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Severe Service Metal Seated Ball Valves

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1 Severe Service Metal Seated Ball Valves
Severe Service Technology, Inc. SST Severe Service Metal Seated Ball Valves “Taking Sealing to its Practical Limits”

2 Severe Service Technology, Inc.
Incorporated in 1994 Over 15,000 valves shipped Total Turnkey Operations Corporate and Design Offices: Houston, TX Manufacturing, Assembly & Test: Monterrey, Mexico Industries: Power Generation Refining Chemical Mining Paper Our state of the art manufacturing facility is fully equipped with the latest technology in machining, thermal spraying and testing equipment. Our rigid, quality control standards ensure that our products are manufactured with detailed precision that meet or exceed ANSI, AISI, API and MSS-SP-61 requirements.

3 Design – Computer Optimized
All Designs via SOLIDWORKS Simulation FEA Deflection Analysis Stress Analysis Thermal Analysis Finite Element Analysis

4 Plant: Monterrey, Mexico
16,000 square feet Machining operation Thermal Spraying performed on-site

5 What are Severe Service Valves?
Metal Seated Valves with Special Coatings on Sealing Surfaces Zero Leakage per MSS-SP-61 High Pressure and Temperature applications (ASME Class 1500 to 4500)

6 Valves for Power Generation Plants

7 Customers & EPC’s AEP Southern Cal Edison Allegheny Power
Basin Electric Power ENTERGY Florida Power & Light Gainesville Regional Utilities Indianapolis Power & Light Foster Wheeler Minnkota Power Cooperation Northern States Power / XCEL Babcock Power Vogt Power Alliant Energy American Electric Associated Electric Dairyland Electric Coop Invenergy Southern Cal Edison U.S. Generating West Texas Utilities Houston Lighting & Power Detroit Edison Consumers Power Black & Veatch Duke Power Bibb Engineering Alstom TVA WE Energies Kansas City Power & Light Mid American Energy Omaha Public Power Progress Energy Portland General Electric Nebraska Public Power History & Experience

8 Ball vs. Globe Valves Globe valve discs and seats are subjected to erosion and seat wear due to their location within the body and flow path Ball valves are position seated and utilize system pressure to seal Ball valves eliminate the need or use of external handle forces (i.e., cheater bar) to apply additional torque to close valve and the potential to deform seating surfaces, which results in seat leakage. Ball valves are fast and easier to manual operate than Globe Valves Ball Valve Globe Valve Reinforce points

9 SSV - Product Overview Sizes: 1/2 to 2-1/2” (one-piece body)
ASME Class: 1500, 3200 and 4500 End Connections: Socketweld & Buttweld Bore: Reduced Sealing: Uni-directional Actuation: Lever, Gear, Electric and Pneumatic Product availability

10 SSV: Standard Materials
Item/Part Materials Body A105 Carbon Steel F11/F22/F91 Chrome Moly 316 Stainless Steel Seat 410 Stainless Steel or Inconel 718 Ball Push Ring 410 Stainless Steel Spring A286 Stainless Steel Stem Hard-faced Stainless Steel or Packing Grafoil Review

11 SSV: General Design Major parts Flow

12 SSV: Design ISO Mounding Pad 1 Piece Body

13 SSV: Trim/Internals Stem Live Loaded Packing Gland Push Ring
Downstream Seat Spring Transition Piece Retaining Ring Ball

14 Sealing Surfaces – Hardness
Typically harder mating/sealing surfaces will perform better and last longer. Many Globe valves use Stellite (solid or coating) for valve seats and discs. SST applies Chromium Carbide utilizing the HVOF process. Material Hardness (HRc) Stellite 6 36-45 Stellite 21 27-40 Chromium Carbide 53-57 Review

15 High-Tech Coatings High Velocity Oxygen Fueled
(HVOF) process; using oxygen, hydrogen and Chromium Carbide powder applied at MACH 5 Coatings are applied in-house

16 Coated and Mate-Lapped Parts
Downstream Seat Ball Push Ring

17 Applications: Power Generation
Conditions Size Turbine Drain Lines Up to F 1 – 2-1/2” Blowdown Up to F 1 – 3” Boiler Drain & Vent Lines

18 Applications: Power Generation
Feedwater Drains Gauge Glass Drain and Isolation Boiler/Reheat/Superheat Drain, Vents and Root Economizer Stop Flash Tank HP Feedwater System IP Heater Applications Blowdown Condensate Drain Mud Drum Drain Steam Trap Isolation Sootblower System Inert Steam System HP Turbine Steam Supply & Extraction Emergency Relief Valve (SSI) Superheater Startup Vent Valve (SVV)

19 Applications: Pulp & Paper
Digester Blowdown Valves Green Liquor Valves Black Liquor Valves Steam Drain & Vent Valves

20 SST New Products

21 Model SVV Superheater Startup Vent Valve (Sky Vent)
Manual Valve (normally open) Pneumatic Valve (normally closed) The Vent Valve is open during boiler startup, to up to 30% Boiler capacity. Valve is used to vent low temperature and pressure saturated steam until the conditions match the turbines.

22 Model SVV Superheater Startup Vent Valve
Description and Application: The Superheater Startup Vent Valve is open during boiler startup, up to 30% boiler capacity. Valve is used to vent low temperature and pressure saturated steam. During initial operation of a HRSG or Boiler, bypassing main steam around the steam turbine to the atmosphere so the unit does not come up to temperature too quickly.

23 Model SVV Superheater Startup Vent Valve
Upstream Seat Downstream Seat Stem Spring Seat Landing Design details Ball

24 Model SVV Superheater Startup Vent Valve
Sizes, Bore and Overall Length designed to meet customer requirements Body Material: F22/F91 Chrome Moly Trim Material: 410 Stainless Steel or Inconel 718 with Chromium Carbide coating Product Line

25 Model SSI ERV/PORV Isolation Valve
Ball Valve (supplied by others) Main Steam Relief Valve Model SSI Isolation Valve Main Steam Line

26 Model SSI ERV/PORV Isolation Valve
Description and Application: Model SSI is the Isolation Valve installed under the ERV or PORV. The SSI is normally open and is used when maintenance is required on the ERV or PORV. ERV or PORV (supplied by others) is a pneumatic actuated pressure relieving valve. Their purpose is to prevent or reduce the number of lifts of the Main Steam Safety Valve, thus extending their life. Installed in conjunction with automated or electronic controls for control of boiler capacity or overprotection of the boiler.

27 ISO Standard actuator bolt pattern for easy automation
Model SSI (SSG-1) Live Loaded Packing ISO Standard actuator bolt pattern for easy automation Body End Adapter Body Gasket

28 SSG-1 Trim Seat Landing Upstream Seat Downstream Seat Spring
Inner Collar Ball

29 Model SSI ERV/PORV Isolation Valve
Sizes: Up to 2-1/2” Class: Up to 4500 Bore: Full and Reduced* Body Material: F22/F91 Chrome Moly Trim Material: 410 Stainless Steel with Chromium Carbide Coating * Per Customer’s requirement Product Line

30 Applicable Codes and Standards Designed, Manufactured & Tested
MSS-SP 61: “Pressure Testing of Steel Valves” ASME B16.34: “Valves – Flanged, Threaded and Welding End” ASME B31.1: “Power Piping Code” Review

31 100% Testing MSS-SP-61/API 598 Body Hydrostatic Test:
1.5 times MCWP at 100 F (38 C) Seat Closure Test: 1.1 times MCWP (in preferred direction) Acceptance Criteria: 10 ml/hr x nominal valve size (inches) MCWP = Max Cold Water Pressure

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