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Quarterly Structural Business Statistics Project financed by the National bank 2010.

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1 Quarterly Structural Business Statistics Project financed by the National bank 2010

2 Background Financial crisis 2009 needs for new statistics Questions: -Underlying structural problems? -Access to capital? The Swedish Committee on Finance The National bank Statistics Sweden

3 Task Investigate the possibility to collect income- and balancesheet data on a quarterly basis Sub goals: Profits Key ratios Cash flow analysis Size class Proposal for survey design

4 Steps on the way Project starts in April 2010 Study of profit statistics Study of quarterly reports from 15 large enterprise groups User contacts Methodological tests Project formally ends in October 2010 Measurement test in January 2011

5 Test of approaches Varying needs from different users Test of 3 different approaches: National Accounts track (NA track) Size class track Cash flow track NA track!

6 Content of variables To cover the needs of National Accounts: Income statement Net turnover +Other operating income -Operating costs excluding employee benefit expenses and depreciation - Employee benefit expenses -Depreciation and impairment____ =Operating profit

7 Content of variables To get profit statistics we have to add: +Financial income -Financial costs =Net profit

8 Content of variables To calculate key ratios we also need: Balance Sheet Inventory Current assets Equity Untaxed reserves Current liabilities Balance sheet total

9 Design according to the NA track 12 industrial groups (NACE) Stratification on NACE (level of characters) Allocation variable: net turnover Cut-off: enterprises < 20 employees Totally surveyed: > 249 employees Sample size: 4 600 enterprises (2,5% precision)

10 Industrial groups NACE codeIndustry description 05-09Mining and quarrying 10-12Food products, beverages and tobacco 13-18Textiles, leather, wood, paper and graphic industry 19-24Petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, rubber, mineral, steel etc. 25-33Metal goods, electronics, transport industry, furniture etc. 35-39Electric- /waterworks, sewage-treatment, waste management 41-43Construction 45-47Wholesale and retail trade, repair of vehicles and motorcycles 49-56Transport, storage, postage, hotel and restaurant operations 58-68Information/ comm., financial/insurance, real estate services 69-82Consultancy, research, rentals, staffing- and business services 85-96Education, healthcare, culture, leisure activities, gambling etc.

11 Estimated costs CompetenceStart up costsRegular annual costs Data collection2 400 000 Methodology300 000 830 000 IT400 000830 000 Knowledge of subject matter 100 0002 300 000 Total800 0006 360 000

12 Thank you for your attention!

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