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WEKA Visual Level Indicator (VLI)

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1 WEKA Visual Level Indicator (VLI)

2 Location WEKA is situated in Baeretswil, 25 km south east of Zurich and can be easily reached in half an hour by car or public transport.

3 Background WEKA was founded in 1940
Member of the ARCA Flow Group since 2001 Leading manufacturer of instruments for level measurement of liquids, cryogenic components and special valves 45 employees More than 90 percent of the turnover is realized by exporting Our strengths are: development, production and testing of tailor-made solutions Instruments for level measurement (VLI and TLI) are sold through a world wide net of representatives Cryogenic components and special valves are mostly sold directly to our world wide customer base

4 ARCA Flow Group ARCA Joint Ventures/Partners: Forbes Marshall ARCA Ltd, Pune, India ARCA Valvulas S.A. de C.V., Mexico-City/Tampioco, Mexico SAMYANG-ARCA Co. Ltd., Seoul, South Korea Wuzhong Instrument Co. Ltd., Wuzhong, P.R. China TOA Valve Co., Ltd., Tokyo, Japan WEKA Joint Ventures: Control Components, Caringbah, Australien

5 WEKA is selling worldwide
Visual Level Indicators VLI 50 % Cryogenic Components 25 % Tank Level Indicators TLI 15 % Stainless Steel Valves 10 % Overall revenues of WEKA represent an approx. 12 mio AU$ 10% account for stainless steel valves 15% each account for cryogenic components and TLI systems 60% account for magnetic level indicators. We are the „pros“ in magnetic level indicators which are our daily bread and butter . None of our competitors has such a high production percentage sharein magnetic level indicators. Taking into account the approx. 10 mio AU$ worth of MLI‘s manufactured at GEMS in Plainville, GEMS/WEKA is the single largest supplier to the MLI market. In addition we also are the only source manufacturing MLI‘s on both sides of the Altlantic. Total Revenues ~ 5 Mio. EUR (90% Export)

6 WEKA worldwide

7 Quality Policy Sophisticated production and quality control
A Total Quality Management System is fully established and integrated in the whole production process including sales, manufacturing and administrative belongings Manufacturer Certifications: ISO 9001:2000 PED 97/23/EC Module H/H1 ATEX 94/9/EC SVDB 501 AD HP 0 / TRB200 Product Approvals:

8 Our Vision Know-How, Quality, Flexibility
To be the leader in level measurement of liquids with the float technology To be the leader in the cryogenic component market To grow sustainably To improve know-how and quality standards continuously To maintain high flexibility To act responsible towards customers, environment and employees

9 WEKA Company Structure
Management Team

10 WEKA Company Structure
Sales & Marketing

11 Visual Level Indicator (VLI = Visual Level Indicator)

12 Phyisical principle Function
Based on the float principle and the principle of communicating vessels the liquid level inside the VLI is always the same as in the vessel to be monitored

13 Floats Forced level transmission Hermetically sealed floats
For pressures up to 350bar Densities > 0.3g/cm3 Compact dimensions Large float choice for optimal selection of the indicator

14 Bar Magnet System Horizontal bar magnet AlNiCo magnet
Horizontal magnet field Highest magnetic flux Large radial extension Low weight Single pole activation of accessories

15 Magnetic guiding tape system
Function Similar to a compass needle, the bar magnet inside the float always points to the integrated magnetic guide tape.

16 Other Magnet Systems Magnet system Ring magnet Fe-Oxyd Magnet
Vertical orientation Small radial extension High Weight Risk of double switching Back-to-back Systems Ring magnets Fe-Oxyd magnets Back-to-back orientation Magnetisch bedenklich Big radial extension Very high weight Long term stability in question

17 Visual Level Indicators (VLI)
Simply a sight glass replacement ? No ... …it‘s a level indicator …it‘s a level control …it‘s a level transmitter 3 functions in one device!

18 … Level Indicator Visual Indication No external energy required
Direct, on the spot No need for calibration Mechanically robust Perfect Readability No Discolouration Maintenance free Shock proven

19 ... as Level Control Outside of the Media Not subject to pressure
Freely adjustable Multiple switch points Bi -stable switches SPST / SPDT Versions 240VA / 160 W rating Stainless steel housing EEx i / EEx d (ATEX) CE On / Off On / Off

20 … as Level Transmitter Outside of the vessel Not subject to pressure
10 or 5 mm resolution Linear- or non-linear Version Standard 3-wire version 2-wire mA version Max 350° C media temperature 316 steel EEx ia / EEx d / CE In combination with HART-Transmitter 20 mA / 100% 4 mA / 0%

21 Applications Food industry Chemical industry Offshore applications
Petro and Oil and Gas Industry Pharmaceuticals Hydraulic and thermal power plants Shipbuilding Textile industry Wasser tanks and water treatment Etc.

22 Operational area Pressure ratings PN6 … PN630 Media temperatures
-40°C … +400°C Densities > 0.30g/cm³ Materials 316 / 316L Hasteloy® C-276 Inconel® Incoloy® PVC, PA, PP With Insulation With heat tracing

23 Bi-stable Magnetic Switches
On/off or change over switches (SPST / SPDT) Standard-, Mini- or Ex- version Stainless steel housing Switch rating up to 250V / 1A Media temperature up to 400°C Type approved according European directive 94/9/EC (ATEX) EEx ia and EEx d version NAMUR version PTB approval CENELEC approval CE certifictaion

24 Transmitter 3-wire version Max 350°C Media temperature
2-wire mA Max. 250 °C Media temperature EEx ia and EEx d versions CENELEC approved CE marking Conform to European Directive 94/9/EC (ATEX)

25 Marine Approvals American Bureau of Shipping Det Norske Veritas
Germanischer Lloyd Lloyd’s Register of Shipping Polski Rejestr Statkow Russian Maritime Register of Shipping Registro Italiano Navale Bureau Veritas

26 Visual Level Indicators Cryogenic- and Special Valves
References Visual Level Indicators Tank Level Indicators Cryogenic- and Special Valves Shell ABB Krupp-Uhde Air Liquide Snambrogetti Foster Wheeler Linde Kvaerner Axima Sulzer Friotherm Caliqua NSW HDW Atlas Copco Marlog Fincantieri Mazagon GRSE Air Liquide Linde Cern Messer Cryotherm BOC (England) Air Products INFN/LNN IPP TIFR Nippon Sanso Praxair NIFS

27 Summary Weka Visual Level Indicators are :
Perfect readability of the liquid level 3 functions in one instrumnent: Level indication, level switch and level transmitter Works as level indication without external energy supply Patented WEKA magnet-system Versatile Adaptable Reliable (over 40 years of proven experience) Cost effective

28 Thank you for your attention

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