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Tuesday 10/25 African Imperialism

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1 Tuesday 10/25 African Imperialism
Objective: Define imperialism and identify how it relates to power and control Bell Work: Based on the reading from last night, what is your definition of “imperialism”?

2 Berlin Conference Simulation
You will be placed into a group which will represent one of the imperial powers of the 19th century On your worksheet, prioritize what your country MOST wants from the land they are looking to gain

3 Stage 1 Based on the size of your empire, you will be able to choose a certain amount of land—but we only know about the outer edges of the continent of Africa as the inner territories have not yet be explored!

4 We will go in order of the size of your countries!
Britain France Germany Belgium Portugal Spain Italy


6 Stage 2 Now we know a bit more about the land including major physical features—think about which areas and landforms will help you achieve your goals!


8 Stage 3 Now you will have knowledge of the resources available on the land!


10 Stage 4—Ethnic Tensions
Looking at where you have decided to claim land, let’s look at where the ethnic boundaries lie


12 For the rest of Class: Tonight for homework:
Finish the Imperialism Simulation Worksheet Tonight for homework: Imperialism Vocabulary Crossword Complete using your textbook or other resources

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