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Brownfields the Need for Training. Steel Foundry Inc.

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1 Brownfields the Need for Training







8 Steel Foundry Inc.




12 Personal Protective Equipment Brownfields Safety Talk

13 Hazards Safety-Related –Electrocution –Falls –Falling objects –Flying objects –Lifting –Hot objects –Crushing Health-Related –Noise –Chemical Vapors –Gases –Lack of oxygen –Air particulates –Vibration

14 Why is PPE Often the Choice? Some jobs at work have hazards. Safer methods or products dont exist. Engineering or administrative controls may not be practical. PPE is the last line of defense, but necessary at times.

15 Types of Personal Protective Equipment Most Common –Head Protection –Foot and Leg –Hearing –Eye and Face –Respiratory –Torso Protection Other Types –Reflective clothes –Tyvek suits –Life vests –Safety nets –Lifelines –Safety harnesses –Lanyards

16 Use PPE As Intended What does the manufacturer say?

17 Types of Hard Hats Class G: General –Most construction workers wear this type. Class E: Electrical –These protect from high voltage. Class C: Conductive –These are not acceptable for construction.

18 Protecting Your Hearing Use plugs or muffs. Follow the manufacturers instructions. They must fit properly and be maintained. Remember, they only work if used. Do not use cotton or other home-made protection.

19 Types of Eye & Face Protection Safety Glasses- –Protect eyes from front and side hazards as well as flying particles. Regular Vented Goggles- –Protect your eyes from dust, sparks, and flying particles. Full Face Shield- –Protects face from splashes, and flying particles. –Must be used with safety glasses or goggles.

20 Choosing Foot Protection Wear sturdy shoes with thick soles, steel toes & steel shanks.

21 Decontamination Brownfields Safety Talk

22 What is Decontamination? Removal of Contamination –Physical Removal –Chemical Removal

23 Why Decontaminate? Personnel Exposures Family/Community Protection

24 Personnel Hygiene Hand/Face wash Clothes washing

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