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Solidfeel Access Flooring The Solidfeel access flooring system is manufactured to the following standards and test procedures: SANS1549:1993/SABS1549:1993.

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2 Solidfeel Access Flooring The Solidfeel access flooring system is manufactured to the following standards and test procedures: SANS1549:1993/SABS1549:1993 CISCA 2003-2004 MOB Solidfeel access flooring has manufacturing facilities in Germiston, South Africa and Singapore.

3 Our system is specified world wide for office buildings, IT centres, server rooms, airports and shopping malls.

4 Client List: South Africa Vodacom Nedbank - 65,000sqm Standard Bank FNB - Various installations ABSA MTN Wesbank - 53,000sqm Various corporate office buildings Mining Industry Casinos All major suppliers of server room equipment

5 Export Market UAE-Installations done in excess of 30,000sqm Ministry of Education Dubai International Airport Dubai Mall Gamco Jebel Ali International Airport Dolphin Energy Various offices and server room Kuwait Oil Ministry - 30,000sqm Qatar New International Airport Al Jazeera TV Station

6 Singapore All major Telecoms - 60,000sqm Australia Siemens Oakley Army Base Various mines and offices buildings UK Various offices developments and computer rooms

7 During the past 22 years Solidfeel / Donn Access Flooring has supplied in excess of 6 million sqm of access flooring worldwide. Solidfeel has it own testing facility where testing is done on a continues basis as part of our ongoing quality control process. This ensures that our product meets the performance specifications as set by international testing authorities.

8 Advantages of the Solidfeel Access Floor System: The isotropic design of our panels. Excellent structural strength, good acoustical performance and quiet comfort under foot.

9 Advantages of the Solidfeel Access Floor System: Solidfeel panels are totally interchangeable to fit on to any of the Solidfeel understructure ranges.

10 Advantages of the Solidfeel Access Floor System: Positive lock between panel and head. The new multi-purpose head. New 1.200 span understructure Solidfeels world wide experience in the international market as well as our continuous research and development program in conjunction with our Singapore factory.

11 Advantages: Manufactured to carry three (3) times the design load. Corrosion resistance: E-coat system has achieved 1000 hour salt spray test without any signs corrosion or changes in sizes. Steel panels are impervious to water: Steel panels are not affected by surface flooding or rising damp and panel sizes will remain unchanged after exposure. Solidfeel Access Flooring offers a five (5) year warranty against latent or patent defects.

12 Manufacturing Process Operations Manager Albert Holt Qualified Industrial Engineer Factory and Quality Manager Dirk Wessels ISO9000:2000 All products are manufactured to comply with the following testing standards. SABS CISCA PSA

13 Four (4) ranges of steel panels with cementitious infill are manufactured: SF 20 Concentrated load 2.9kN – UDL 9kN SF 25 Concentrated load 4.5kN – UDL 13.5kN SF 45 Concentrated load 5.6kN – UDL 15.6kN SF 70 Concentrated load 9kN – UDL 25kN Two (2) ranges of an all-steel panel are manufactured: Servern 52 Concentrated load 4.5kN – UDL 13.5kN Servern 70 Concentrated load 5.5kN – UDL 15.6kN All panels manufactured to a safety factor of 3x Steel used is 100% recyclable All cement used is 100% recyclable

14 SFS Range – Singapore Made to the same design as the Solidfeel panel Aimed at the international market. Load performance slightly lower than the Solidfeel SF range but conforms to all international testing standards SFS 20 Concentrated load 2kN – UDL 4.2kN SFS 25 Concentrated load 3.5kN – UDL 9.73kN SFS 45 Concentrated load 4.5kN – UDL 12.5kN SFS 70 Concentrated load 5.5kN – UDL 15.29kN

15 Manufacturing Process: A panel consists of a top plate and a bottom plate which is resistance welded using 180 welds per panel. Each panel manufactured is tested for the following: Properties: Flatness and overall strength. Method: Continuous flatness tests and every 100th panel is tested to verify its strength.

16 Panels are filled with a cement mix which sets within 48 hours to full strength. SF panels are painted using an E-coating process. This is the same paint process used in the production of motor vehicles. Paint used is supplied by DuPont Barloworld Ltd and is non toxic. SFS panels are painted using a epoxy coating process. This is the same paint process as used on motor vehicle components.

17 Various understructure systems are manufactured to the finished floor height (FFH) as per customers requirements. All SF understructure components are finished with our e-coating process. (Same as the panels) This eliminates Zink whiskering - a common problem with Zink plated understructure and related items. All SFS understructure components are finished with a cold galvanization process in the colour, Yellow zinc

18 Green Building The practise of increasing the efficiency with which buildings use resources Energy Water Materials Reducing the impact on human health and the environment during the building lifecycle Siting Design Construction Operation Maintenance Removal There is a misconception / marketing tool whereby statements are made that a product / service / design is green approved. Green Star SA rates the base building and its services on the basis of design potential and does not examine operational management. Tenant fit outs are not rated.

19 Solidfeel Access Flooring is currently in discussion with the Green Building Council of South Africa to formulate and get a better understanding of our products contribution to the Green Star Rating based on their current pilot product being run. Points being discussed: Indoor environmental quality IEQ -10 mechanically air condition space - using the plenum for air conditioning. IEQ -12 Sound Material Mat-10 Dematerialisation Structure Ductwork Efficiency Finishes

20 We have had similar discussion with the Green Building Council in India with very positive feedback. As no building to date with access flooring in South Africa has been certified, we can only comment on the American LEED certification process and the Australian rating process. GBCSA used the Australian model and the Australian model is in turn based on the LEED model. The technical manager for GBCSA was previously employed by LEED, USA From case studies researched I have found two green star rate buildings in Australia where steel cementitious access floors were installed: Morgan Stanley building (Sydney) Fletcher building (Melbourne) In both these buildings the access floors contributed to the indoor environment quality: GBCSA IEQ -10

21 LEED certification In the international market where we currently have Solidfeel Access Floors installed or specified, our product and all other steel cementitious systems are rated using the LEED credit certification model. Different types of LEED certification New Construction Existing Building Commercial Interiors Core and Shell

22 Solidfeel Access Floorings contribution to achieve credits for LEED certification Energy and atmosphere Optimize energy performance Material and resources Building reuse Material reuse Recycled content Regional material

23 Indoor environmental quality Increased ventilation Controllability of system Thermal comfort Daylight + views Solidfeel embraces the Green Concept within the parameters of our product range. In our manufacturing process we strive to use the resources at our disposal responsibly and contribute to a better living standard for all. Solidfeel Access Flooring is manufactured to the highest specification for access flooring so, when used to its full potential, it will make a contribution to Green Building Certification.

24 Conclusion Solidfeel can make a contribution towards achieving points for a Green Building classification. Solidfeel in conjunction with our accredited installers offer you a one stop shop for all access flooring requirements. Solidfeel has acquired membership to the Green Building Council of South Africa. We are participating in the Green exhibition in November 2008.

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