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Electropolishing of Stainless Steel

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1 Electropolishing of Stainless Steel
presenTation by Inox Arabia

2 Why Electropolishing? Anticorrosion Pacification
Deburrs by anodic dissolution

3 Electropolishing Consists by immersing a part in an
electrochemical bath Moves chrome to the surface of the product Assists pacification of the stainless steel

4 Oxygen versus Hydrogen
Stainless steel requires oxygen to naturally pacify itself. Rough surfaces of stainless steel are prone to an atmosphere around their surfaces of hydrogen in a marine environment, restricting the quantity of oxygen close to the surface which restricts natural pacification.

5 Marine Environment We recommend most highly, a process utilized in Marine and Pharmaceutical Industries known as Electropolishing. Whence, through originally pacifying the metal following construction the finished item be immersed in a special acid and electricity passed through it, through large electrodes. This method brings the chrome in the metal to the surface, assisting the pacification of the alloy. The process ensures the pacification of the stainless steel and hence ensures against corrosion, even in the extreme climate conditions of the Gulf Region, where corrosion of stainless steel products is extremely evident to all.

6 Guarantee All stainless steel works outdoors within 20 km of the sea should be electropolished. We believe we can supply a fine product with contrasting surfaces of satin like and highly polished surface by utilizing different surface types prior to electropolishing. This would mean that we can guarantee against any corrosion occurring. We could not guarantee no corrosion in the local atmosphere of the project if the job is not electropolished.

7 Basic Process

8 Before Electropolishing
Irregular Surface Imbedded particles Burr and loose fragments in the hole

9 After Electropolishing
Part left without residual coating Ready for Assembly

10 Note the Difference

11 Benefits Improves corrosion resistance and passivity
Smoothens surfaces Cleans Deburrs Polishes

12 Why Electropolishing in Middle East
Because of the local atmospheric condition: Highly salted air from vicinity of the sea High temperature High level of humidity High organic pollution content in air Lack of rain water washing High amount of sand and dust in the air

13 Effects of Local Climate
Oxidation Electrolyze Erosion

14 Burj Khalifa Inox Arabia was requested to produce many stainless steel items at the Burj Khalifa site, we refused unless electropolishing was accepted as a specification Skidmore Owings and Merrill listened to our arguments and were convinced. We produced the required works and we are very confident of the conclusions SOM or Emaar, Turner, Hyder and Proscape our contractors will give regarding the quality of our products and the effectiveness of electropolishing

15 The Contrast Within the Middle East to visualize the effects and benefits of Electropolishing, please visit the fountain walk from Dubai Mall to the Burj Khalifa. At the fountain side, you will see stainless steel products installed by another company that have not been electropolished On the right hand, around the Burj Khalifa, you will see a large stainless steel fence installed and produced by Inox Arabia that has been electropolished. The conclusion is yours to make.

16 Made by Inox Arabia

17 Corroded Stainless Steel 316L Brushed Finished not Electropolished

18 Consequences WE NEVER PRODUCED THE ABOVE PIPES, FOR THIS REASON we highly recommend that brush finish without electropolishing not to be used in any outside works as the grain of the finish attracts the pollutants in the air such as dust and salt to penetrate the surface very quickly. This would greatly reduce the natural passivity of the stainless steel and assist corrosion to take place spoiling the work. ELECTROPOLISHING RESOLVES THIS.

19 A Relative Cost Electropolishing of components will not cost more than 20% of component cost to undertake. Inox Arabia has faced often difficulty in convincing customers of stainless steel products that electropolishing is required in any marine environment. The examples of corroding stainless steel in the marine environment of the Gulf Region are evident for all to see. Notably on the Burj Khalifa Dubai works that were not produced by Inox Arabia.

20 Inox Arabia on site Electro Polishing
We have developed Machinery and Technology for on site electro polishing. This technology of ours permits us to electro polish components for any size without dismantling them. We are currently awaiting patents for components involved in this technology www,

21 Replacing the Bath with Electrolytical Sponges
The rectifier is a transportable machine along with the voltage controller and heat controller all in one. Thence the current pass to the cathodes with the electrolytical sponge. We are able to pass the sponge over the surface of the components electro polishing as the sponge passes the surface. For smaller components and tighter corners We have also designed and electrolytical brush Different size and shape sponges are required for different size components to limit differing finishes from occurring. For larger and longer components we have designed a time traveling mechanism to give us the consistent finish to the standards of Inox Arabia quality control. www,

22 This is specialist work and staffs involved in operating its technology go through intense training in safety awareness, besides training in undertaking the Art of the Process. The product must be cleaned and pacified with Inox Eco Cleaner prior to electro polishing, at least 2 times with a surveillance period between each cleaning operation to evaluate the contamination of the product prior to electro polishing being under taken. Inox Arabia provide independent enhanced saline testing results to warranty our products. www,

23 Electropolishing is used worldwide
Electropolishing is used worldwide. Here is a list of our competitors around the world:

24 Request a Reference The best evidence we can supply to back up our statement would come from Third Parties: Contact details available on request; Mohamed Sheriff – S.O.M. David Bradford – Turner Nor Shaharom – EMAAR Mukund Joshi - Proscape Ben White – Cracknell WE HOPE YOU ARE ABLE TO BENEFIT FROM THE DEDICATION INOX ARABIA GIVE TO THE DEVELOPMENT OF PERFECTION IN THE CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY

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