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1 Study the Effect of Wetting between Fly Ash – Aluminum Alloy on Wear Resistance of Composites
Presenter:Liang Ging. Fan Author:Shueiwan H. Juang, Liang Ging. Fan, Shao Jun. Gu 2017/4/1

2 Fly Ash ASTM C618、CNS 3036 Properties Class F Class C
2017/4/1 Fly Ash ASTM C618、CNS 3036 Properties Class F Class C (SiO2)+(Al2O3)+(Fe2O3), min, % 70.0 50.0 (SO3), max, % 5.0 Moisture Content, max, % 3.0 Loss on ignition, max, % 6.0 2017/4/1

3 Chemical Reactions 2017/4/1

4 Aluminum—Fly Ash, ALFA JIS designation, ADC12, was selected as the base metal. Chemical composition of ADC12 Al alloy (wt% ) Al Cu Fe Mg Mn Ni Si Sn Zn other <1.30 <0.30 0.50 9.6~12.0 <0.20 <1.00 Fly ash was gotten from Mailiao power plant (Taiwan) and its density is ranged about 2.0~2.5 (g/cm3). Chemical composition of fly ash(wt%) SiO2 Al2O3 Fe2O3 CaO MgO K2O Na2O SO3 52.73 26.87 5.11 - 0.39 2017/4/1

5 SEM — Micrographs of Fly ash
(b) SEM micrograph showing (a) a complete particle of fly ash and (b) rough surface appeared on some particles. 2017/4/1

6 SEM micrograph of ALFA composite.
Wetting porosity liquid solid fly ash SC:Spreading Coefficient γ:Interfacial Energy Θ:contact angle Al matrix SEM micrograph of ALFA composite. 2017/4/1

7 Experimental Procedure
Pre-treatment of fly ash Mixing with stirring Gravity casting Property Measurement of composite castings Wetting evaluation yes no Start End Matrix metal 2017/4/1

8 Influence Factors of Fly Ash on Process
Particle characteristics Density, size, shape and volume fraction Etch cleaning Remove the adsorbed contaminants Pre-heated Degas, de-moisture clean fly ash. untreated 2017/4/1

9 Optical Micrographs of False ALFA
Si Al-Si fly ash cluster Al matrix 2017/4/1

10 Experiment Design Matrix: Aluminum alloys, ADC 12
Addition: 3wt% Mg into the liquid metal to reduce the surface tension. Fly ash being pickled by sulfuric acid and pre-heated at 700 ℃ for a specified period, added into the aluminum melt at 850 ℃ with different weight percentage, such as 0wt%, 2wt%, 4wt%, 6wt%, 8wt% and 10wt%, and followed by mechanical stirring with 500 rpm to obtain a well-mixed melt. 2017/4/1

11 Optical Micrographs of Accepted ALFA
(b) Micrograph of ALFA composites formed by gravity casting: (a) a complete particle and (b) uniform distribution of fly ash particles. 2017/4/1

12 Density Measurements ADC12:2.68 g/cm3 2017/4/1

13 2017/4/1 Wear Tests Wear behavior of ALFA composites tested using Pin-On-Disc apparatus under a load of 9.8N and 18.6N at a constant sliding velocity of 0.5 m/s and sliding distance is 50 m. Counterpart material used in the wear tests was Cr steel ball with ¼ in. in diameter and HRC 58 in hardness. abrasion tester 2017/4/1

14 Wear Tests Load:9.8 N Load:18.6 N 2017/4/1

15 Conclusions The test results revealed that the density of composites was decreased with increasing fly ash percentage. Wear resistance of composites was improved as increasing fly ash percentage. Pretreatment of fly ash is the key to obtain a successful ALFA composite. In future, the die casting process will be introduced by virtue of runner passive stirring (RPS) to obtain a uniform distribution of fly ash inside metal matrix and a better structure by casting pressure. 2017/4/1

16 Thanks !! 2017/4/1

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