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Reinforced Thermoplastic Gathering Lines and Downhole Tubulars

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1 Reinforced Thermoplastic Gathering Lines and Downhole Tubulars
Thermoflex® Tubing Reinforced Thermoplastic Gathering Lines and Downhole Tubulars Polyflow Overview

2 Why Use Thermoflex Tubing
Corrosion Resistance/ Hydrocarbon Resistance Rapid Installation vs. Steel Paraffin or Scale Issues Reduced Pressure Drop vs. Steel

3 Advantages of New Polymers
Polyethylene has been Available for Years. Good to 60C Operating Temperatures Paraffin Adheres to Polyethylene Poor Permeation Properties New Polymers with High Strength, Improved Corrosion Resistance, and Higher Temperature Performance Now Available Multi-Layer Technology has Reduced the Costs of Liners for Severe Applications

4 New Engineered Plastics Provide Higher Temperature Strength Not Available From Polyethylene (PE)
Fortron Capron PE

5 Liner Construction & Design
Multi-layer Design Inner Layer for Corrosion Resistance, Low Permeation and Higher Temp Strength Nylon and Fortron Outer Layer for Higher Temperature Strength, Abrasion Resistance Capron or PP Fully Bonded Applications to 250F Inner Barrier

6 Reinforced Tubing Design and Construction
Multi-layer Design Inner and Outer Barrier Layers Center Layer Provides Higher Temperature Strength Fiber reinforced with Kevlar for Strength, Tensile Load, and Burst Tubing Strength P=(2*F*n)/D*L

7 Long Term / Elevated Temp
Long Term / Elevated Temp. Fuel Exposure Weight Change - Fuel CM15 (121oC) 10% N % GR 5% HTN - 35% GR PPA - 45% GR PPS - 40% GR 0%

8 CO2 Permeation (0%, 50% relative humidity)
(1) units = (109 * cm3 * cm) / (cm2 * s * bar) all data measured at independent laboratory 39

9 CO2 Permeability 33

10 Tensile Performance

11 Creep Performance

12 Design Strength vs. Short Term Burst Strength
2 3/8” 500PSI Rated Burst Strength Rated Braid Strength 500PSI Design Braid Strength 893PSI Short Term Burst Avg. Last 12 Months 2,297PSI

13 Testing Standards ASTM D 2513 Thermoplastic Gas Pressure Pipe Not Fully Adequate Reflects Poor Creep Properties of Polymers ASTM D1598 Reinforced Polymer Tubing Enhanced with Creep Resistant Fiber ASTM D2292 does not Reflect Excellent Fatigue Resistance of Thermoplastics and Aramid Fibers

14 Paraffin Testing There is Adhesion to Unlined
Metal Fittings No Evidence of Paraffin Adhesion On the Piping

15 Delivery of Tubing Comes in Spools
Length Dependent Upon OD and Pressure Rating Spools can be Broken Down after Use

16 Couplings and Terminations
Couplings Swedged on Both Ends Duplex Stainless Grade Any Thread or Connection Available Swedged in the Field or Plant

17 Coupling Requirements
Couplings are Duplex Stainless or Plated Carbon Steel Swedged in the Field Flanged Connections Available

18 Portable Coupling Machines
55 KG 1” to 3.5” Couplings Hand Pump or Enerpac

19 Installation Methods Direct Bury Pulled Through Existing Steel Pipe
Continuous Plowing Trenching Pulled Through Existing Steel Pipe Sizing Dependent Upon Restrictions in Steel Pig with wire line and pull pipe

20 Direct Bury Plow, Continuous or Backhoe Trenching
Pre-trenched ditches = 2 Km per Hour Pull Pipe off Stationary Spools Savings: $5-6/ft Installed vs. Steel

21 West Virginia Brine Disposal Line
4.5” Thermoflex, 500PSI & 750PSI 10ft. Spools for Shipping Unwind or Drag Off

22 Water Disposal Line Spool Weight 2,500lbs No Trench Padding

23 Inserting In Steel Pipe
Pig Cable Through Pull Pipe Back Through Tensile Load Based Upon Drag Capable of Multiple Kilometer Pulls

24 Pull Through Steel Pipe
Pull with Coupling or with Bolts Pull Strength Varies by Longitudinal Braids Polyflow Models Pulls

25 Pulling Thermoflex Through
2 3/8” in 3” ID Steel Do not Recommend Pulling through Elbows Pull Speed 100ft/min

26 Termination Connections
Threaded. Flanged or Weld Style Pull Tubing, Clamp it, Couple It, Pulls Back into Tube

27 Double Walled System Pull Thermoflex Through Carbon Steel
Flanged Terminations Fill Annulus with Packer Fluid/ Inert Fluid Monitor Pressure on the Annulus

28 Brine Disposal Example
2,200bbl/day 300psi Operating Pressure 85C Operating Temperature Ditched and Pulled in Pipe

29 Installation Through Hills
Pull from Top to Bottom if Possible No Special Backfilling Requirements Utilize Load Cell to Limit Pull Force

30 Gas Flow Line 300MCF/day 500psi Operating Pressure 1.75” OD Pipe
Fortron Lined for Corrosion Issues

31 Line Terminations Threaded, Flanged or Welded Terminations
Couplings for Standard Sized Threads, Flanges or Pipe Sizes

32 So Why Use Polymer Liners and Reinforced Tubing?
Rapid Installation Time and Reduced Cost Enhanced Corrosion Resistance/ Hydrocarbon Resistance Flexibility for Tight Applications Reduced Pressure Drops

33 Modeling Gathering Lines
Single or Multi-phase flow Comparison to Steel Smaller Diameter for Equal Pressure Drop Less Effects Due to Continuous Runs 2 3/8” Steel Thermoflex

34 Where to Get Help Call Main Office: 610 666 5150
Call Dale Sannipoli: 951

35 Technical Background and Case Studies
Reinforced Thermoplastic Tubing for Velocity String and Downhole Tubing Applications for Oil and Gas Production Technical Background and Case Studies EOG Lunch and Learn January 16, 2008

36 Why Use Thermoflex® Tubing For Gas Wells?
Reduced Pressure Drop & Increased Gas Flow Rates Excellent Corrosion Resistance Minimum Ongoing Maintenance Low Cost Installation

37 Why Thermoforming Plastics?
Polyethylene Should not be used in Wells Poor Hydrocarbon Resistance 60C Max Operating Temperature Higher Temperature/Corrosion Resistant Polymers Available Polyphenylene Sulfide (Fortron/PPS) (120C) Nylon (85C) Extrusion Options for Engineered Plastics

38 Target Applications Low Pressure Wells
Wells with Liquid Loading Issues High H2S and CO2 Environments Wells with Paraffin or Scale Buildup Issues Used In Conjunction with a Submersible Pump to Remove Water and Solids from CBM Wells

39 What Are Thermoflex Strings
Multi-layer Reinforced Polymer Coiled Tubing Inner Layer Corrosion/Flow Layer Aramid Fibers for Strength and Creep Center Layer for Strength to 120C max. Sizes Compatible with Coil Tubing Injectors Less Force Requirements Required Couplings on Each End

40 Channeling the Gas Small Diameter Tubes . . . No U-Tubing
Set Above Lowest Gas Packer or Cone

41 Benefits of Thermoflex® For Velocity Strings
Reduced Surface Roughness of Engineered Plastics vs. Steel Steel Relative Roughness .005 Thermoflex Relative Roughness Material Compatibility of Polymers . . . Enhanced Corrosion Resistance Minimizes Buildups of Paraffin and Asphaltenes

42 Interesting Findings Well Energy Balance
Velocity Thermal Transfer Exit Energy Gravity Friction Couplings Bottom Hole Energy

43 Where is the Energy Lost Dye #2 Well @ 8ft/sec.

44 Where is the Energy Lost Dye #2 Well @ 27ft/sec

45 Pressure Drop 1 3/4 Thermoflex
Steel Thermoflex

46 Liquid Loading Example
1.75” Velocity String for 2,591M Well Weight 1,560Kg Thermoflex inside of /8” Steel Conventional Coil Tubing Unit

47 Safety Considerations
Diamond Cut Slips Only Same Pack Off Shears Work 5,818Kg Tension Before Pipe Slipped in Coil Tubing Blocks

48 Installation Install at 30M/min Couplings Through Injector
Bottom Plugs Float Tubing Set 3 Meters above Perf Zone

49 Reed A1 Performance

50 Slim Hole Completion Case
Background 1,959M, 2 7/8” Casing 28 Bar Shut In Liquid Loading Swabbing or Shut in to Reduce Water Level

51 Results From Thermoflex®

52 Multi-Zone Case Five Perforation Zones over 304M
Weekly Soaping and Blowing/ Monthly Swabbing Where to Set the Tubing?

53 Results of Multi-zone Case

54 Injection Applications
Gas Injection Chemical/ Fluid Injection Banded to Tubing or Free Hanging Submersible Production Applications

55 Utilizing Submersible Pumps off of Thermoflex Tubing
Increases Fluid Velocity to Lift Solids Rapid/Low Cost Installation and Removal Suitable for CBM Resists CO2

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