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Cold Box and Yard Valves

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1 Cold Box and Yard Valves
Cryogenic Service Cold Box and Yard Valves Notes:

2 V817 Cryogenic Globe Valve
Size 1”-6” Class 150, 300, 600 Body Mat’l: 304 Stainless Steel End Connections: Raised Face Flanges Socket Weld Butt Weld Soft seat option provides class VI tightness Notes:

3 V817 Cryogenic Globe Valve
Features bolted bonnet joint that is outside of the insulated barrier extended stainless steel body removable trim without accessing the insulated barrier all welded construction within the insulated barrier Notes:

4 G120 Cryogenic Globe Valve
Features post guided plug extended stainless steel body easily accessed seat ring Typically used for ‘warm service’ Yard valves Outside of ‘cold box’ Notes:

5 Was used by only Air Products
V815 Series Similar to V817 except; Special face-to-face dimensions Weld-on flanges Available with bronze body Was used by only Air Products Offer V817 unless APCI or direct replacement

6 Cryogenic Air Separation
Air Feed Air is drawn into the plant by main air compressor. Cleaning The air goes through a filter house to remove dust and large particles. The air is then cooled and cleaned of CO2 and moisture by passing it through a molecular sieve drier.

7 Cryogenic Air Separation
Compressing The air is compressed to high (150 psi) pressure for expansion. Cooling The cool and dry air is then cooled even further to -300°F (-185°C) in the main heat exchangers and is then sent to the distillation column.

8 Cryogenic Air Separation
The air is separated into its elemental components in the form of liquid oxygen, argon and nitrogen, based on its different boiling points. The more volatile components, nitrogen, will rise up and oxygen will go down while argon will be somewhere in between.

9 Cryogenic Air Separation
The pure products are drawn off to: store in cryogenic storage tank, deliver to the customers by liquid tanker or pure products are feed to customer by pipeline network.

10 Now used by Air Products
Valtek Mark Six Integral seat Threaded available Now used by Air Products

11 Samson Model 3248 Now used by Praxair
Standard bellows seal prevents stem leakage Now used by Praxair

12 Industrias Controlpro S.A. de C.V.
Blvd. Antonio L. Rodríguez No Desp. 404-B Plaza Delphi Col. Santa Maria, Monterrey Nuevo León C.P Teléfonos: (81) , (81) , (81)

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