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Stainless Steel Sinks hand sinks – scullery – utility.

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1 Stainless Steel Sinks hand sinks – scullery – utility

2 Eagle Hand Sinks with MICROGARD ® Antimicrobial Protection MICROGARD ® is an antimicrobial agent which contains built-in protection to retard the growth of a broad range of bacteria, mold and mildew that cause stains, odors and degradation. The protection will not wash out, while organic bactericides may. MICROGARD ® is available as an option on most Eagle hand sinks. MICROGARD ® is a second line of defense. In keeping with good hygiene practices, clean this product as usual.

3 Eagle Hand Sinks Over 40 Models! Traditional:the industry standard –the HSA-10-F With standard towel & soap dispenser: – Modeled after our Traditional Hand Sinks, but come standard with C-fold towel dispenser and soap dispenser Knee/Foot Operated: – Great for hospitals,hands free operation for less contamination. Electronic: – Sensor activated faucet conserves water; electronic eye soap dispenser minimizes cross contamination between soap and water dispenser.

4 Eagle Hand Sinks Over 40 Models! With Waste Receptacle – Slides onto bottom of waste skirt, easy to clean and empty. Now patented design (#5,732, 422). Space Savers: –designed for maximum space efficiency – Only 12˝ from side to side. Physically Challenged: – Specially designed for unique applications. With Factory Side Splashes: – Meets the latest health code requirements.

5 HFL-5000 – Touch Free Hand Washing System The HFL-5000 was inspired by an industry request for a complete touch free system to improve sanitation. The HFL-5000 sink bowl meets the most stringent HAACP requirements and contains built-in MICROGARD® ANTIMICROBIAL PROTECTION. The system also includes an electronic eye faucet, nail brush & holder, towel dispenser, soap dispenser, hand sanitizer dispenser and glove box holder.

6 Lavatory Sinks with Marine Edge All models feature a marine edge. Standard with spout/faucet, soap dispenser and basket drain. wall mounted knee valve operation custom backsplash pedestal style foot valve operation pedestal style shown with electronic- eye faucet

7 Portable Sinks 2 styles available: stainless steel bowl or removable acrylic water plate. Available with hot and cold water or just cold water. Stainless steel cabinet body with locking door. Features faucet, soap and towel dispensers, casters, 5 gallon fresh water tank and a 7 gallon soiled tank. Acrylic water plate is removable and top can used as a work surface

8 Mop Sink and Storage Cabinet Mop sink is 304 stainless steel construction. 8˝ deep sink bowl with deep-drawn coved corners. Drain included with flat strainer plate. Accessories include mop holders, hose & bracket, and service faucet. mop sink storage cabinet includes 12˝ wide center shelf, slanted top, vented sides, mop sink, service faucet and hose & bracket

9 Countertop Drop-In Self Rim Sinks All models are furnished with drains in the center of the bowl. Optional faucets available. All sinks include: - clamping hardware - faucet holes on 4˝ centers - heavy gauge 304 stainless steel bowls -crumb cup strainer with 1½˝ outlet Available in multiple sizes and 1-4 compartments.

10 Utility Sinks Basic functional sink for numerous applications. Bowls are 13¼˝ deep with 14˝ water level. 8˝ backsplash. Legs are 1 ˝ diameter, galvanized tubing are located directly under sink bowls for maximum stability and weight support. Available in multiple sizes and 1-4 compartments. shown with optional faucet and detachable drain board

11 314 & 414 Series Coved Corner Sinks Heavy gauge stainless steel bowls, drain boards and backsplash. 14˝ water level. Legs cross braced front-to-back. 9½˝ backsplash. 2˝ wide euro-style edging. Available with or without drain boards. Available in multiple sizes and 1-4 compartments. 414 Series – Type 304 sink bowl with type 430 drain board(s) and backsplash. 314 Series – Our Best All heavy gauge type 304 construction.

12 412 Series Coved Corner Sinks 10½˝ water level. Type 430 stainless steel bowls, drain boards and backsplash. Legs cross braced front-to-back. 9½˝ backsplash. 2˝ wide euro-style edging. Available with or without drain boards. Available in multiple sizes and 1-3 compartments.

13 314 Series Corner Sinks Heavy gauge type 304 construction. Features 1½˝ rolled rim on front and sides. Two sets of faucet holes punched on 8˝ centers. Legs cross braced front-to-back with high-impact corrosion resistant fully-adjustable bullet feet. Leg locations are adjacent to sink bowls, providing increased stability and maximum weight support. Unit comes standard with poly cutting board/sink covers.

14 FN Spec-Master ® Series 14 gauge type 304 stainless steel construction. 14˝ water level and have 5/8˝ radius corners, both vertical and horizontal. Legs cross braced front-to-back with high- impact corrosion resistant fully-adjustable bullet feet. 9½˝ backsplash and includes 1˝ upturn and tile edge. Available in multiple sizes and 1-4 compartments. available with or without drain boards

15 Spec-Master ® FFN Series – Flush Front Sinks Constructed of 14 gauge stainless steel. 14˝ water level and swirl-away drainage. 10˝ high backsplash with 1˝ downturn at rear. Legs located directly under sink bowls for increased stability and cross braced front-to- back. Adjustable stainless steel bullet feet. All outside corners of assembly are bullnosed to provide safe, clean edges available with two or three compartments custom options and accessories available through our SpecFAB ® division

16 Ship Fully Crated Eagles Coved Corner and FN sinks ship fully crated. Our sinks are made to stock for immediate shipment.

17 Sink Accessories Complete line of accessories available: – Pre-rinse units – Faucets – Sink covers – Leg components – Mixing valves – Eye-wash units – Pedal valves – Towel dispensers – Soap dispensers – Plumbing and drains – Waste receptacles – Nail brush & holder Another Eagle Advantage – Order sinks and all plumbing accessories together. 1 purchase order, 1 delivery = saved time and $$.

18 Custom Options Model #Description E30End Splash – per end, all heights E37NSF sprayed-on latex sound deadening – up to 12 E37A-for each additional foot E38-6Cantilever mount up to 6 E38-12Cantilever mount up to 12 E39Enclosed back splash E40Provision for sink heater E41Disposal provision package – collar E41ADisposal provision package – cone E43Stand pipe with corner guard (only on FN & Utility sinks) E44Faucet hole revision (adding or moving)

19 Custom Options - continued Model #Description E45Trough installed in drainboard – up to 30˝ long E46Rubber scrap block installed E47-for each additional foot E48Stainless steel apron to cover sink bowls – 2 or 3 compartment E48A-for each additional compartment over 3 E49S/S undershelf under drainboards – up to 24˝ w/short legs E49A-for each additional foot over 24˝ E50Provision for water pump E51Optional size drainboard E52High backsplash up to 13˝ E53High backsplash up to 18˝

20 Floor Drains & Troughs Built-in pitch towards drain ensures complete drainage. Stainless steel drain accommodates up to a 4˝ diameter pipe, and removable perforated stainless steel basket. New Anti-Splash design assures complete drainage while preventing splashing back on the floor. Troughs and drains come with subway-style stainless steel grating or fiberglass grating. Custom sizes available.

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