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Actuate and Maximo Discover the Possibilities

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1 Actuate and Maximo Discover the Possibilities
Ash Nanda OEM and Partner Sales Manager, Actuate Joachim Järnegren CTO, Reportsoft Very pleased to be here and have the opportunity to present the possibilities with Actuate and Maximo. 1

2 Agenda Background on Actuate, IBM and BIRT Actuate BIRT Demo
Case Studies Resources Q&A

3 The Company Actuate is the company, that develops the BIRT Platform
BIRT is the Brand Over 5000 top-tier accounts in banking, insurance, securities, government, health care, energy, utilities and high tech Distributor of all Actuate products in Scandinavia and Benelux. Our partner Simcorp´s customers worldwide. Providing: Coaching, Training, Implementation and Support Intellectual Property: iSender – workflow report distribution engine 50 clients Offices in Denmark and Holland.

4 Actuate/ReportSoft Customers

5 IBM Maximo and Actuate History OEM Relationship
Dec to 2002 2002 Jun 2003 to Aug 2005 March 2005 to Jun 2008 Jun 2008 Jun 2011 Maximo 5.0 and 5.1 Maximo 5.2 Maximo 5.2 Patches 1-5 6.0 to 6.2.1 7.1 Maximo 7.5 Actuate 5 Actuate 7 Actuate 8 Actuate 9 iServer eReports Page Level Security Active Portal Query eSpreadsheet 150 Eclipse BIRT Provides QBR for simple, ad-hoc queries Can I have a quick show of hands about how many of you are already on version 7.5? How many are planning to upgrade to version 7.5?

6 Open Source BIRT IS Actuate
Open source initiative as part of the Eclipse Foundation Professional open source: founded, organized and led by Actuate Other members Why Open Source? Build community of developers and users Drive high quality via community feedback Create buzz and generate awareness

7 Actuate BIRT Enhances Maximo Reporting
QBR Actuate User creation of simple listing report Grouping with totals and sub-totals Support for complex filtering User specified sort sequence BIRT report design can be shared with others User modification of published reports Add calculated columns to a report Easy-to-use “drag & drop” design paradigm Parameters visible on final report Incorporate data from other systems in a report Add graphs & charts via wizard-driven interface Full live Excel Output How does Actuate do this?

8 Actuate BIRT Designers BIRT Interactive Viewer High-Scale Distribution
Actuate Extends BIRT Meet enterprise requirements Actuate BIRT Designers Deployment Kits Actuate BIRT Studio Development Tools Deployment Tools Skill-specific tools for developers and users Manage, schedule, secure, run and distribute iServer Enterprise BIRT Interactive Viewer User Interactivity High-Scale Distribution Eclipse BIRT Engage users with rich, interactive content Load-balanced, high availability for 100,000s of users Actuate BIRT Viewer Meet core reporting requirements

9 Complete Suite of Development and Deployment Offerings
Operational e.Reports Actuate BIRT Reports & Dashboards BIRT Report Studio ad-hoc web reports BIRT Interactive Viewer e.Spreadsheet BIRT Eclipse Standard for RIA Development Actuate iServer Global Standard for Scale, Performance, Reliability, Security Only company offering one server for BIRT, BIRT commercial extensions and e.Reports + e.Spreadsheets Server gives Web Services APIs Application Scheduling & Management Alerts & Distribution Clustering & High Availability Security & Application Integration

10 Actuate’s Value Add to Maximo
Reduce the costs & risks of upgrading to Maximo v7 Continue using Actuate e.Reports, e.Spreadsheet Add enhanced BIRT reports as desired Enable ad hoc reporting by Maximo users Report personalization and sharing with BIRT Interactive Viewer Ad-hoc reporting with BIRT Studio Deliver integrated BIRT Dashboards, KPIs and Operational Reports Combine Maximo data with data from other systems Deliver asset information to non-Maximo users

11 Actuate BIRT Demo Joachim Järnegren CTO, ReportSoft 11

12 Actuate Maximo Case Studies
I will give you a brief overview of requirements and benefits to 2 companies from keeping the Actuate iServer when migrating to Maximo 7. Handouts are available for you to take. 12

13 Maximo Case Study North Star BlueScope Steel
Industry: Manufacturing (Steel Mill) Location: Delta, OH Employees: 500 Private Co: joint venture between BlueScope Steel and Cargill Inc. (Cargill is America’s 2nd largest private company) Maximo: Used 13 yrs, eReports/iServer 10 yrs, BIRT 18 mos (low touch). 350 Maximo users. Main KPIs: Safety, Quality, On-time Delivery & Customer Sat

14 Maximo Case Study North Star BlueScope Steel
Challenges: Data exists in silos - in Maximo and other mission critical systems Reporting is time consuming, error-prone and manual Decision making and analysis is not timely and lacks data integrity Moving to Maximo 7 Wants: Give users the right tools to do their job efficiently Integrate data from the following systems: - IBM Maximo Intelex Safety Mangmt - Plant Machine Control Data Custom ERP Application - Electricity costs via real-time feed Common reporting platform and framework Rapid time to value Visual, interactive and easy to use dashboards and ad hoc reporting

15 Maximo Case Study North Star BlueScope Steel
Added rich customizable BI to Maximo Interactive dashboards with metrics KPIs Cross Application Operational reports Ad hoc reporting Provided one BI platform for Maximo and all applications

16 Maximo Case Study ATCO Electric
Industry: Electricity Distribution Location: Alberta, Canada Employees: 2600 Customers: 213,000 Maximo: Maximo 6 with 90 extensively customised e.Reports Main Objective: Smooth Transition to Maximo 7

17 Maximo Case Study ATCO Electric
Challenges: Ensure a smooth transition from IBM Maximo Asset Management 6 to Maximo 7 Maintain consistent reporting functionality and performance while upgrading Save money and time while keeping current reports functional and up to date Wants: Continued support for existing reports Consistent functionality Writeback for viewing and approving labor reports Avoid users having to switch reports in the middle of a major upgrade

18 Maximo Case Study ATCO Electric
Supported e.Reports and BIRT from the One Server Uninterrupted service for Maximo reporting Significant cost and time savings: 40 hours per report – worth more than $500,000

19 Actuate BIRT Resources for Maximo
Ash Nanda OEM and Partner Sales Manager, Actuate 19

20 BIRT Compatibility iServer
Maximo Portal Uptime 1000 2000 Down Time 3000 Total 5000 Core Users of Maximo Application Consumers of Maximo Information e.Reports, e.Spreadheets, BIRT Reports Maximo KPI, Dashboard, EIS, Balance Scorecard Maximo Data Multiple Data Sources Reduced Maximo Licenses No Datamart Needed Ad Hoc, OLAP Cubes Other Data Other Data Analysis BIRT Compatibility iServer

21 BIRT Compatibility iServer Subscription Offer
As you saw during the demo. How many use e.Spreadsheets? Happy to discuss CPU based licensing for larger installations or other requirements later today. The subscription provide full access to all your users for Actuate reports in Maximo 5, 6 and 7.

22 BIRT Compatibility iServer Value to You
Avoid redesigning e.Reports to BIRT during Upgrade Report redevelopment estimated at 40 hours per report by customers 70 Custom e.Reports redevelopment estimated at USD 500k by ATCO Eliminate reporting risk to your Upgrade go live Custom report redesign difficult to estimate Inconsistent reporting functionality and output a big issue for users Deliver Enhanced Functionality to Users Rich Interactivity and dashboard analytics for user productivity Combine Maximo data with data from other systems Cross application reporting for one Business view Increase the Return on Your Maximo Investment Deliver asset information to non-Maximo users Custom reports are key to value on the output side from Maximo They are developed over a period of time to fit business process Perhaps people who developed them may have left All reasons why the effort is difficult to estimate. Overruns and problems with user acceptance in this area of an upgrade are common.

23 Actuate Support & Training
Actuate Support for Maximo Users Support existing Actuate v8 and v9 software in current deployment Provide software patches, fixed and updates Enable continued use of Actuate reports with Maximo 7 Allow access to self help customer support portals and forums Courses & Cerification Working with BIRT Designer (4 days) Beyond Open Source: Using Actuate BIRT (2 days) Developing a Customized BIRT Studio Environment (1 day) Managing the iServer System (3 days) Get trained in all aspects in one week with custom onsite course.

24 IBM Maximo and BIRT Resources on BIRT Exchange
Maximo-dedicated Forum for posting questions Maximo-dedicated DevShare for sharing reports, code samples, documents Maximo Reporting Wiki for interfaces including ERI Actuate and BIRT Reporting Subscription Offer for Maximo Users

25 Actuate extends Maximo reporting
Summary Actuate extends Maximo reporting Actuate IS BIRT The only Server for e.Reports, e.Spreadsheet and BIRT Extends BIRT with Dashboards and Interactivity BIRT Compatibility iServer e.Reports, e.Spreadsheets, BIRT, Dashboards, Interactivity, … Perpetual licensing on CPU Core basis Annual subscription licensing on Named User basis Full support from Actuate Maximo Forums, Maximo DevShare Case Studies

26 Q & A Tack så mycket

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