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MARSHALL HILBERT Henry Clay Frick: Industrialist.

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1 MARSHALL HILBERT Henry Clay Frick: Industrialist

2 Early Life Born: December 19, 1849 Hometown: West Overton, Pa 40 miles SE of Pittsburgh Family originated from Swiss and German ancestors but he himself was born in the U.S. His parents were farmers but his grandpa was a successful miller and distiller

3 First Jobs Very little formal education Worked for his grandpa as a bookkeeper/ accountant

4 First Business Venture Realized the potential of coal found near his home town Opened Frick and Co. with two cousins and a friend along with the help of banker Thomas Mellon Used capital to purchase coal lands and build ovens

5 Frick and Co. Frick and Co. threw all profits into purchasing more coal fields, furnaces, and ovens. The company eventually controlled 80% of regional output Henry bought out the other investors and renamed the company H.C. Frick and Co.

6 Carnegie Steel Carnegie acquired interest in H.C. Frick and Co and Henry did the same in Carnegie Steel- Pittsburgh Carnegie retired and Frick became the chairman of Carnegie Steel Helped with vertical integration

7 Homestead Strike Strike at the Homestead Mill Frick called in 300 strike busters and Pinkerton Agents to quell the riots As many as ten died and upwards of fifty were injured Frick was shot twice and stabbed repeatedly by an anarchist and union supporter but lived

8 Frick Frick died in 1919 Left behind $50 million Nearly $42 million was donated plus his home and art collection

9 Here you can see what is assumed to be H.C. Frick guarding the Carnegie Steel Works, most likely the Homestead Mill. You can see that Frick is using the steel producing plant to make weapons like the cannons and pitch which would be used against strikers attempting to re-enter the mill. The fact that he is guarding a castle reinforces the authors opinion that Frick and Carnegie are Robber Barons. Political Cartoon

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