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“Spacious Skies & Tilted Axes …”

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1 “Spacious Skies & Tilted Axes …”
The Benefits of an East/West Orientation

2 Spacious Skies & Tilted Axes
From Guns, Germs and Steel, p 177

3 Spacious Skies & Tilted Axes
Diffusion of: Plants and Animals: Agricultural techniques Other Technologies

4 Spacious Skies & Tilted Axes
Examine Three Regions: Eurasia (Diffusion from Fertile Crescent) Africa The Americas First, Eurasia …

5 Spacious Skies & Tilted Axes
From Guns, Germs and Steel, p 177

6 Spacious Skies & Tilted Axes
Reasons for Rapid Diffusion in Eurasia: Similar growing conditions Little preemptive domestication East/West Axis Predominant in Eurasia

7 Spacious Skies & Tilted Axes
Why was East/West Axis Important: Locations distributed East to West share the same latitude, generally leading to other similarities: Same day length Seasonal variations Rainfall & temperatures Similar diseases Types of vegetation

8 Spacious Skies & Tilted Axes
Plants Programmed to Latitudinal Factors Day length | Seed germination Seasons | Seedling growth Climate | Flowering & baring fruit Same for Animals Bottom Line: East/West Axis Allowed Easier Diffusion in Eurasia

9 Spacious Skies & Tilted Axes
Africa and Americas had Limited Diffusion due to North-South Orientation Except for a few animals, the FC package did not arrive in S. Africa until Europeans arrived in 1652 Except for Mexican corn, little diffusion occurred between: US – Mexico – Andes Note: Evidence of little preemptive diffusion in Africa and Americas

10 Spacious Skies & Tilted Axes
Caveat: Latitude is not the only factor Local topography and ecology play a role North America FC -> India FC -> China FC -> Africa

11 Spacious Skies & Tilted Axes
Extension: The principle of East/West diffusion applies to agriculture and much more Wheel (ox carts) Writing (royal propaganda, food inventories & bureaucratic record keeping) While not directly related to ag diffusion, technological transfers followed the spread of food production.


13 Assigned Readings Course Reader G G S For Wednesday: Library Tour
For Friday: MID-TERM EXAM For Next Monday: Course (at least to p. 78) Reader G G S Medievil Section pp60-93 By Walburger

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