental Constraints
5/15/2013 Environmental Constraints Wetlands on Minnesota Approach Forested Wetlands near Minnesota bank St. Croix River Wisconsin Bluff Commitments made to minimize impacts and to preserve water quality Remove Xcel Barge Unloader Facility

11 Wetland Minnesota Approach

12 Minnesota Shoreline Forested Wetland

13 Minnesota Approach Forested Wetland Wetland

14 Wisconsin Bluff Last pier is similar to MN side
Smaller footing Precast segments, 18 ft deep 275 ft box girder end span Minimize impact to bluff, especially near river 24” CIP steel shell piles Access from abutment

15 Wisconsin Bluff


17 Reference Information Documents (RID) Geotech Information, Construction Options, Wisconsin Bluff, Cross Beam Other information including permits are on other folders in same directory Information provided will not be contractual

18 (1301) BEST VALUE METHOD (Pre-qualification)
Technical Proposals will be due approximately 4 weeks after advertisement Some of the following may be pre-qualified Experience of Personnel (1 or more) Project Manager Environmental Compliance Officer Structures Superintendent (Precast Segmental) Casting Yard Engineer/Superintendent Superstructure Construction Engineer Quality Control Manager

19 (1511) Inspection of Work Implementing Critical Activity Hold Points
Environmental Reviews Casting segments: geometry, rebar, ducts Cross beam construction: geometry, rebar, ducts Tower construction: anchor box placement Cast-in-place boxes: geometry, rebar, ducts

20 (1701) Environmental Program Delivery
Environmental Training Required for all personnel on site Contractor shall have an Environmental Compliance Officer Ensure all permits are adhered to

21 (1803) CPM Schedule Contractor will access and update MnDOT Enterprise Project Management System (EPMS) P6 software Schedule to be cost and resource loaded Will need to tie to 4D Synchro model Contractor must maintain links for all activities

22 (1803) Prosecution of Work Haul roads not permitted in environmentally sensitive areas Access sites include the Xcel Energy ramp and underneath the bridge. No agreements or permits have been obtained for other areas. MnDOT may consider keeping Stillwater Barge Facility Access, but no agreement with City. No permits have been obtained for Wisconsin shore access Trestle under bridge part of COE permit

23 Trestle from Minnesota shore
Allowed as contractor option to minimize wetland impacts

24 (1806) Contract Time All work completed by November, 2016.
Piers 8, 9, and 12 early foundations will be ready by Dec 20, 2013. Piers 10 and 11 early foundations will be ready by April 30, 2014.

25 Mass Concrete Will be included on pier blades, crossbeams, some pier segments, towers, pier columns, Will include maximum temperature and temperature differential

26 Concrete Properties Contractor mix design
Require testing as detailed in specs 4,000 psi concrete strength in approach substructures. 6,000 psi to 9,000 psi in segments 9,000 psi is at 180 days 8,000 psi in crossbeams 7,000 – 8,000 psi in pier blades and towers

27 Payment Items Construct Access Facilities (MN and WI) __LS
Foundation Prep (all piers) __LS Box Girders Structural Concrete CIP Box __CY Structural Concrete Extradosed __SF Rebar (60 and 75 ksi) ___LBS Post Tensioning (longitudinal, transverse, & bars) __LB Surface Finish __SF

28 Payment Items Cable Stay System __LS
Precast Segmental Construction __LS Segmental Erection Equipment (Extrados) __LS Cable Vibration Testing __LS

29 Questions Questions or comments related to the project can be directed to Paul Kivisto and will be considered in final development of the plans and specifications.

30 Thanks for your interest!
5/15/2013 Thanks for your interest! Paul Kivisto, P.E. St. Croix Crossing Bridge Construction Engineer (651) office (651) cell ftp site: Project web site:

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