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adiabatic air-humidification

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1 adiabatic air-humidification
Condair Dual Hygiene guaranteed for adiabatic air-humidification

2 Terms from the greek mythologie
Hygiene Terms from the greek mythologie Äskulap God of medicine Hygieia Goddess of health and provision Panakeia Goddess of cure

3 The 3 humidification technologies
Atomization Evaporation Vaporisation

4 Advantages of an adiabatic humidification system
Minimal electrical power consumption Adiabatic cooling effect Very economic energy balance

5 These are the important points !
Hygienical operation guaranteed Minimal maintenance-efforts Minimal energy-consumption Minimal water-consumption  Perfect Hygiene !!!  Small operation-and service- costs !!!

6 The perfect combination
Atomization Evaporation Hybrid-air-humidifier Condair Dual

7 Condair Dual The innovation in adiabatic air humidification that will satisfy all your needs!


9 The single components of the system
The nozzle section The evaporation element The central control unit for: Regulation/Silver-ionisation/ Water-pump

10 The nozzle Unaffected by mechanical damage
low pressure-range of only four to eight bar reduces energie consumption minimizes waste-water-quantity due to uniform nozzle-spray design

11 The nozzle Spray-nozzles with ceramic cone
very smooth surface of the inside spray cone absolutely no blockages optimum uniform spray-angle between degrees maintenance-free high-quality nozzle same price than former steel-nozzle already in use since december 2000


13 The ceramic evaporation-element
Is drop eliminator and post vaporizing element guarantees absolutely aerosol-free air output increases humidification-efficacy minimizes waste-water

14 Short humidification distance
housing-length of only 1.2m needed possible to mount in existing air-washer housings

15 The control unit for: Regulation of humidification output
Control/Signalling -functions Operation-parameters System-messages Waterquality Silver-Ionisation

16 Optional IP54 protection-housing for central unit
Protection of the control-components against dust and mechanical influences Spit-water-proved IP54 meets industrial requirements

17 Optional IP54 protection-housing for central unit

18 Basic design of the Condair Dual Hybrid Humidifier

19 Basic design of the Condair Dual Hybrid Humidifier
1 Control unit 2 Power supply 3 Control or sensor signal input 4 Connector for external safety circuit 5 Options (to be installed inside the control unit): Remote operating and fault indication (option Z401) Step control board (option Z402) Pneumatic adapter (option Z403) RS232 serial interface (option Z404) RS485 serial interface (option Z405) 6 VE water connector 7 Shut-off valve (by customers) 8 Filter (by customers, max. mesh width mm) 9 Booster pump 10 Minimum pressure switch 11 Excess temperature switch of pump 12 Silver ionization unit 13 Drain with siphon trap (by customers) 14 Drain valve 15 Conductance sensor 16 Connector box with 2 spray valves (3-step) Connector box with 3 spray valves (7-step, option Z407) 17 Maximum pressure switch 18 Spray valves 19 Duct drain with siphon trap (by customers) 20 Post-evaporation elements (porous ceramics) 21 Spray nozzles 22 Air filter min. F6/EU6 (by customers)

20 Why to use de-water only
To avoid mineral-deposits in ducts, (ideal breeding ground for germs) Use of only hygienical water for air-humidification No need of desinfectants No deposits and damages on downstream components No blockage at the nozzle


22 The degermination Why to have an optional degermination ?
UV-lamps - Why not ? Silver-ionisation / Function Performance-regulation

23 Function of silver-ionization
.Ag+ silver ions are positively charged (1 electron missing) .Spraying through nozzles .Ceramic element is humidified with water charged with silver ions. Germs and bacteria (micro-organisms) on the plate come into contact with the silver ions. Due to the charging on the cell wall (-) the silver (+) is combined (electrostatically). After clean transport, the toxic element destroys the germs. The destroyed micro-organisms and silver content are then rinsed off with the waste water. The silver ion reacts with all oxidizable substances and thus becomes metallic silver (Ag°). This process is supported when the silver attempts to return to its original state Silver regains the extracted electron (-).

24 Function of silver-ionization

25 Pilot-project Airport Munich
Hygiene measurements by the Fresenius-Institute The results...

26 Hygiene measurements Fresenius Institute
Researches since January Measurements of numbers of germs All measurements are far below the demanded hygienical values! Additional germ-reduction in the dry-air zone Filter-effect by the evaporation element!

27 Hygiene-Certificate from the Fresenius Institute

28 Comparison Dual/Washer “Airport Zurich"
Hybrid-humidifier  Air-washer Saving of: 4/5 of the entire water-consumption 1/2 of electical energy-consumption Additional chemical desinfectants 1/2 der elektrischen Energieauf zusätzlich benötigte Desinfektionsmittel

29 Comparison of operation-costs Condair Dual - Airwasher

30 Example-calculation Airwasher Capacity 300 kg/h E-Water
Maintenance monthly  Operation-costs ca CHF/a Gain : Condair Dual Capacity 300 kg/h  Operation-costs ca CHF/a CHF/a

31 Application of Condair Dual
Air-velocity: until 4 m/s Duct-/AHU-measurements: from 500 x 500 mm humidification efficiency: until 91%

32 Technical datas Length of humidification-section: 1.200 mm
pressure-loss: 70 Pa at 2,5 m/s essential filter-class before the humidifier: min. EU 6 amount of waste-water: depending from the humidification-efficiency

33 Benefits from air humidification with the Condair Dual system
Hygienical operation guaranteed minimal energy-consumption minimal amount of waste-water short humidification distances low maintenance- and service-costs

34 Hybrid-humidifier Condair Dual
Many thanks for your interest!

35 EMA doo Contact our agent for Croatia and Bosna-Hercegovina:
Martićeva 38, Zagreb, Croatia Tel/fax: xx Home page:

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