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CWM Patterns using BPMN Vandana Kabilan Royal Institute of Technology.

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1 CWM Patterns using BPMN Vandana Kabilan Royal Institute of Technology

2 EMMSAD 05,Porto,Portugal,June 13th- 14th 2/20 Overview Motivation Introduction to the MTCO Case Scenario Contract Workflow Models Why BPMN? Applications of CWM

3 EMMSAD 05,Porto,Portugal,June 13th- 14th 3/20 Motivation Business Contracts govern the way enterprises carry out thier business transactions. Contracts need to be integrated with business processes.

4 EMMSAD 05,Porto,Portugal,June 13th- 14th 4/20 Contract Perspectives Business Domain Legal DomainInformation Systems

5 EMMSAD 05,Porto,Portugal,June 13th- 14th 5/20 Need for Contract Ontology Lack of common understanding between different users of legal business contracts Contract Management Systems are not integrated to Business Process Management With E-commerce and E-Contracting, we need to have a common shared, reusable knowledge resource.

6 EMMSAD 05,Porto,Portugal,June 13th- 14th 6/20 How? Proposed framework for capturing contract knowledge (MTCO) Now proposing a methodology for deriving a common abstract model for contract compliant business process model called Contract Workflow Model.

7 EMMSAD 05,Porto,Portugal,June 13th- 14th 7/20 What is Multi Tier Contract Ontology? Upper Level Core Contract Ontology Role Obligation Consideration Specific Domain Level Contract Ontology Template Level Contract Ontology Sale of Goods Contract Lease Rental Contract ICC contract model Sale of Boat Web page hosting Hire of Office Buyer Seller Goods LeaseeLeaser

8 EMMSAD 05,Porto,Portugal,June 13th- 14th 8/20 Basic Concepts TermsandCondition Actor RoleConsideration TimeFrame Contracting Party hasRole 2 2 MustSpecify Validity CounterRole Contract Defines NonPerformance FullfilledBy UnfullfilledBy Failure Reciprocal RightPerformance Obligation

9 EMMSAD 05,Porto,Portugal,June 13th- 14th 9/20 Types of Obligations Primary Secondary Reciprocal Conditional Obligation to deliverObligation to pay Obligation to pay reciprocates Obligation to deliver Obligation to pack goods Obligation to replace damaged or rejected goods On inspection

10 EMMSAD 05,Porto,Portugal,June 13th- 14th 10/20 Obligation States Inactive Active Pending Fullfilled Cancelled Unfullfilled Terminated Contract has been signed. But execution not yet begun Contract cycle execution is triggered Fufilling performance has been executed or triggered, but acceptance or completion awaited Fullfilling performance found satisfactory by beneficiary party Contract Execution cycle is cancelled prior to fullfilling performance execution by any of the parties Fullfilling performance found unsatisfactory by beneficiary party Contract execution is terminated after execution and performance Is initiated, say due to force majeure, contract violation...

11 EMMSAD 05,Porto,Portugal,June 13th- 14th 11/20 What is a CWM? A contract compliant high level partial business process model. –Generated from the contract instance –Input from the MTCO. –Optional input from other enterprise or business process ontologies –Input from internal business process models, if any exist

12 EMMSAD 05,Porto,Portugal,June 13th- 14th 12/20 Why BPMN? Graphical with high expressivity Two levels of abstraction, different views for different users (different partners in this case) BPMN can be mapped to a number of low- level specification languages (machine executable) like BPEL4WS, RosettaNet, ebXML BPSS The graphical elements of BPMN can be extended to adapt for domain specific purposes

13 EMMSAD 05,Porto,Portugal,June 13th- 14th 13/20 Typical Sale and Purchase Contract Buyer sends Order to Seller. Seller is Obliged to Deliver goods in conformance to the specifications. The Buyer is obliged to arrange for the transport. But MAY request the seller to arrange for the same on his behalf Seller makes goods as agreed. He may additionally make arrangements for delivery. Seller is also obliged to pack goods as per agreed terms. Buyer MAY cancel his order within stipulated time.......

14 EMMSAD 05,Porto,Portugal,June 13th- 14th 14/20 CWM Methodology MTCO EO CWM

15 EMMSAD 05,Porto,Portugal,June 13th- 14th 15/20 A CWM example..

16 EMMSAD 05,Porto,Portugal,June 13th- 14th 16/20 MTCO /CWM mappings MTC0/CWM conceptsBPMN Constructs Seller,Buyer( parties)Swimlanes,(roles) Performance EventsActivities,Process,SubProcess Performance events orderSequence Flows: Simulatenous processingAND gateway Obligation (obligation states)Events(internal factors), message flow(external factors) Policy, rulesRule, timer events

17 EMMSAD 05,Porto,Portugal,June 13th- 14th 17/20 More.. MTC0/CWM conceptsBPMN Constructs RightsOR gateways (if more than one choice can be made) XOR gateway (if one and only one choice can be made) Remedial optionsEvent based XOR gateways( if choice is dependent on some other event in own or partner BPD Cancellation,Termination, rejection Complex Decision

18 EMMSAD 05,Porto,Portugal,June 13th- 14th 18/20 How is a CWM used? May be used as a starting point for designing the internal business process model May be used to identify and make explicit the interactions and choreography of activities between business partners. May be translated in to BPEL4WS.

19 EMMSAD 05,Porto,Portugal,June 13th- 14th 19/20 Ongoing Work Formal mappings /translations from CWM/BP to internal business process Obligation fullfillment monitoring Inter-enterprise interoperability.

20 EMMSAD 05,Porto,Portugal,June 13th- 14th 20/20 Comments

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