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Contract Catering Ben Jones Pippa Farrin Lizzi Lucas.

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1 Contract Catering Ben Jones Pippa Farrin Lizzi Lucas

2 Types of Contract Catering Cost Plus Guaranteed Performance Fixed Cost Nil Cost Commercial Return Partnership

3 Market Summary The Market Business Sector Education Sector Health Care Sector

4 The Current Contract Catering Market Market reached £3,010,000 in 1999 from 2,180,000 in 1994 Education Sector – Growing Small Businesses – Getting Larger

5 The Future of the Contract Catering Market Future looks good Merger between Granada & Compass – Positive Good economic conditions increases no of contracts

6 Main Factors Contributing to Growth in Market Growth in economy More companies are willing to outsource catering facilities Increase in branding More catering firms opening other support services

7 Key Trends Branding contributing to growth In-house branding has increased In-house – cater to lower costs Franchising - expensive

8 Public Sector Outsourcing Private Sector – ideal sector Handing over food provision – to specialist Generates profit in this area

9 StrengthsWeakness Opportunities Always a market International Market Low Cost Staffing Threats Granada / Compass Merger Competition Recession Foot & Mouth Poor staffing Internal Aspects External Aspects SWOT Matrix

10 A Customers Competitors Government C Lenders B Employees Suppliers D Managers Chairman Board HighLow High Power The Power / interest Matrix Level of interest

11 Compass / Granada Sodexho Prestige Other Aramark Elior UK Ltd Initial Catering Services HighLow High Market Growth Low Boston Matrix Market share

12 4B - Sodexho 5 – Granada/Compass 6 7 8 1 – Low cost contract caterers 2 3 – Aramark plc Strategy Clock Price High Low High Perceived Added Value

13 Directional Policy Matrix AverageWeak Strong High Low Medium Business Strength Long Term Market Attractiveness Key -Compass/ Granada – 57% - Sodexho Prestige – 22% - Aramark Plc - 6% - Elior UK Ltd - 4% - Initial Catering Services Ltd – 3%

14 The End Thank you for your time!

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