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2 Ganges Internationale Pvt Ltd B36, Lawrence Road Industrial Area,
Head Office Ganges Internationale Pvt Ltd B36, Lawrence Road Industrial Area, Delhi Phone: , Fax: Cell: Registered Office Ganges Internationale Pvt Ltd, # 163/1, 2-3 floor, K sons complex, Broadway, Chennai Tamilnadu Phone: Heavy Engineering and Boiler Structures Manufacturing Plant – Raipur Ganges Internationale Pvt Ltd, Vidhansabha Road, Village Saddu, Raipur – Chattisgarh Contact Telecom Towers Manufacturing Plant - Pondicherry Ganges Internationale Pvt Ltd, Sedarpet Industrial estate, Malaum Road, Pudducheery , Pondicherry Phone:

3 Introduction Ganges Internationale (GI) was promoted by Mr Prem Goyal and family and was incorporated in Awarded as “Best ACF Partner for QUALITY” from BHEL-Trichy in Year 2012. The group has interests in Steel Tube manufacturing, galvanizing, telecom and transmission tower manufacturing and erection, Flour manufacturing, Bread manufacturing and trading. Group company Crimson metal (earlier Sri Sarbati Steel Tubes) was approved galvanizer by NTPC for galvanizing BHEL floor gratings since 1990 and had successfully galvanized and delivered thousand’s of tons of fabricated structures. GI started manufacturing operations in 2004 at Pondicherry and quickly became the market leader in telecom towers in India, We have a joint collaboration with Ramboll, Denmark where we fabricated special towers based on precision engineering using high tensile steel whereby the steel consumed was reduced by 25%. Special tower was made and supplied for 110 mtrs height with Die electric USA which weighed more than 90 MT. Towers manufactured are exported widely and have been shipped Europe, south east Asia and Africa in bulk. GI has won 3 years special award by Infratel (airtel) for First Time Right which certifies the teams’ achievement in getting 100% quality in 1st attempt and that also on targeted time. Apart from this has regularly got commendation certificates. Sister companies M/S Ganga Roller flour Mill have been awarded Safety and productivity awards from 1980, and M/S Shakun Consumer products has recently won the best Bread plant Award from Britannia. Current plant for Heavy engineering was set up in and is being managed by highly experienced personal who have had more than 35 years experience in Heavy engineering and have been manufacturing boiler support structures since 1977.

4 Ganges Group – Brief company Profile
GANGES ON TIME Customer focused mind set at every level 40 Years 1600 People Manufacturing Experience Working under Ganges group 18 Years Rs 700 Crores Steel Industry Experience Group turnover in Y 2011 60,000MT/Yr Combined steel manufacturing capacities of the plants 16 States and 3 Countries Offices in India and overseas

5 Ganges Group Business Activities and Locations
Steel Tube Manufacturing – Pondicherry, India Telecom Tower Manufacturing – Pondicherry, India Steel Re-Rolling – Pondicherry, India Roller Flour Mills – New Delhi, India Bread Manufacturing – New Delhi, India Heavy Engineering – Raipur, India

6 Entrepreneurial Spirit
Ganges Company Values Ethical Conduct Deliver the Promise Excellence Team Work Entrepreneurial Spirit

7 Ganges Five Finger Strategy for manufacturing excellence
Shop floor with 5S concept Everything has a place, everything is in place. Visible performance. Visible improvements Supreme Quality: One Mindset - Don’t receive defects. Don’t make defects. Don’t pass defects. Drive the process to achieve Six Sigma Quality Health and Safety at the core of manufacturing operation. Operator Skills: Prefer multi skilled operators rather than “super specialists” Special awards for best performers. Process capability: Measure process capability - If you can’t measure, you can’t improve. Data based process improvements - Let data speak for itself and not the opinions. Eliminate process waste – Kaizen, TPM, SMED etc. Efficient use of people, material, space and equipment Innovation and creativity: 5 ideas per employee per month. Best idea, Best Reward. Consistent motivation thorough public recognition Learning corners – Mistakes are our best teachers. Learn from it so that it won’t be repeated.

8 Ganges Heavy Engineering Fabrication– Raipur Plant
Total Capacity 15,000 Tons/Annum * Structural fabrication 5000T/yr Auto weld Beams and Boxes 5000T/yr Column Fabrication 5000T/yr Assembly 15000T/yr * Expansion planned to 20,000MT per annum by March 2014

9 Organization Chart

10 Fabrication Capacity # Item & Material 1
I Beam (Length varies according to boiler size. Thickness of plates: from 10mm to 63mm) 2 PLUS Beam: (Length varies according to boiler size. Thickness of plates: from 10mm to 63mm) 3 Box Beam: (Length varies according to boiler size. Thickness of plates: from 10mm to 63mm) 4 Auto Weld Structures: (Length varies according to boiler size. Thickness of plates: from 10mm to 63mm) 5 General fabrication

11 Products fabricated so far..
Box Bracing

12 Plus Column & Auto welded Beams

13 General Fabrication : Gantry

14 Duct

15 AW Beam : Maximum Weighted Job

16 Maximum Weighted Jobs Executed
DESCRIPTION CUSTOMER QTY SIZE WEB /FLANGE THK MAX LENGTH IN MM WEIGHT PER PIECE IN KG AW Beam BHEL 2 800 x / 63 17678 7,175 900x / 50 17432 7,686 4 800x /63 17868 7,182 2500 x / 40 19040 21,909 Plus Lift Post UB 406x170 12150 4,376 Eco Ducts 1 4000x3500x11500mm 18,472

17 Modern Equipment H beam straightening machine End Face Milling Machine
Welding Rotator CNC Flame Cutting Machine

18 Modern Equipments 500A MMAW 1250A SAW machine machine Electrode Oven
High Pressure heating torches Portable Electrode Oven Flux Baking Oven

19 Manufacturing Facilities
# Description of machine Capacity & Nos. Year of make Units 1 CNC FLAME CUTTING M/C. 5*16M with 6 torches, Y 2010 01 2 H BEAM STRAIGHTENING & I BEAM TACKING M/C. Flange Width: MM, Flange Thick : 6-80MM, Web Height : ≥350MM, MAX. Straightening Speed: 7.8M/MIN. 3 FACE MILLING M/C. Milling Turning Speed: RPM, Milling Head Power: 5.5 KW, Level Moving Distance: 1500 MM, Vertical Moving 4 SAW WELDING M/C. Distance:1200 MM, Power-69 KVA 3 Phase 415V 50Hz, 05 5 SMAW WELDING M/C. 3 Phase AC 415V 50 Hz 36 6 SELF ALIGNED WELDING ROTATOR Max. Loading Wt.:30 T, Applicable Vessels Dia: MM, Wheel Linear Speed: m/h, 02 7 SEMIAUTOMATIC GAS CUTTING M/C. PUG Power-AC 220V 50 Hz, 8 FLUX BAKING OVEN INPUT VOLTAGE:380V, MAX. TEMP.:500 °C, CAPACITY:200KG, 9 ELECTRODE OVEN RAT. Power:5.2 KW, High Temp.:500 °C, Capacity:100 KG, Socking 0~20h, 10 PORTABLE ELECTRODE OVEN DHT-10KG, 20 11 GRINDING M/C. MUKITA AG-7, 40 12 AUTOMATIC BROUCH DRILLING M/C. ROLLI WOLF N9B2- 31MM, 13 PNEUMATIC BLASTING M/C SURFEX PORT1000,

20 Handling Facilities S.No. MACHINE NAME QTY CAPACITY - /TON 1
Gantry EOT 3 15 TON 2 5 5 TON HYDRA 4 14 TON 12 TON

21 Quality and Testing Facilities Calibration Status (Y/N)
Sl. No. Description Capacity & Nos. Make & year of Mfg. Calibration Status (Y/N) Approval Qualification 1 FILLET GAUGES x5units GAI/2010 NA 2 MEASURING TAPES Tajima (5M x 15, 20Mx10,30Mx5) Y NABL 3 DIGITAL PAINT DFT METER(ELECO METER) 0-3000Micon x 1 unit Milhard microns Mitutoyo 4 MICROMETER (ANALOG TYPE) 0-25mm x 2 units, 25-50mm x 3 units,50-75mmx2 units 5 VERNIER CALIPER Digital 0-200mm x 1unit, Analog 0-300mm x 1 unit 6 BEVEL PROTECTOR 0-180 degrees x 2 Units 7 DYE PENETRATION TEST KIT Cleaner CL96 x 28, PenetratentPT97 x6, Developer DV98x17 Magnaflux

22 Quality and Testing Facilities (Cont..)
Sl. No. Description Capacity & Nos. Make & year of Mfg. Calibration Status Approval Qualification 8 FILLET GAUGES x5units GAI/2010 NA 9 RADIUS GAUGE x 2 units, 5-25mm x 2 units 10 FILLER GAUGE mm 11 HEAT TREATMENT RECORDER Delta Plotter x 1 unit 12 MAGNETIC FLAW DETECTOR Magnaflux P1500 x 1 unit Magnaflux Y NABL 13 ULTRASONIC THICKNESS MEASURMENT MACHINE Modsonic Einstein II TFT Range 10mm to 5mtr Modsonic

23 List of Machines S.No. MACHINE NAME QTY 1 Grinding M/C (AG-7) 47 2
Arc M/C 37 3 Grinding M/C (AG-4) 32 4 PORTABLE OVEN 30 5 Magnetic Drilling M/C 13 6 MIG WELDING MACHING 10 7 COMPRESSUR - Painting AIR 8 POWER PERMANENT MAGNETIC LIFTER 9 Pug Cutting (CG-1 30C) SAW HS-1250 11 Angle punching M/C (Hydralic) 12 Broch Cuttng(Drilling) M/C CNC Number punching m/c 14 COMPRESSUR - Num. Punching m/c 15 Sand Disc Grinder Machine 16 Bench GrInder 17 Bending MACHINE 18 Blasting Vessel 19 CNC PLASMA 20 Compreser -Plasma Cutting m/c 21 FLUX DRYER Oven 22 Grinding M/C (AG-7)-48

24 Contd… S.No. MACHINE NAME QTY 23 GROOVE MACHINE(Bevling m/c) 2 24
HAND DRILL M/C 25 MAIN PANEL 26 Pencil Grander 27 Pipe Cutting m/c 28 Pug cutting multi torch 29 Waving m/c 30 Welding Rotator 31 Airless Spray M/C 1 32 Chanel Cutting M/C 33 CNC Angle Punching M/C( APL 16 A-8) 34 CNC FLAME CUTTING 35 ELECTRODE DRYER AUTOMATIC FAR-INF. WEL 36 End Milling M/C 37 Flange Straighten 38 Hammering Drill M/C 39 Hand Drill M/C 40 Lathe Machine 41 Number punching m/c 42 Piranha Machine 43 Power Control Panel (APFC PANEL) 44 Rolling Machine

25 Manpower Analysis Division Status Graduate Diploma Skilled Un-Skilled
Production 09 211 125 Quality Control 04 01 00 Planning 03 Human Resource Accounts 02 Purchase & Stores Total 25 22 220 126

26 Innovation – Turning Ideas in to Manufacturing
Unique I BEAM & PLUS Beam Rotating Fixture Advantages: Total cycle time reduction in Gazette welding by 50% Reduction in man power by 15% Synchronized cell concept to complete quality job

27 Orders Summary (Wt. given in MT)
Types of Jobs Executed Orders Summary (Wt. given in MT) FINAN. YEAR AW GF DUCTS BELLOWS HAND RAIL WIND BOX MANHOLE TOTAL 239 861 365 - 1,465 1,895 1,996 743 4,634 1,540 2,148 408 284 58 67 4,505 77 240 616 932 3,675 5,082 1,516 524 11,536

28 Jobs with our Esteemed Clients
NAME Order (Wt in MT) BEVCON 1,934 BHEL 7,069 CETHAR 495 ENERGO 367 FLSMIDTH 2 ISCON 78 ISGEC 115 RJIL 616 SPCL 860 TOTAL 11,536

29 Order Summary of All Units (Wt in MT)
# Year Pondy Unit Raipur Unit-BHEL Raipur Unit-Other  S.No. Customer Airtel, Ramboll, Quipo, BSNL, Nortel, Infratel, BHEL Bevcon, Cethar, IJT, ISCON, Energo Cumulative 1 1,032 2 11,205 3 16,096 4 27,205 5 27,019 6 18,107 7 13,151 679 787 14,617 8 11,879 3,812 826 16,518 9 1,590 292 136 2,017 Total 127,283 4,783 1,748 133,816

30 Ganges Group –Quality Process
Our Commitments Continuous Improvement Assess/ Reassess Plan and Design Implement Evaluate Committed to manufacture and supply of fabricated structures with one mind set “GANGES ON TIME” and every time Committed to Right quality which exceeds Customer expectations. Committed to follow LEAN manufacturing to avoid non value added activities and wastes in fabrication process Committed to Continual improvement of our Quality Management System through effective implementation, in order to achieve customer delight Committed to follow Kaizen principles to improve productivity in business processes and supply chains Committed to follow TPM, TQM and JIT for shop floor and manufacturing activities “GANGES ON TIME”

31 Versatile Team Members
Plant Head- Mr Anil Mishra- 33 Years experience heavy engineering experience since 1980 was planning head at ANG Auto from 2009 to which manufactured all boiler support structures, Triveni Structural Ltd, form 1980 to 2009. Quality Head- Mr Sanjay Saytode- 8 years experience in Heavy engineering since 2005 was Senior Engineer at ANG Auto from which manufacture all boiler support structures also worked at Simplex Engg. & foundry Works, Bhilai which manufactured all boiler support structures & equipment. Welding Trainer- Mr Eti Suresh – 11 years experience as Welder Trainer at ABG ship yard from to 2010 also worked at Candid Merin, Singapore as Sr. Supervisor form 2001 to 2004, he is AWS QC-1 certified.


33 Certificate for Quality from BHEL
Achievements Mr. Vinay Goyal, Receiving "Award for Quality" from Mr. A.V. Krishnan-Executive Director, BHEL Certificate for Quality from BHEL

34 Ganges Internationale Pvt. Ltd, Vidhan Sabha Road, Saddu,
THANK YOU Ganges Internationale Pvt. Ltd, Vidhan Sabha Road, Saddu, Raipur (CG)


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