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Maggie Nygren, EdD Association of University Centers on Disabilities.

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1 Maggie Nygren, EdD Association of University Centers on Disabilities

2 Gather/disseminate information to UCEDDs Implement structured TA activities Respond to requests for information from UCEDDs and ADD Convene experts Maintain NIRS for UCEDD annual reporting Facilitate collaboration

3 3 regular email blasts (funding, announcements, resources) AUCDigest AUCD Directory & AUCD Web portal Publish UCEDD promising practices identified by ADD through MTARS Maintain URC website 3

4 Individual onsite visits Targeted TA 2 sessions at the 2009 TA Institute 1 event on intrastate collaboration 1 event on modifying/using the CAC orientation materials ADD TA Institute New UCEDD Directors orientation Data Coordinators orientation

5 Requests for Data from NIRS Content experts in the network Publications and projects from the network Information about the network

6 Annual Report Workgroup NECTAC travel support Brainstorming meeting on policy

7 Purpose: Assist in the review the ADD UCEDD Program logic model for revision, review and possibly modify the indicators of progress, and address the mechanics of the annual report function in NIRS Members: Robert Bacon, Daniel Bier, Elizabeth Bishop, Robyn Carroll, Jean Johnson, Barbara Le Roy, Olivia Raynor, Penny Seay, Barbara Wheeler, Valerie Williams, Bryce Fifield

8 Maintain NIRS Maintain annual report function Provide TA to NIRS users 8

9 Joint Meeting on Collaboration within DD Network 9

10 Brainstorming meeting on research with NASDDDS and CDC State Disability and Health Grantees


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