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I.a) Date of registration of the Society :16.06.1955 b) Date of starting: 23.06.1955 c) Area of operation: The entire region of Karaikal District II.

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2 I.a) Date of registration of the Society :16.06.1955 b) Date of starting: 23.06.1955 c) Area of operation: The entire region of Karaikal District II. OBJECTIVES: 1.To encourage self help, thrift and cooperation amount members; 2.To advance loans to members on the security of their produce and to act as the mercantile agent of both the society and the individual members; 3.To arrange for the sale of produce of members to the best advantage; 4.To rent or own godowns to facilitate grant of loans to members and the sale of their produce; 5.To act as the agent of these members which are affiliated societies in the matter of receiving for safe custody in its godown or elsewhere the produce pledged to such societies by their individual member;

3 6.To act as the agent for the joint purchase of the agriculture, domestic and other requirements of its members; 7.To propogate and supply pure seeds; 8.To produce and supply consumer goods for the benefit of the members; 9.To arrange for the manufacture of agricultural Implements and tools for the use of its members. 10.To purchase seeds, manure, implements and other agricultural requirements for sale or distribution to members or to other Co-operative Societies. 11.To own lorries etc. for transporting the produce of the members from the place of production to the market. 12.To undertake processing of paddy, ground-nut, etc. and to purchase for that purpose paddy, ground-nut, etc. from members or non-members.

4 13.To arrange for packing and wherever possible, grading and strandisation of the processed products and bye-products; 14.To own or hire processing plants, like rice hullers / shellers, flour mills, oil crushers, decorticators / gins etc. and improved machinery like tractors, mechanized ploughs, etc. 15.To arrange among the members knowledge of the latest improvements in agriculture, by arranging actual demonstration carried out by each individual member in his own land according to the advice of the Agricultural Department; 16.To undertake and promote either on its own account or on behalf of Government, import, export and interstate trade in agricultural produce and other commodities and allied goods and requisites; 17.To effect sales or to make other marketing arrangements of processed products and bye products, as well as to arrange for the marketing of agricultural produce without processing, it necessary to the best advantage of the members;

5 18.To own or hire godowns to provide facilities to members for storing their roduce and for stocking the processed products and bye products, belonging to members of the society; 19.To undertake production of agricultural inputs such as granulated fertilizers, manure mixtures, pesticides insecticides, etc. and for the purpose to own or hire necessary land, building, machinery etc. 20.To purchase or lease land, plant, machinery and other equipments required for the processing of paddy, ground-nut, gingelly, etc., 21.To purchase any other material required for packing and preservation of the product or for maintaining it hygienically fit for consumption; 22.To arrange for and obtain technical advice form experts wherever necessary; 23.To establish an Agro Service Centre and to deal petrol or other allied products; 24.To act as Agent for the distribution of cement, steel and such steel and such other building materials; 25.To purchase the agricultural produce from members and non members for sale or for export.

6 26.To act as an agent for the Government and other for the procurement of agricultural produce and sup[ply of requisites of agricultural production; 27.To act as an agent of Government and other for the procurement and distribution of controlled and other commodities on retail or wholesale basis to public merchants according to instructions of the Registrar; 27.To borrow money and to undertake all other actives calculated to further the object of the society with prior permission from the Registrar. 28.To obtain funds by way of loans, advances, grants and other contributions from Government and financial agencies for carrying out the above objects 29.To open branches wherever necessary to fulfill all these or any other specified object. Where is it found that certain specified operations in certain regions can be attended to by local people, the Board of directors can, where necessary, appoint local sub committee to carry out such operations to be specified in writing by the society such as processing and marketing of agricultural products in any particular area through local sub committee, if necessary; 30.To do such other act or business as is found necessary in the interest of the society;

7 3.MANAGEMENT, WHEN LAST ELECTION WAS HELD (i)The Board of Directors shall consist of not more than 11 members as follows. 1.Four Directors shall be elected from among the representatives of the affiliated Agriculture Co-operative credit societies (credit). 2.Three Directors shall be elected from the representatives of affiliated Co-operative Societies other than Agriculture Societies (Non-credit). 3.Two Directors shall be elected from among the C Class (Individual) members. 4.The Managing Director of the society. 5.One member of the Board of Director shall be nominated by the State Government. (ii) Last election was held on23.09.2009.

8 Classification of MembersNosShare Value Rs. In Lakhs Existing Members & Share Capital as on 31.03.2012 No. of Members Share Capital AClass - Co-operative Societies200050010,00,000121,51,700 B Class - Government5600010005,60,00,00012,95,56,000 C Class - Individuals500050025,00,0002525,710 D Class - Government Servants50001005,00,00015815,800 TOTAL6,00,00,0002,97,49,210 4. CLASSIFICATION OF MEMBERSHIP (AUTHORISED SHARE CAPITAL)

9 YEAR A CLASS MEMBER B CLASS MEMBER C CLASS MEMBER D CLASS MEMBER 2007-08121308134 2008-09121308134 2009-10121308157 2010-11121308158 2011-12121308158 5. PROGRESS OF MEMBERSHIP IN 5 YEARS

10 Purchase2007-082008-092009-102010-112011-12 Rupees in lakhs Paddy115.1795.37101.2261.0641.66 Rice0.6817.2378.3310.6134.04 Fertilisers3.080.28-2.585.45 Building Materials12.354.2544.40157.06199.65 Crackers6.1012.1016.8921.2320.42 Fire Wood---6.2311.05 Others – Agricultural inputs 0.050.06-1.341.10 137.43129.29240.84260.11313.37 6.WORKING OF THE SOCIETY IN 5 YEARS PURCHASES

11 Sales 2007-082008-092009-102010-112011-12 Rupees in lakhs Paddy 74.0590.8735.6635.098.47 Rice 121.2070.18158.4499.27134.78 Fertilisers 4.260.300.052.245.03 Building Materials -5.5938.36173.24212.02 Crackers 7.3913.3118.8523.2323.83 Fire Wood ---9.0111.12 By - Products 79.303.414.3311.853.22 Others – Agricultural inputs 0.050.06-1.461.50 Total 286.25183.72255.69355.39399.97 SALES

12 Particulars2007-082008-092009-102010-112011-12 Rs. In lakhs Purchase137.43129.31240.84260.11313.37 Sales227.38183.72255.64343.92399.96 Trade Charges69.148.794.9511.188.16 Trade Income2. Gross Profit39.4317.6919.8133.1674.43 Establishment35.2349.5945.1655.1871 Profit / Loss(-) 16.44(-) 47.32(-) 39.77(-) 41.31(-) 9.88 Gross Profit ( Sales)(+) 0.17%(+) 0.09%(+) 0.08%(+)0.09%(+) 0.19% Net Profit / Loss (Sales) (-) 0.07%(-) 0.26%(-) 0.16%(-)0.12%(-) 0.02% 7. FINANCIAL RESULT FOR 5 YEARS


14 9. CATEGORIES OF EMPLOYEES 1.Manager-3 2.Senior clerk-7 3.Junior Clerk-5 4.Salesman-2 5.Attender-4 6.Peon-1 7.Technical staff of Modern Rice Mill -4 ---- Total26 ----

15 10.BENEFITS TO EMPLOYEES 1.Earned leave 2.Compensatory leave 3.Special leave for family planning 4.Maternity leave 5.Encashment of earned leave 6.EPF Employees contribution 7.Group Gratuity 8.Salary 9.Bonus & Exgratia. 10.Educational Allowance 11.Motor Cycle Advance 12.Festival Advance

16 S.No.Final Audit yearClassification of the Society 1.2003-04C 2.2004-05C 3.2005-06C 4.2006-07C 5.2007-08C 11. WHEN LAST GENERAL BODY MEETING WAS HELD Last general body meeting held on 06.08.2008 12. AUDIT STATUS FOR AUDIT CLASSIFIACTION 1.Final Audit completed upto 2008-09 2.Final Audit memorandum issued upto 2007- 08

17 13. LIST OF BRANCHES VARICHIKUDY – Retail Outlet FERTILISER NEDUNGADU - Retail Outlet BUILDING MATERIALSKARAIKAL MAIN – Retail Outlet KARAIKAL MAIN – Retail Outlet STEEL & CEMENT BRANCHES KOTTUCHERRY - Retail Outlet NEDUNGADU - Retail Outlet VIZHIDIYUR - Retail Outlet RICE KARAIKAL MAIN - Retail Outlet KARAIKAL BAZAAR – Retail Outlet 14.Branch wise Profit / Loss – All the Retail outlets are running on loss as on 31.03.2012 15.Achievements of credit- Nil

18 16.Issues and challenges As the marketing Committee constituted by the Agricultural Department at Karaikal is not procuring the paddy from the Farmers. Our society is compelled to do the same at minimum support price (MSP) fixed by the Central Government. Since the rice mill run by the society in the old type which required modernization. The cost of conversion of paddy and rice is increased. As a consequence the rice mill is at times runs a loss. However, the society running building materials retail outlets to meet out the recurring establishment charges. Even then the society is not in a position to achieve break even business because of the interest burden on the borrowing capital from the Pondicherry State Co-operative Bank in the form of Cash Credit Loan.

19 Therefore, it is proposed to start a Petrol Bunk after obtaining necessary approval from Indian Oil Corporation / Registrar of Co-operative Societies to achieve the break even business. 17.Projects in pip cline - Nil 18.Photo Gallary-Nil 19.Keep in touch – The Managing Director, Karaikal Central Co-operative Processing Supply and Marketing Society Ltd. No.P.15, 247, Bharathiar Road, Karai-koilpathu, Karaikal 609 605 Office Tel. Phone No. 04368 223053 Cell Phone No. 7639550545







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