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1 Becoming a Certified Construction Manager Value, Requirements, and Process
Presentation By CMCI Board of Governors CMAA National Conference and Trade Show Orlando, Florida October 2009

2 What is CMCI? [Construction Manager Certification Institute]
Manages and administers Construction Manager Certification Program Independent from but sponsored by CMAA Governed by 15 governors CCMs and executive-level CMs Responsible for policies and procedures Review and evaluate applications Program is ANSI Accredited

3 ANSI Accreditation First construction industry professional certification program to achieve ANSI/ISO/IEC personnel certification accreditation by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Process and procedures adhere to an international standard of excellence that is mobile and in the interest of public welfare Provides assurance of legitimacy to state and federal organizations Accreditation renewed in September 2009

4 CMCI’s Goals Improve professional practice of Construction Management
Identify a body of knowledge and skills necessary to practice Construction Management profession Recognize those individuals who have demonstrated an acceptable level of knowledge and experience to practice Construction Management Maintain continuing education standards

5 Certified Construction Manager (CCM)
Person who has met prescribed criteria of the CCM program relative to: Formal education and general construction industry experience Documented, successful Construction Management experience Demonstrated capability and understanding of CMAA Body of Knowledge

6 The CCM Designation is the Means by Which the Profession:
Defines its own Standards of Practice and values Identifies those best qualified to practice Construction Management Offers an assurance of quality to those who employ Certified Construction Managers

7 CM Professional’s Code of Ethics
Client service Representation of qualifications & availability Standards of Practice Fair competition Integrity of the profession Conflicts of interest Fair compensation Release of information Public welfare Professional development

8 Value of CM Certification to Owners
Increasingly complex projects under more time pressure and less resources demands greater capabilities in CM Identifies service providers with knowledge and skills to meet challenges CCM is a recognized standard of professional accomplishment for both owners and their employees Consistent route to smooth, successful project and program management increasingly likely with CCMs Continues…

9 Value of CM Certification to Owners-cont’d
Commonality of policy, practices, procedure across all projects possible through CCM’s appropriate application of CMAA’s core body of knowledge On-staff and outsourced CCMs benefit owner’s projects and programs with their mutual understanding based in achievement of responsible experience and knowledge, validated by CCM examination

10 Value of CM Certification to Service Providers
Independent assessment of CM staff knowledge and skills based on national standards National certification means “portable” credentials Improved company marketability Your employees continue to improve Owners increasingly giving formal preference in evaluations

11 Value of CM Certification to Individuals
Increased professional stature & marketability Creates opportunity for advancement Adds value for both employer and client Tells owners, employers and peers you are a recognized professional. Employers rewarding achievement with bonuses and salary adjustments Access to professional community to network with other CCMs Continuing professional development required to maintain credential

12 Value of CM Certification to the Public
Established Standards of Practice along with Code of Ethics enhances public perception of construction management professionals Promotes necessary and proper attention to health, safety and welfare in construction Improves public’s confidence in those relied on to build essential capital projects Provides increased opportunities for clearer project definition lessening taxpayer risk

13 Total Cumulative CCMs by Year

14 The “Culture of Certification”
The “Culture of Certification” describes a business environment in which it is simply assumed, at all levels, that the best and most committed Construction Managers will be CCMs, and in which organizations actively and consistently support their people in obtaining and maintaining their credentials. Increasing numbers of organizations, both owner and service providers, are adopting this outlook and focus

15 Owners with CCM’s on Staff (partial list)
U.S. Army COE GSA Dept of Veteran Affairs Dept of Defense Architect of Capitol NOAA NAVFAC U.S. GAO U.S. DOT Intl. Monetary Fund LA Unified School Dist San Diego Unified Port Dist Sac County Public Works Modesto City Schools NYC Transit D.C. Water & Sewer Auth Alaska DOT Massachusetts Port Authority Las Vegas Valley Water Dist Washington MTA Seattle Public Works

16 The CCM® Certification Process
Determine if you are eligible Complete and submit the full application packet Be advanced to candidacy by the Board of Governors Prepare for examination Pass the examination

17 Certification Eligibility Requirements
Must have 48 months Responsible-In-Charge (RIC) experience as a CM/PM as shown on Qualification Matrix coupled with one of the following: 4-year Degree Construction Management, Architecture, Engineering, or Construction Science Accredited ACCE, ABET, or as determined curriculum comparable 2-year Degree & 4 years experience in general design/construction 8 Years experience in general design/construction

18 CM Qualifying Experience
“CMAA believes that all participants in projects and programs are responsible for fulfilling their obligations in an ethical and professional manner, regardless of delivery system or contract method. If an applicant for the CCM can show professional character and RIC construction management experience that reflect this commitment, verified by references, the applicant can be considered for candidacy.” CMAA Guidance Statement, September 2009

19 Range of Delivery Methods in use include:
Traditional Approach D-B-B with single GC Multiple Prime Contracting CM-At-Risk Design-Build Hybrid and Alternative Project Delivery methods

20 Owners engage CMs in different ways
CM as Agent CM – At – Risk CM as GC (LS, unit price, etc.)

21 Contract Administration
Qualification Matrix PHASE: Pre-design Design Procurement Construction Post-construction FUNCTION/ ROLE Project Management RIC Cost Management Time Management Quality Management Contract Administration Safety Management RIC Experience > Minimum Total of 48 months cumulative experience required in these Phases & Function/Roles

22 RIC: Key Questions Did decisions candidate was empowered to make directly impact successful project completion? Was candidate directly responsible-in-charge of construction management services? Did candidate protect project and owner interests?

23 Application RIC Documentation
This is the most critical part of the application along with your reference letters. In this section you discuss your 48 month Responsible-in-Charge project experience be as detailed as possible and outline what you specifically accomplished for each project. Your experience should be reasonably represented in all phases of the Qualifications Matrix. COMPLETION OF SECTIONS 3.6 TO 3.10 IS MANDATORY AND FREQUENTLY OVERLOOKED

24 Letters of Reference, Resume & Exam
After receipt of an application, references are contacted by CMCI. Reference letters are sent directly to CMCI. A current professional resume is required, which documents specific project responsibilities, not simply a description of the project. A comprehensive 5-hour exam based on experience and knowledge is taken.

25 Application - References
At least two letters, pertaining to RIC experience, preferably from the Client/Owner If a Client/Owner is unavailable, 1 Reference may be from a Project Executive of CM’s firm/org that can verify the time and RIC experience from that specific project References must be independent 25

26 Application – Other Items
Contact information Resume Diploma or college transcripts Other construction experience write-up, if required 26

27 Advancement to Candidacy
CMCI Board of Governors reviews and evaluates your application. Once approved, you are advanced to candidacy. May now sit for examination.

28 CCM Examination 1-Year eligibility to pass all sections
Exam Fee - $275 Offered at secure testing locations across the US Online examination 5 hour time limit to complete 200 questions CMAA/CMCI website explains process fully

29 Retaking the Examination
Exam retake fee - $100 May test up to three (3) times within the 1 year eligibility period Entire exam must be taken again

30 The Examination Scope: Sections:
Material in CMAA’s Capstone text & CM Standards of Practice, Guidelines, Procedures, and Model Contract Documents General knowledge of design and construction Sections: Project Management 20% Cost Management 18% Time Management 18% Contract Administration 18% Quality Management 10% Professional Practice 8% Safety & Risk Management 8%

31 CMAA Exam Preparation Resources
CM Core Competencies – CMAA/CMCI Site CM Standards of Practice Study Kit Other CMAA published books and reports CM/construction texts CM Standards of Practice 3-day instructor lead course Capstone online self-study and assessment test- just introduced On-Line Standards of Practice self-study modules

32 CMAA Standards of Practice Study Kit Contents
Construction Management Standards of Practice Capstone: The History of CM Practice and Procedures Contract Administration Procedures Cost Management Procedures Quality Management Procedures Time Management Procedures Construction Manager At-Risk Model Contract Documents Agency Series Model Contract Documents

33 Examination Questions
Experience and academic based “Objective” Developed by CMCI’s Examination Committee Input from CCM’s and Subject Matter Experts Examination items reviewed by CCM’s Validation in accordance with ANSI requirements

34 CCM Re-Certification Initial certification good for 3 years
Re-Certification every 3 years thereafter Two renewal categories with a total of 45 points achieved in: Professional development Involvement/commitment to the profession re-certification Fee - $200

35 Recap of Fees Application $275 Examination $275 Re-take, each $100
Re-Certification $200 Study Kit $250 (member) SOP 3-Day Course $550 (member) Capstone Self-study $60 SOP On-line Modules $1,100 (member)

36 CMCI Contact Kate Brundage Certification Manager 7926 Jones Branch Drive, Suite 800 McLean, Virginia USA Tel: Fax:

37 Questions & Discussion

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