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The Value of an Engineering Degree Dave Johnson M.Eng.

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1 The Value of an Engineering Degree Dave Johnson M.Eng.

2 Content Introduction & background Degree choice Degree subjects Use of degree in employment Realised values Summary

3 Background Traditional A Level route into H.E. M.Eng Civil Engineering 1996-2001 University of Surrey Industrial Placement (Costain Ltd) Employment Costain Ltd Variety of experience Future – CPR with the ICE

4 Degree Choice Interest & ability in Sciences & Technology Good academically but also highly practical Opinions - parents, teachers & employers Opening to awe inspiring careers. Academic Practical

5 Subjects Taught Foundation skills Key Sciences Personal skills Numeracy Communication Research capability Leadership & Teamwork Time management IT Specific Subjects Analysis Geology & soils Steel & RC Design Fluids Law & contract

6 Degree use in Employment New Environment / People Ability to adapt & learn quickly Regular new concepts Personal skills Managing time / workload Confidence in abilities Independent evaluation and decision making Integral part of team Leadership, delegation, motivation Communication. Multi-disciplinary understanding

7 Degree use in Employment Managing people, plant & materials Clear logical thought & organisation Multiple concurrent activities Technical knowledge Broad range of subjects Knowing where to get more information from. Commercial Knowledge Contract & procurement Negotiation skills Appreciation of costs

8 Example Illustration 2 Years – Site based experience Part of team 100+ people Multi disciplined Contractors site based engineer. Internal secondment to HR Dept. Promoting Building Awareness Initiative PR function Time management Budget control Planning / Programming Communication

9 Realised Values Challenging degree. Transferable & adaptable skills. Respected & valued qualification. Solid foundation for future learning. Keeps options open. Hybrid of general (Broad) and specific (Focused) Industry relevant learning – exciting. Opportunity to add value early in career.

10 Conclusions Engineering so diverse & dynamic Degree directly reflects this – Balanced Tool kit for further learning Graduates primed for workplace learning Many key skills taught Best skilled graduates Transferable skills Valued qualification Practical, organised, confident, strong logic.

11 15 of the FTSE top 100 companies are run by people with engineering qualifications

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