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Swiss Consortium June 2012 Divertor Cassette for ITER.

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1 Swiss Consortium June 2012 Divertor Cassette for ITER

2 Swiss Consortium RUAG Aerospace – Defence – Technology RUAG Mechanical AG Core: Machining Lehner AG Core: Welding HBB Biegetechnik Core: Piping

3 Agenda HBB Biegetechnik Bending & Welding Tube diameter 2 mm – 115 mm Stainless steel, steel, aluminium, copper, brass Cross-section max. B 100 mm x H 150 mm x 3,5 mm Aluminium cross-section max. B 100 mm x H 150 mm x 5 mm May 2012 2

4 Agenda HBB Biegetechnik Branch of industries Railway Automotive Transport systems Aircraft Industry Metal construction May 2012 3

5 3 CAD Stationen, Inventor /Catia Project leader, Ing ETH/HTL, Physiker, Chemiker Deliveries in 24 hours Own truck Flexibel in changes Integrated ERP System pro alpha Cran up to 50 To C-Steel / CrNi-Steel welding area Door b x h 448 x 475 cm 15 000 m/2 Production place Engineering Expertise Service Locksmiths, Assembly and Welding shop Machining Machines up to bis 10000 mm lane See maschine liste ( Lehner AG



8 RUAG Mechanical AG Focus on niche products with a leading position in machining of high-precision large parts Main Products Semiconductor Machinery & Equipment Manufacturers Energy Market segment Frames Carrier structures Inner & outer rings Flanges Torque Arms Tool machine elements housings, carriers, frames Space components Key Clients ASML Esec Siemens ZF Windpower (Hansen) Krauss Maffei Technologies (Netstal); Mikron, Schuler, Reishauer Voith, Caterpillar RUAG Space May 2012 7

9 Market Segment Semiconductor Key Client Example: ASML ASML is largest customer of Mechanical Engineering Collaboration exists for more than 10 years Both companies work very close together and ASML appreciates support provided by Mechanical Engineering in the development of new products, for example its process engineering input Main products: Carrier frame: for lithography system TwinScan NXT (steel welded, machined and assembled) Wafer stage, metro frame: for lithography system TwinScan NXT (aluminium machined and pre-assembled) Wafer stage, metro frame (WSMF) & main body, bottom frame (MBBF): for new Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) technology (WSMF machined in aluminium, MBBF welded in aluminium and machined) – sole development partner for EUV parts Titan carrier structure: upgrade module for high performance (in titanium, machined) Main activity is production of highly precise main frame carriers for ASML Close and long-term partnership with ASML, incl. development support during R&D / prototype phase May 2012 8

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