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STEEL Created by Dervla Belfrage, Matthew Federico and Charlotte Hutson.

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1 STEEL Created by Dervla Belfrage, Matthew Federico and Charlotte Hutson

2 What are the raw materials used? -Iron ore -Coal-coke (not as in the drink) -Limestone -Carbon -Oxygen

3 Where do they come from? Iron ore is mined from the Earth. It is found in every state and territory of Australia although it is mined on a large scale only in Western Australia, South Australia and Tasmania.

4 How are removed from the earth? The rock is scooped up with huge shovels and put in trucks. The rock is then taken to factory close to the mine and broken into smaller pieces.

5 How are they transported to the processing site? Most iron ore is moved from the mine to the port by train. The train lines are usually privately owned by the mining companies.

6 What happens to them at the factory? To make steel you need to make iron. Iron ore is crushed and heated with coke and limestone in a blast furnace to separate out the metal. iron cracks easily, so it is used to make steel, which is far stronger. molten iron is poured over scrap steel in a huge tilting container. A jet of pure oxygen blasts onto the liquid metal. This burns away most of impurities to make steel.

7 What products? -ships -cranes -fences -buildings -cans -cars

8 At the end of a steel products life it can be reused, recycled or thrown in landfill. The best thing to do for environment is to recycle it. The steel recycling process. 1.Householders separate small used steel items from large steel items. Large steel items are recycled at scrap metal yards. Only small steel items go into recycling bins for collection. 2.The small steel items are collected by a truck and taken to the recycling deport. 3.At the recycling depot, steel is separated from other materials by using a large magnet. 4.The steel items are pressed into large bundles called bales and are taken to a steel mill for reprocessing. What happens at the end?

9 Recycling steel continued… 5. At the mill, the bales are broken up and the steel is chopped into small pieces to remove labels and food 6. Some recycled steel is added to raw materials in a blast furnace to produce new steel. These products from a blast furnace contain 35 per cent recycled steel. 6. Some recycled steel can also be put in a electric arc furnace. Products made from an electric arc furnace are 100 per cent recycled steel!!! Pretty cool!!!

10 Affect on the environment. Mining is terrible for the environment a mine is as big as 1,000 M.C.G.s that is pretty big. It ruins habitats, it kills animals and it uproots so many trees.

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