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CorroCrush DEMO.

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1 CorroCrush DEMO

2 Test Samples before Test
All Test Samples were from CR4 grade steel Size: 150x 70mm² and 1mm thick

3 Application Of CorroClean

4 Note how CorroClean removes all the oil and dirt
CorroClean Results Note how CorroClean removes all the oil and dirt

5 Sample washed and Dried
After surface is free of all dirt, oil and loose rust. It is ready For CorroCrush to be applied.

6 Application of CorroCrush
Milky off-white coating when applied 1 min after coated Even now the rust is being converted to a black substance

7 Application of CorroCrush
5 min after Application the conversion process is well underway

8 Conversion process 30 min after application CorroCrush is now dry to touch or ready for application of another coat if needed

9 Summary After the conversion process CorroCrush can be left as a topcoat or any other topcoat can be applied after Solvent based topcoats needs to be applied 24 hours after CorroCrush has been applied When Heavy-duty protection is needed in very humid conditions it is recommended to apply a coat of CorroCrush EpoZin for extra protection For any extra information see product write-up or send queries to or Thank You

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