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A Look Ahead for the Construction Industry Jim Maddux - Director Directorate of Construction.

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1 A Look Ahead for the Construction Industry Jim Maddux - Director Directorate of Construction

2 Overview Statistics Standards Enforcement Guidance ACCSH Emerging issues

3 On average 12 Americans die every day on the job, and three of them work in construction. Almost half of all fatal falls occur in construction.

4 Inspections Conducted Nationwide (Total Vs. Construction) Source: OSHA IMIS Data Oct. – Sept. FY 2009 Vs. FY 2010

5 Construction Fatalities Have Declined Fatal work injuries to construction workers declined by 16% in 2009 following the decline of 19 % in 2008.

6 Standards Cranes and Derricks –Became Effective November 8 th, 2010. –Fact sheets, and other materials posted in October. –Designed to address leading causes of fatalities: electrocution; collapse/overturn; crushed and struck- by hazards during assembly/disassembly.

7 Cranes and Derricks Facts The final standard will prevent 22 fatalities and 175 non-fatal injuries each year. The certification requirements in the final rule are designed to work in conjunction with state and local laws, and to afford several options for ensuring the knowledge and abilities of operators.

8 Standards Pre-rule –Injury and Illness Prevention Programs –Backing Operations (RFI) –Reinforcing and Post-Tensioned Steel Construction (ANPR) Proposals –Silica

9 Standards Final rules affecting both general industry and construction –MSD column –Hazard communication – Globally harmonized system –Electric power generation and transmission –Standards Improvement Project, Phase III

10 Standards Final rules focused on construction –Confined spaces –Cranes and derricks in underground construction and demolition

11 Enforcement Residential Fall Protection Announced revision of directive December 22 Will begin to enforce on June 16, six months from the policy change Employers can still use a fall protection plan if they can show that fall protection is infeasible

12 Fall Protection Devices

13 Severe Violator Enforcement Program (SVEP) Concentrates resources on inspecting employers who have demonstrated indifference to their OSH Act obligations Replaces OSHA's Enhanced Enforcement Program (EEP).

14 74 (63%) of the 118 SVEP cases are in construction 7 of the 74 SVEP construction cases are fatalities Severe Violators Enforcement Program

15 Enforcement New cranes and derricks directive Revised directive on highway work zones New PPE directive Revised Construction chapter of the FOM

16 Future Guidance Products Cranes and derricks products –Small employer compliance guide –FAQs –Fact sheets

17 Future Guidance Products Residential fall protection –Guidance on new construction –Fact sheets –Slide show

18 Future Guidance Products Construction Industry Digest Nail Guns guidance product Updated trenching guidance

19 Advisory Committee for Construction Safety and Health (ACCSH) New member selection proceeding Next meeting this spring

20 Emerging Issues Cocooning

21 Emerging Issues Safety Through Design

22 Emerging Issues Spray foam insulation and isocyanate exposures INTERIOR WALLS courtesy Icynene


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