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2 Indústria de Componentes Metálicos, SA Bicarenho – Sangalhos
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3 Established in 1981 to serve the needs of the cycling market
In 1987 was reorganized to the production of metallic components for the automotive industry Total area: m2 – Covered area: m2 Nº Employees: 210

To produce metallic components for automobile, Trucks, motorcycles, trains, aeronautics and renewable energys that COMPLETELY SATISFY the requirements of our customers giving special attention to the critical factors of the sector, DELIVERY TIMES, QUALITY and PRICES We build our reputation and our success in this philosophy, establishing it the base of our constant improvements.

5 Products We produce year in year out more than 10 MILLION COMPONENTS:
pipe and wire bend parts in steel and stainless steel stamping parts in steel and stainless steel welded sets (MIG/MAG) for automotive aplication bodys and metallic parts for scooters. More than 80% of our production is for export to Spain, France, Slovak and Czech Republic.

6 Sales ( M € ) * Forecast

7 Customers

8 Certifications VDA Volkswagen - A ISO 14001:2004 - BVQI
ISO TS 16949: BVQI

9 Stamping Sector Mechanical capacity until 800 tons
Hydraulic capacity until 800 tons Automatic plate feeding with capacity for bands until 1200mm and 6 mm thickness.

10 Equipments 1 Mechanical Press “Fagor” 800 ton with transfer 4500*2500mm 1 Mechanical Press “Ross” 500 ton 2400*1200mm 1 Mechanical Press “Ross” 500 ton 2800*1600mm 1 Mechanical Press “Ross” 315 ton 1950*1300mm 4 Mechanical Press “Ross” 250 ton 1250*850mm 1 Mechanical Press “Ross” 200 ton 950*580mm 2 Hydraulic Press 200 ton 800*600mm 1 Hydraulic Press 400 ton 1800*1400mm 1 Hydraulic Press 800 ton 4200*2200mm 7 Mechanical Press from 45 ton up to 150 ton 5 Automatic Feeder Iron 400*4mm 2 Automatic Feeder Iron 800*6mm 1 Automatic Feeder Lasa 1500*4mm 5 Roller Bridges GH 8 ton to 20 ton

11 Welding sector Our welding sector is equiped with 25 «FANUC»
robots with tables until 2500mm and 5 welding induction machines with Automatic feeder

12 Wire and pipe bending sector
CNC tube bending machines with capacity until 42mm diameter CNC wire bending machines with capacity from 3 to 13mm.

13 Equipments 1 CNC Pipe bending Machine ø50mm
2 CNC Pipe bending Machine E-turn BLM ø20mm 1 CNC Pipe bending Machine E-turn BLM ø32mm 1 CNC Pipe bending Machine E-turn BLM ø45mm 1 CNC Automatic Saw Adige/BLM 3 Wire Bending Machines ø3 to 13mm 2 CNC Pipe Endforming Machine BLM 1 CNC Endforming/bending Wire Nummaliance ø4 to 12mm

14 Airfilter Support Structure
Products Airfilter Support Structure

15 Technical Department Epedal is self-sufficient in the conception and production of tools for stamped and welded components. The development of tools integrate the 2D and 3D drawing

16 Equipments 4 CAD/CAM Computers with Pro-enginneer, Mastercam X2, 3D Evolution and Formingsuit software 1 CNC Vertical Milling Center Kondia 1 Milling Machine NICOLAS CORREA 2000X800 CNC HEIDENHAIN 2 Wire Electrical Discharge Machine ONA up to 400x300

17 Quality Department Being Epedal inserted in the automobile Industry its Quality System has been recognized as being able to supply some world-wide constructors like Ford, Volkswagen, PSA Group, Mitsubishi Fuso, Renault and Faurecia.

18 Equipments CNC Coordinate Measuring Machine MITUTOYO 600X900X1000
1 Manual Coordinate Measuring Machine 2000x1500x700 1 Pensile Strenght Machine 1 Profile Projector Digital measuring equipment 1 Laboratory for Chemical Analyses One Salt spray tester room Kesternich Essay Room Microscope Welding Quality Analyses

19 Investments ( M € ) * Forecast

20 Main Investments 1 CNC Wire bending / endforming Machine – € 10 Welding Robots – € / 2011 3 CNC Tube Bending Machine BLM Ø 40 – € / 2011 1 Mechanical Presse FAGOR 800 ton 4500*2500 mm – € Enlargement Portuguese Plant – € / 2009 Quality, Maintenance, Production and Engineering software – € / 2010

21 New Projects/Customers

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