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Innovative Design for Efficient and Reliable Filtration Systems.

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1 Innovative Design for Efficient and Reliable Filtration Systems

2 Self-Cleaning Screen Water Filters Automatic Low Wastewater Continual Flow Low Maintenance High Efficiency Dependable Cost-effective Point-of-Suction Backwash

3 How it Works

4 Stage 1: Clean Water flows through the coarse screen and fine screen. Suspended particles are trapped on the fine screen.

5 Stage 2: Dirty Debris builds on the inside of the screen until 7 psid is reached on the differential pressure gauge.

6 Stage 3: Backwash The flush valve opens, creating a low pressure path for the suction nozzles to vacuum the debris from the screen.

7 Stage1: Clean Differential pressure drops back to below 1 psid. The clean filter continues normal operation uninterrupted.

8 Advantages vs. Bag & Cartridge Filters Automatic Backwash No Replacing Cartridges Less System Downtime Less Time Spent on Routine Maintenance No Waste from Disposable Bags and Cartridges

9 Advantages vs. Sand Filters Backwash does not Require Filter Bypass Does not Require Parallel Configuration Much Less Water Used for Backwash Durable Stainless Steel Design Predictable Solid Filtration Barrier

10 Advantages vs. Centrifugal Filters Predictable Solid Filtration Barrier Does not Require a Minimum Velocity Removes ALL Solids, Regardless of Density

11 Advantages vs. Disc Filters Static Filtration Barrier Much Higher Flow Rates Robust MOC No Need to Manifold Many Units in Parallel

12 Industries Served HVAC - Petrochemical Pulp & Paper - Sugar Metal-works - Plastics Seawater - Car Wash Food Processing - Power Golf - Turf - Landscape Agriculture Greenhouse - Nursery UF Pre-Filtration Membrane Protection Drinking Water Wastewater Desalination IndustrialMunicipalIrrigation

13 Materials of Construction Stainless Steel Grades 304L, 316L Duplex Stainless Super Duplex Powder Coated Carbon Steel Carbon Steel Rubber Lined (CSRL) Titanium Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP)

14 Vessel Design & Certification ASME Section VIII Divisions I & II –U Stamp Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) –CE

15 Screen Options Sintered Mesh on Perforated Plate Stainless Steel 316L High Flow Wire Mesh Reinforced Perforated Plate

16 Screen Options Multi-Layered Diffusion Bonded Wire Mesh Stainless Steel 316L Alloy 20, Inconel, Monel Outstanding Effective Screen Area High Flow Design

17 Screen Options Wedge Wire Slotted Screen Stainless Steel Grades 304L, 316L Duplex Stainless, Super Duplex Stainless Alloy 20, Inconel, Monel, Titanium Ideal for Applications with Fibers Extremely Robust Design

18 Screen Options Perforated Plate Stainless Steel Grades 304L, 316L Duplex Stainless 2205 Alloy 20, Inconel, Monel Ideal for Coarse Filtration

19 Full Flow Installation

20 Side-Stream Installation

21 Membrane Protection

22 Boiler Protection

23 Wet Scrubber Protection

24 Arsenic Removal

25 Irrigation Protection

26 Forstas Unique Advantages Competitive Stainless Products High Flow Screens Large Screen Area Engineered Internals for Durability Less Waste Water Custom Design Available Responsive Staff

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