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2 Introduction MUC – Meeuwsen Udink Consultants
“Completely independent Design & Engineering Consultant” 1981 B.V. Ingenieursbureau M.U.C. starts its operations in The Netherlands 2003 Start of operations in Fujairah (UAE) 2006 Establishment of MUC Engineering; Branch- office in Fujairah Dedicated team of 50 people in The Netherlands and Fujairah; Operations executed for 400 clients, companies and institutes around the world. MUC Corporate Profile

3 Engineering Services Foundation (specialism) Mechanical Civil & Marine
Coastal & River Structural Harbours MUC Corporate Profile

4 Foundation Engineering
Design of pile / shallow foundations Bearing capacity, settlement and slope stability analysis Design of building pits and sheet pile structures Drainage of building pits Horizontally loaded (anchor) piles and breasting dolphins Tension piles Grout anchors and Micro Piles Pile testing and capacity analysis Innovative foundation design Application of light back fill materials Piling supervision Damage assessment Arbitration experts MUC Corporate Profile

5 Mechanical Engineering
Design, adjustment and taking into operation of machinery for execution of foundation works Structural design of (piling) cranes Structural design and stability of barges Design of caisson structures Design of hydraulic and pneumatic systems Design of special lifting devices Piping for oil, gas and chemical terminals MUC Corporate Profile

6 Civil & Marine Engineering
Design of quay wall structures, jetties, bridges, locks and tunnels Method statements and quotations for civil and marine structures Feasibility studies Design of temporary contractor’s structures for execution of civil and marine works. MUC Corporate Profile

7 Coastal & River Engineering
Design of breakwaters, revetments and scour protections Wave climate studies Coastal hydrology (studies) MUC Corporate Profile

8 Structural Engineering
Concrete structures Steel structures Wooden and stone structures Structural inspections MUC Corporate Profile

9 Harbour Engineering Development of layouts for marine terminals, harbours and marinas Master‐planning Dimensioning and alignment of access channels Dimensioning of inland waterways Ship manoeuvring simulations Port operation simulations Impact-assesment of harbours on adjacent coastlines Functional design of harbour areas Detailed design of quay walls, jetties and other maritime structures Optimisation of dredging activities MUC Corporate Profile

10 Project references Amongst others...
Since 1981 involvement in design and construction of all sorts of infrastructural works in The Netherlands. From 1999 preparation of the complete engineering and commissioning procedures for marine projects all over the world. Amongst others... The Netherlands Europort Terminal Rotterdam (Vopak) Arco Jetty Maasvlakte Rotterdam (Petrochemical) Several large quay wall structures in Rotterdam (appr. 25 quay walls with retaining heights mtr) India Jetty Nagapattinam (Petro Chemical) Jetty Hazira (LNG) Saudi Arabia Jetty and harbour Jubail (Petro Chemical) Jetties in Damman and Yanbu (Petro Chemical) Quay wall Jubail – Iron ore MUC Corporate Profile

11 Project references (2) And many more...... U.A.E.
Jetty Fujairah (Oil Jetty / Vopak) Masterplan (Port of Fujairah) Breakwater (Fujairah) Coastal protection (Al Dana Project, Fujairah) Venezuela Jetty Puerto Cabello (Petro Chemical) Russia Panagia (Vopak) (Oil) Kavkaz (Vopak) (Oil) China Container Terminal in Nantong And many more...... MUC Corporate Profile

12 Tools We use a range of high quality structural, geotechnical and hydraulic software tools to support our advice: Technosoft 2D and 3D finite element program for frame works and slab calculations TS Sheet piles Elasto- plastic calculation of sheet piles walls MUC Corporate Profile

13 Tools Scia Esa PT Scia Engineer is a structural engineering platform
AutoCAD Automated drafting MUC Corporate Profile

14 Tools PLAXIS Geotechnical Engineering
Mstab Software for slope stability analysis MUC Corporate Profile

15 Tools TNO-wave Pile drivability assessment
Several mathematical software tools SWAN for two dimensional full spectral wave modeling Furthermore, we use engineer developed models for all kinds of engineering and planning applications in which MUC Engineering is involved. MUC Corporate Profile

16 MUC – For all engineering solutions!
Anything that reaches no more than 1,000 m under or above the ground...We engineer it! Learn more about us at MUC Corporate Profile

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