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Chemical Weathering Lab

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1 Chemical Weathering Lab

2 Purpose/Problem Statement:
To determine what conditions are necessary for rust to form on steel wool.

3 Hypothesis/Prediction
Write a hypothesis using the IF, THEN, BECAUSE format.

4 Identification of Variables:
Manipulated: The amount of water. Responding: The amount of rust. Controlled: The amount of steel wool The amount of time

5 Materials: steel wool 3 cups water scissors

6 Procedure: Gather your materials.
Using the scissors, cut the steel wool into 3 equal size pieces. Place one piece of steel wool into a cup filled to the top with water. Place a second piece of steel wool in a cup with a small amount of water * The water should touch but not cover the steel wool. *

7 Procedure: Place a third piece of steel wool in a cup with no water.
Allow the 3 cups to sit for 72 hours. Observe the appearance of the steel wool in each container and record your results in table 1. Clean up.

8 Table 1: Got Rust? Cup Number Labeled drawing of steel wool before
Labeled drawing of the steel wool after Rust Rank (amount of rust) 1 = least 3= most 1 Full of water 2 Small amount of water 3 No water

9 Graph & Conclusion Make a bar graph of the rust rank of the 3 cups. (remember to include a title and labels for each axis. Write your conclusion following the format on the “How to write an 8th grade lab write-up” handout.

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