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Between Nevada and Arizona

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1 Between Nevada and Arizona
New Hoover Dam Bridge Between Nevada and Arizona

2 Hoover Dam Click Picture Title

3 Nevada Hoover Dam California Click Picture Title Click

4 Hoover Dam Hoover Dam Bridge Click Picture Title

5 State line Time zone line
Nevada State line Time zone line Arizona Hoover Dam Hoover Dam Bridge Click Picture Title

6 New method to build a reinforced concrete bridge without the conventional temporary shoring

7 The suspension cables for temporary support

8 suspension cable

9 Reusable metal sliding formwork
High line cable conveyor Reusable metal sliding formwork

10 Suspension cables temporary support System

11 The concrete Arch designed for carrying the temporary and permanent load



14 Conventional scaffold system, too expensive ! !

15 Reinforced concrete twin Arch connected by steel struts





20 Steel Box Girders and concrete roadway deck

21 Colorado River








29 Lower twin arch was completed

30 Cut off the suspension cables, when concrete up to it’s strength


32 Reusable metal sliding formwork
for reinforced concrete columns

33 The upper deck columns, build on the top of the lower twin arch

34 Steel Box Girders


36 Pre-stressed concrete and steel box composite Girders


38 Hoover Dam Bridge over Colorado River

39 Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge
Opened Oct. 19, 2010

40 The center line of Colorado River and Hoover Dam Bridge was State Line of Nevada and Arizona, and also a Time Zone divided line of Pacific and Mountain Time, If drive from west to the east, when you pass the bridge, you will enter Arizona and gain one extra hour. Click

41 Mike O’Callaghan – Tillman Killey Memorial Bridge
Name of the Bridge In the beginning called : Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge now the official name was : Mike O’Callaghan – Tillman Killey Memorial Bridge Mike O'Callaghan – Joined the Marines at sixteen, 1952 he lost part of his left leg in the battle of Korean War, 1971 to 1979 was Governor of Nevada, later he was the Executive Editor at the Las Vegas Sun newspaper, he died on March 5, 2004. Tillman Killey – Arizona famous NFL football player, he gave up his well paid job and joined the army, he died by a friendly fire in Afghanistan on April 22, 2004. Click

42 Hoover Dam Bridge technical information
Designer : T. Y. Lin International (林同棪) 1988 finished the investigation and environmental report. The design work start in July 2001 & finish two years later. Bridge length : 1900 ft ( 580 m ). Arch span : 1060 ft ( 320 m ). Bridge width : Four lane highway. Bridge height : 840 ft ( 263 m ) , 2nd height of U.S. Bridge away from Hoover Dam : 1600 ft ( 550 m). Construction began on Feb and completion on Oct.2010. Construction cost : 114 million. This is the first Concrete-and-steel composite arch bridge built in United State. Pedestrian access is provided over the bridge for tourists. Click

43 Hoover Dam technical information
Hoover Dam was built after Great Depression, it was a project to increased job for American worker. Type : Concrete gravity - arch dam Top width : 45 ft ( 14 m), Base width : 660 ft ( 200 m) Dam height : 726 ft ( 230 m), and 1245 ft (380 m) long Construction begin at 1931 and finish at 1936 Total cost : 49 million Reservoir : 28,537,000 Acre ft (35,200 Kilo cubic meter) Power annual generation : 4.2 Billion kwh Worker : Hired 5500 construction workers, Chinese labor was forbidden by construction contract. Hoover Dam was a tour spot, every year more than million of peoples visit there. Click

44 林同棪小傳 (T. Y. Lin) : Nov. 14, 1912 – Nov. 15, 2003
林同棪福建省福州人,1931 畢業於交通大學分校,唐山工學院土木系, 1933 獲得美國加州大學 University of California, Berkeley 土木碩士學位. 回國後任成榆鉄路,橋樑組總工程師,後任職於台糖鉄路處處長. 1946 回 UC Berkeley 土木系任教授, 1976 年退休. 1954 在美創立 T.Y. Lin International,工程顧問公司.主要承接預應力橋樑和大跨度建築等結構計算及設計為主. 林同棪對預應力工程 (Pre-stressed and Post-tensioning Concrete) 有精深的研究, 他把理論應用到實際的工程上, 是世界知名的工程專家, 因而有 ”預應力之父” 之稱. 在1970 年代, 先後在台湾, 香港和中國大陸都設立分公司. 1972 被選為中央研究院,院士. 1986 獲得美國雷根總統之 National medal of Science. 1996 被選為中國科學院,外籍院士 Click

45 End Show Rodrigo *O Tecelão!

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