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2 HASLE® Timeline 5 Coal mine brick plant brick, and Ceramic pipes Brick, pipes and Castables 1843 F.L. Smidth buying HASLE. Start up Developing of Special LCC Castables and pre cast solutions New owner of HASLE. Start up developing of Refractory solutions for Power, Steel and other High Temperature Applications New owner of HASLE and new production facilities New precast production facility implemented F.L. Smidth Start up Densit to develop new Wear Protection Solutions 18751925194819811988200220061983

3 HASLE®in brief o App. 50 employees o Own production facilities in Denmark o 7.500 tons (low-)cement castables produced yearly o 350 tons precast products for all High Temperature applications o Clients worldwide

4 HASLE®ISOMEMBRANE® o HASLE-ISOMEMBRANE – air in-leakage control. o A specially developed ceramic fiber membrane solution – PROVEN TECHNOLOGY o Applied to 100s of Power Plants worldwide

5 ISOMEMBRANE® & Gases o Why use ISOMEMBRANE® in a Gas Fired Power Plant? o A simple solution to a critical safety problem: o Vibrations in pipes cause cracks in the boiler wall o Differential Pressure causes emission of un-combusted gasses from the boiler house to adjacent dead spaces o Leaks in the boiler floor area allows for gases to emit to the atmosphere. o Picture courtesy of Tasei Corporation

6 ISOMEMBRANE® & Gases The ISOMEMBRANE® can prevent this… o Natural gas (CH 4 +C 2 H 6 +C 3 H 8 and other HCs) cannot penetrate the ISOMEMBRANE® seal. o ISOMEMBRANE® provides an economic, flexible and durable solution with a long life time

7 A Tight Seal o The advanced ISOMEMBRANE® structure forms an impermeable seal o Installed on 5 gas-fired plants in the US – Latest on the ComED Power Plant in Illinois Lates

8 A Simple Installation Process 1.Shutdown of boiler & vacuum cleaning of boiler house 2.Ceramic paper is fixed to pipes and taped 3.Brackets are mounted on pipes for improved structural stability 4.The sandwich-type ISOMEMBRANE® construction is constructed around all pipes 5.The ceramic fiber is held in place with a layer of HASLE® castable (CS1300) 6.The boiler is re-commissioned 7.Duration: 2½ weeks, 20 men, 2 shifts (500MV boiler)

9 ISOMEMBRANE in a Power Plant

10 Fluegas & Fly-ash o The coal fired power plant: o Leaks in expansion joints and around pipe- and wall structures constitute ideal conditions for ingress of fluegas carrying fly-ash to dead spaces throughout the boiler house environment. Hazelwood Power Plant, prior to installation of HASLE-ISOMEMBRANE

11 Why install ISOMEMBRANE® o Avoid lenghty and expensive shutdowns o Avoid cleaning out several feet of dust from dead spaces o Improve work environment o Increase life-time of steel structures o Fly-ash insulates o Avoid long cool down times of boiler o Increase boiler efficiency o Prevents LOI o Decreases opacity o Decreases stress of ID Fan

12 Chisene Experience Flyash - 3 metres deep Fly ash can weigh several hundred tons, if water enters the boiler house environment and settles in the ash. Severe risk of boiler roof collaps.

13 Leaks in a Polish Plant

14 Severe consequenses o Risk of boiler roof collaps o Significantly reduced lifetime of steel structures o Loss of combustion efficiency in boiler o Cold air ingress into boiler results in increased power consumption

15 Installation & Results


17 Before and After

18 Complete Installation

19 Before & After


21 From Thought to Realisation o Preparation o Customer realises and fights Air In-Leakage problems o Drawings and description of installation site is sent to HASLE® o Proposal and installation drawings are sent to client o Preparation meeting at site o Contract signature o Project realisation o Plant is shut down o Client prepares plant and cleans up all dust in boiler voids o HASLE® arrives to site and installs the ISOMEMBRANE®

22 Project Timeline 1st week 2nd week 3rd week 4th week 5th week Cool down Penthouse vacuuming Surface prepare Re-vacuum Installation Release for operation

23 The Technology o HASLE® has installed ISOMEMBRANE® in power plants from 9 to 2.200 MW. o References China, USA, Australia, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, UK o Short installation time o Expected lifetime of app. 10 years.

24 The Technology o A flexible membrane seal, developed especially for sealing up to 700 C degree. o Sandwich construction with layers of high density ceramic fiber, a special metal mesh, finished with a sealing of HASLE®castable to the surface o Fixes to any clean surface with HASLE® ISOFIX high temperature resistant glue o Can be installed in many shapes according to actually need.

25 A unique product o What makes the HASLE®ISOMEMBRANE® unique? o Specially designed ceramic fiber materials o The HASLE® ISOFIX high temperature resistant glue o The correct installation and membrane construction by certified workers o The long lifetime

26 HASLE Refractories A/S Almindingsvej 76 DK- 3700 Roenne Tel: +4556951800 Fax: +4556953181 Mail: Web: Contact: Jacob B. Turman Mail: Tel. +45 5694 2617 THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION


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