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Your Contract and YOU brought to you by the letters C.I.R.

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1 Your Contract and YOU brought to you by the letters C.I.R.

2 The legality of it all… Sign contract = legally binding. Arriving in Tokyo = Agreeing to the Terms and Conditions You are in a contract with your C.O., NOT the JET Programme

3 C.O. Terms and Conditions: Requirements Conditions your C.O.s are required to follow: Remuneration Provision of travel insurance to YOU TO and FROM Japan (if you complete your contract and dont enter into another contract within 1 month) Work hours/week Period of Contract Provision of General Insurance AND JET Accident Insurance If violation of said terms and conditions is suspected or has occurred, please contact your CIR and/or CLAIR

4 C.O. Terms and Conditions: Variables Common variables include: Number of annual paid holidays Conditions and Standards for taking (sick leave) Provisions made for driving NOT Terms and Conditions, but still a variable: HOUSING Money for each JET comes from a variety of Japanese national taxes…you need to recognize!

5 What?! But MY contract says… To avoid confusion: READ YOUR CONTRACT carefully! Then…read it again! Questions? Talk to your C.O. and/or CIR To avoid tears/jealousy/rage? DONT: Ill show you mine if you show me yours! DO: Check contract and school supervisor before assuming anything else work-related Difficult situations regarding contracts, where both parties cannot agree? Contact CLAIR directly

6 And now a special message from your CIR

7 Should I stay or should I go? Articles 5-7 How long? Day after arrival in Japan 1 year later. Resignation Dont leave, wed miss you (Gunma-chan included)! Give 30 days notice, a valid reason and write a Letter of Resignation May be required to reimburse your C.O. Dismissal Rare and only after MUCH discussion 30 days notice/30 days compensation

8 Show me the money! Articles 8-9 1 st payment calculated on a pro rata daily basis Annual pay /260 (number of working days) Its a rough economy… paycuts? ONLY if you violate your contract Late/absent from school, required school events, conferences, or meetings Could have serious consequences Ran out of vacation days, take paycut instead? Dont even think about it!

9 Is it vacation yet? Articles 11-19 JET Participants MUST work 35 hours/week excluding breaks Start/End times may vary. Special message about human relations So… what about my vacation? STAY TUNED for Alice and Chelsey in… Holidays, Sick and Special Leave!

10 And now another special message from your CIR

11 The rest of the rest Everyone needs more money? Profit Making Enterprises Same for local government employees Financial compensation for eikaiwa classes = X … but travel expenses? Language exchanges! Dude, wheres my car?! Be aware: 1) D&D-ing 2) Insurance 3) License 4) Accidents Check with your supervisor about the Gunma force field.

12 Wrapped up in a pretty bow Read your contract carefully Then read it again. Questions, comments, concerns? Talk to or e-mail your CIR (, your supervisor and/or CLAIR

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