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Management Desk 1 Introduction 2 KJK Polydiamonds 3 Products and services 4 Future plans 5.

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2 Management Desk 1 Introduction 2 KJK Polydiamonds 3 Products and services 4 Future plans 5

3 Mr.K.J.Kumar – CMD of KJK group is an awesome personality having 45 years of experience and innovative ideas in the field of diamond cutting tools, is the driving force behind the Group. Another veteran, Mr.L.J.A.Naveenan, Vice President, having 30 years of global experience in the field of cutting tools, is now on board with KJK to carry out the visions of : Mr.K.J.Kumar - CMD KJK Polydiamonds Int’l Pvt. Ltd., PCD / PCBN Tools Carbide Plus India Pvt. Ltd., Solid Carbide Tools KJK-AK Global Techs Pvt.Ltd., Tool Storage Systems & Tool kits

4 KJK Group Started its dreams in 1982, as a small scale diamond tools manufacturing Company, has now expanded as a multi-product group with the following Companies under one roof, serving the best of the industries in India and Abroad. Recently KJK is spreading its wings, establishing its presence in Europe , Asia and North America. KJK Group has excellent capacity and capabilities to design, develop, manufacture and supply of Diamond, PCD, PCBN and Super Abrasives tools for decades. Diamond Boart International Pvt.Ltd., Osten Enzyme India Pvt. Ltd., KJK Polydiamonds International Pvt.Ltd., KJK-AK Global Techs Pvt.Ltd., Carbide Plus India Pvt.Ltd., KJK Europe s.r.o. KJK Diamond Wire Saws Pvt. Ltd.,(under Inc) KJK Asia Pvt. Ltd.,(Under Inc) KJK Indonesia (Under Inc)

5 KJK Polydiamonds International Pvt. Ltd
KJK Polydiamonds International Pvt. Ltd., a member of the KJK Group is accredited with an ISO 9001: 2008. KJK Polydiamonds supplies advanced cutting tools required by the Automobile, General Engineering Industries and Aero-space establishments for milling, turning, drilling, boring, reaming, grooving and grinding applications on ferrous materials like Cast Iron, Hardened steel, Alloy steel, Stainless steel, Titanium alloy, Nickel, Heat resistant alloys and non-ferrous materials like Aluminum alloys, Gold, Silver, Brass, Copper, Graphite, Concrete, Carbide, Ceramics, Hard rubber, Rocks, stone, various new materials and composites, particle boards, chip boards, cement fiber boards, Plastics, FRP, Solid Woods etc.

6 KJK Group is equipped with latest state of art CNC Machines and equipments in its most modern manufacturing plant, incorporated with R & D facilities at Kandanchavadi, Chennai, for production and quality control.

7 At KJK, more than 60 engineers are employed in sales, design & development , projects, manufacturing , Quality control etc. Our corporate offices are fully equipped with efficient teams for : Marketing & Sales Management Design & Application Engineering Project Engineering Customer Care and After – Sales - Service

8 To be a leader in innovation, design and manufacture of high quality advanced engineered tools in PCD, PCBN, DIAMOND and Carbide. To increase our production capacity to supply 1 million PCD/ PCBN Diamond and Carbide tools per annum to the domestic and Global markets. To achieve world class manufacturing standards, for high quality tooling solutions. On–dot-delivery, to all our customers in India and abroad. Happiness to our customers, through our “Hi-Q Service”.


10 Re-tipping and Re-grinding of PCD / PCBN tools.
Tooling solutions for reducing “ Cost per component ”. Supply of cost effective tooling and solutions for your projects.



13 Southern Region : Northern Region : Western Region : Chennai
Pondicherry Coimbatore Thiruchirappalli Trivandrum Bangalore Hyderabad Vijayawada Vizag Northern Region : Delhi Gurgaon Dharuhera Faridabad Ghaziabad Bhiwadi Pant Nagar Haridwar Ludhiana Chandigarh Patiala Western Region : Mumbai Pune Nasik Aurangabad Kolhapur Ahmedabad Jaipur


15 Corporate Offices: 2D, Eldorado,112,Nungambakkam High Road, Chennai Sales Offices: 3D & E, Eldorado,112,Nungambakkam High Road, Help line: / Fax: Our Identity on Internet: website: ; For our Support : /

16 KJK Management & Sales Teams
Thank You For Your Kind Patronage in Our Growth, To Serve You Better!! KJK Management & Sales Teams

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